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Hey, I'm 22 years old, and a huge BTVS fan. I ship Spuffy, the best couple ever on TV! (and yes, Buffy did love Spike, dammit!) Spike, of course, is my absolute fave character!
I love reading and writing, especially Spuffy fanfic, which I've been writing for about a few years now.
Anyway, if ya get a chance stop by my site and gimme a shout on the tagboard. I'm really friendly, I promise :-)


After Spike nearly died in the battle during Not Fade Away, he decides it's time to finally see Buffy. But how will she react, and what will happen when they both realize things are much more complicated than they could have ever imagined? Buffy's strange dreams become even stranger, and her unsettling feeling that something big is coming may have more truth to it than she originally thought. But when things spiral out of control, will love be enough, or will fate ultimately work against our favorite couple? Read to find out....
Genre: , , - Rating: - Warning: , , , - Complete: No
Chapters: 8 - Words: 26,662 - Started: 09/26/2005 - Updated: 02/19/2006 11:41 pm