Reaction Formation by coalitiongirl

09/12/2011 04:19 pm
I have to say:  I sort of like your Faith better than your Buffy here...  Buffy is so dumb, such a people pleaser... and yet, sadly, it does ring ture.  Sigh.  Well, at least the teller of truths (Faith) got under their skin and made Angel and Buffy figure out their stupidity.  So alls well that ends with Faith being the sane one.  I love Faith, so I'm cool with that!



11/24/2010 04:19 pm
You caught right on just how blindingly clueless Buffy can be.  Thanks for the happy at the end.

01/31/2010 02:13 pm
it was ok but i hate faith & angel together also was a little short
 Sorry, but secondary pairings you don't like are always a danger when you read a fic. I'm happy with the length, but there are many other extended post-NFA fics that you can read, if you're interested.

01/27/2010 05:42 am
I especially love the last line.  It is perfect.  (I'm enjoying all your Spuffy stories.  You should write some more one shots; you're good at them!)
 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!

01/14/2010 03:52 pm
 Sweet and funny.
 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

01/13/2010 03:57 pm
Hey CG...I just read this again cause of all the stuff about the comics and Buffy making out with Twangel, and it seems you're little one shot may turn out to be right. LOL ..Except of course ,Spike /Buffy.  Were you in Joss' brain? Come on, fess up.

Yup, Buffy will be an immature 16 yr old 4EVA!!! *snerk*

Great story!
 LOL I hope not! Grr... stupid Bangel, ruining everything for us Spuffy fans (we're kind of like a fandom in itself, aren't we? )... Maybe someday, Buffy's emotional IQ can go up to...SEVENTEEN! Imagine that!

01/06/2010 10:10 pm
LOL this was so good! The Bangel was annoying, but like you said tongue in cheek. And I can see dense Buffy going thru this cause it's Buffy and she just never gets it. It seems Buffy will always have the maturity of a 15 yr old.   Loved your Spike and the Scoobs were cool too.

Loved it!
 Glad you liked it! The whole fic was my reaction to the stupidity that is Buffy's relationship IQ. She just never understands what she herself wants...

01/05/2010 09:17 pm
“I’m an idiot,” I said finally.

“Mm-hm,” he said disinterestedly.

Tee! Perfect fit for the whole "real love is seeing the other persons faults and being okay with them" concept. Her idiocy might be news to her, but it sure isn't to him.

I'm not sure I buy Buffy being quite this obtuse about her own emotions, or quite so willing to let Angel and Faith pwn her like that (whether she wants him or not), but it's still pretty funny.
 Glad you enjoyed! This is very much a parody, which is why Buffy's stupidity and Angel's grandiose declaration of love are very exaggerated... but I do think that Buffy can be pretty dumb about these things, or heavily in denial.

12/27/2009 03:05 am
Buffy can be stupid sometimes, but it ended well.

 Glad you think so!

12/25/2009 10:05 pm
Cute story CG - have to admit I was a little worried there for a minute - like maybe Angel would take a pill or something and the real truth might not come up.  So to speak. 
 LOL that just made me laugh really hard, so thanks! This was just my rant-in-story-form at Buffy's occasional stupidity.

12/25/2009 01:29 pm
It may be a parody, but it so could happen this way! Totally believable.. and hilarious!
 Glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun Thanks for reviewing!

12/25/2009 05:05 am
 Awww! I love! Almost more cannon than some post ATS 5 fics I've read, but in a interesting way!
 Thanks! I just get so frustrated with Buffy's stupidity when it comes to relationships...this was my response