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Hi there.

My name's Claire. I'm married with 2 little girls and live in sunny Cornwall, England.

I watched Buffy back in the good old days but I  only  discovered fanfic a year ago, (always the last to catch on!) And finally decided to make a contribution.

I'm very new to this so any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to drop me a line, I'm always happy to chat!


Late night, abandoned cemetery and a trapped slayer. What’s a horny vamp to do? If you’re looking for plot you won’t find it here. There is a whole bunch of nekkidness though...if that sort of thing interests you? May contain mild spoilers for season two.
Genre: , - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,808 - Started: 11/07/2009 - Updated: 11/07/2009 04:03 am

Did you ever wonder what could have happened if our favourite vamp had reacted differently after being disinvited from the Slayer’s home? Set immediately post-Crush, Spike takes a stand, and Buffy is forced to face some harsh truths. Will she finally admit her true feelings, or continue swimming in that famous river called denial? Will it even matter? May contain mild spoilers up to and including Crush.
Genre: , , - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 4 - Words: 14,558 - Started: 10/26/2009 - Updated: 11/03/2009 02:44 pm

Set a few weeks after Something Blue. A routine patrol goes wrong and events untold that force Buffy to confront her true feelings in a way that will change both her and a certain vampire’s life forever.
Genre: , - Rating: - Warning: - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 3 - Words: 11,142 - Started: 10/16/2009 - Updated: 10/17/2009 06:10 pm