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Who, me? Oh, I'm just another girl with a computer and a muse who thinks that "poetic license" means a dispensation to use the Imperious Curse whenever she feels like it. At the moment she seems rather enamored of the Buffyverse, for good or ill. I suppose you'll have to be the judge.

If you do enjoy my work, I would be quite delighted, but I ask that you please not re-post or re-archive them without my permission.


A cataclysmic event sends shock-waves through the fabric of reality, creating ripples that may well destroy the world a century before Buffy Summers is born. Perhaps it is not unreasonable, then, for the Watchers Council to summon this unorthodox Slayer who has already faced and triumphed over three apocalyses back in time to quell a threat both new and ancient. Unfortunately, their spell also entangles Spike in the midst of his tropical reconciliation with Drusilla and pulls him along for the trip. Worse yet, one of the few beings in existence with both knowledge of Buffy's every weakness and the motivation to use it hitches a ride. And she, at least, knows that all magic has a price...

A/N: I don't usually give warnings, and the story won't contain obviously disturbing content like rape or extreme and graphic torture, but boy do I mean the rating on this one. (Yes, I know, vague. I'm putting on my flame-retardant suit right now. :) ) Oh, and I should perhaps add that this story contains spoilers for the post-series comics, up to and including Season 9.
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Chapters: 11 - Words: 27,416 - Started: 06/23/2012 - Updated: 10/07/2012 10:21 am