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02/09/2013 05:46 am
55 Christmas Special 2012         
I missed reading this one for Christmas - well, as Agnes would say "better late than never" - Great to learn how the met.  Love the description of how she was buried. 

I love your Agnes. 

01/25/2013 07:44 pm
55 Christmas Special 2012         
    A little anti-climactic, (but like I said, the last chapter felt like an end)Bthough interesting all the same.

01/07/2013 02:02 am
55 Christmas Special 2012         
AHHHH How they met!  A perfect way to end her tale.  Yes the later to be mayor would have loved Agnes and her domestic skills.  He was very old fashioned in his own way.  I can easily see him becoming quite attracted.  

I loved the echo of the illegal alien worker's plight with the vampires working at the laundry.  A similar situation of abuse and slavery and no where to turn for justice.  Nicely done indeed.  I can see our Agnes not standing for it!

I'm going to miss her and her story.  I'd like to think of her out there somewhere in England (maybe near the new Watchers Council so Giles can drop in for a cuppa) raising her brood and proving that monsters are made and not born and that a soul is not the measure of a being!

Excellent start to finish!
Thank you so much for all your lovely long and detailed reviews.  So appreciated.  You have been one of Agnes Kathleen Pringle's greatest fans - life-long member of Aggie's army!

She has been a joy to write - quite often I felt I was just reporting what had actually happened rather than writing a story.  And so Agnes is going to take the children to England.  I don't think the cottage that Richard provided will be big enough, though.  I can definitely see her on the outskirts of Bath somewhere, running a bed and breakfast establishment for transient vampires and demons.

Mind you, as has already been said by someone echoing other thoughts of mine - there is a big hotel standing empty in Los Angeles........

Do hope your New Year will be a little more peaceful than the last.

sister cuervo
01/06/2013 01:57 pm
55 Christmas Special 2012         
I have throughly enjoyed this lovely story!  Agnes is such a delight and of course, It Wasn't Her Fault she became a vampire, but she did meet her dear friend Richard.  I really loved seeing the Sunnydale action through the eyes of Agnes.  I picture her as looking a bit like June Whitfield (Mother on Absolutely Fabulous). 
Thank you so much for reviewing.  Delighted you have enjoyed Agnes' story.  It is odd how many people see her in such different ways.  That's the magic of the written word, of course.  Thank you once agai.

01/03/2013 03:36 pm
55 Christmas Special 2012         

I loved it!  Agnes is such a dear.  Thank you for an Agnes Christmas present.

So glad you enjoyed it.  Hope all well in your world.

12/20/2012 01:24 am
55 Christmas Special 2012         
black handbag had been hooked over her arm and so came up through the soil with her. - Roaring with laughter.  

Loved it!
Thank you!  Agnes wouldn't have  been happy without her handbag.  Happy Christmas to you and yours!

04/11/2013 12:26 pm
54: Miles to Go....         
Thank You for creating such a great Buffyverse story and original character - I loved this story from the first chapter.

01/25/2013 07:34 pm
54: Miles to Go....         
  Frenetic last few chapters.  It was an unique journey (although there is one more chapter, this feels like an ending) but one I have enjoyed thoroughly.  It was strange how her opinion of Spike stayed so high, but her ideals were definitely changing throughout the story, Spike was almost like the rock she used to steady herself.  
  I like that she realized she no longer needed it by the end though.

  Two friends on two different paths, it made for an excellent tale.
Wow!  All I can say is thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on each chapter.  I thoroughly enjoyed your comments and am glad you enjoyed the story.  I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to get any sleep, though!   But what a difference it makes to have comments on each chapter.  You see the effect your work has had as it progressed.  As much as a comment at end of a story is appreciated, yours certainly wins top marks from me.

I will await your comments on one of my other favourites We Will Remember Them.  I think you'll enjoy it.

01/07/2013 01:47 am
54: Miles to Go....         
" It had been an odd day - one of his best friends had tried to kill him, the world was probably coming to an end and he was taking tea with a vampire."  Again with perfection!  I can see this interaction clearly.  I love Giles and the way he is suggesting Agnes move back to England.  He seems to have taken her measure quite thoroughly.

And so they are off.  So now we know what became of Warren's body.  Better than he deserved if you ask me!

Oh dear...W&H.  It makes perfect sense but they are so beneath Agnes it's too bad she has to soil herself by dealing with them.  Naturally Richard would have been their client though.


Thank you so much for all your reviews.  I know you have been one of Agnes' staunchest supporters from the very beginning.   She keeps apologetically coming into my mind asking me "did I know she once ran a bed and breakfast hotel in England funded by Rupert Giles"  What can she mean?

11/23/2012 01:29 am
54: Miles to Go....         

Really good story, and showed the real unhealthy obsession that Spike has for Buffy, and Buffy's complete lack of anything.

11/23/2012 01:27 am
54: Miles to Go....         

11/02/2012 09:08 am
54: Miles to Go....         
Thank you so much for writing this unique tale, I'm sorry to see itend because I've enjoyed it so much.  It was a real treat to see the events of S5 and S6 through another's eyes, and of course the snapshots of Agnes' life were wonderful.  Leaving Sunnydale is the perfect exit for dear Agnes and her family and I hope they go from strength to strength.  Cakes ahoy!
How kind of you!  Thank you for staying with me and Agnes on our journey.  I've loved reading all the comments and they've helped a lot.

11/02/2012 03:36 am
54: Miles to Go....         
Another wonderful chapter and I'm sad to see the very last.  Loved the worm casserole and Giles being forged in the furnace of public school.     I'm going to miss Agnes.  
So glad to hear you liked the last chapter.   I will miss Agnes so much.  She is part of my life now!  Still, Future Imperfect beckons imperiously, so must get on!

11/02/2012 03:03 am
54: Miles to Go....         
Agnes Pringle is one of my favorite original characters.  This was a lovely retelling of canon, with Agnes filling in some holes.  I'm imagining Spike contacting her after he recorporalizes in Angel Season 5.  And she opens up a new tea shop!
Thank you so much. Delighted you enjoyed reading about Agnes.

11/01/2012 01:20 pm
54: Miles to Go....         
I'm so glad dear Agnes didn't bite Giles and that she'll be well out of the way by the time the FE shows itself. I suppose it would have been too much to ask for you to take her through season 7 too, but hopefully she won't fall foul of Angel in LA....
I suppose I always assumed that her inclusion would have led to changing canon sufficiently so that we'd end up with happy Spuffiness, but I guess you always intended to keep her on the sidelines.
Thank you for your support.  Yes, I never wanted Agnes to interfere with canon. Most of the time I showed how canon wouldn't have happened without her!  So perhaps not so much on the sidelines as in the centre!  

And no, I couldn't see how she would fit into the Season 7 scenario.  She would have hated Spike getting a soul, hated him with Buffy even more and probably ended up baking scones for The First!

But Agnes and Giles in England.....well.....

01/07/2013 01:35 am
Chp 53 Victims         
NO Aggie NO!  Giles may know but he clearly already knows you aren't one of the bad guys!  Quite the clifff hanger here.


10/24/2012 10:58 pm
Chp 53 Victims         
I'm hoping Aggie's innate commonsense will reassert itself, god bless her!  Go Agnes, you can get tastier than Giles!!!!
You know you can rely on our girl to do the right thing!   Final chapter - I think - coming very soon.  I'm finding it hard to let go!

10/15/2012 02:32 am
Chp 53 Victims         
Oh yeah!  Agnes should definitely give Rupert a little nip on the neck.  
Ladies never bite and tell!

10/14/2012 03:45 pm
Chp 53 Victims         
She really is a sweet old lady. But she better not bite Giles!
Old!  My dear, I am certainly not old.  Comfortable, perhaps, would be a better word.  And that tender male skin is so very tempting.....

10/14/2012 03:43 pm
Chp 53 Victims         
How wonderful that you haven't abandoned dear Agnes. I was beginning to wonder...

Oh dear. I hope she doesn't bite Giles, but then Anya should soon be back from helping Buffy find Willow, so perhaps all will be good...
No, I would never abandon her, but we are getting to the end of her story i feel!   Thank you for sticking with us!

01/25/2013 01:19 pm
Chp 52: It won't be me         
  That was pretty great.  I have no idea why, but I always kinda enjoyed the Mayor.

01/07/2013 01:29 am
Chp 52: It won't be me         
" His Firecracker had been in such need of a sensible, motherly influence, although perhaps her reaction to a vampire in that role might have been unfortunate."  Now THIS is a family story I'd love to see in an alternate universe!!!  Oh yeah!

Her beloved Richard is giving good advice.  I'm happy he warned her that it would not be him if she saw him again.  Kinda sad he's going to rat on Spike but my guess is the bad guys would know anyway.


09/10/2012 05:20 am
Chp 52: It won't be me         
That was cool, having the Mayor warn Agnes.  He did really care about her.
Yes, I truely think he did.  Pity about being a big snake demon!

09/10/2012 02:18 am
Chp 52: It won't be me         

Wasn't that romantic of the Mayor to show up and warn Agnes.  Although I really don't think she would have been happy being married to a big ole snake demon.    Fun as always.

Thank you. Reaching the end very soon.  Hope you enjoy final chapters.

09/08/2012 08:15 pm
Chp 52: It won't be me         
Such a delicious tete-a-tete for Aggie with His Creepiness, his last line was especially affecting.  Chilling.
I appreciate you taking the time to comment.  It does help.

09/08/2012 04:44 pm
Chp 52: It won't be me         
Well, that was sweet of him... I think...

09/08/2012 04:42 pm
Chp 52: It won't be me         
Oh Agnes! You just gave the First Evil the ammo it needed against Spike. At least Wilkins warned her to leave and not to trust him if he showed up again!
Thank you for travelling with me and Agnes through her journey.

01/07/2013 01:23 am
Chp 51 Leaving Home         
 "a confrontation between a girl who wouldn’t admit her feelings and a man who’d let his overide all common decency."  What a brilliant and accurate description of Seeing Red!  Just brilliant!

I love how you picked up the lose end of the coat and how it got to the basement of the High School from Buffy's house.    You really do use Agnes to advantage in this story weaving her into canon right where she's needed the most.


09/08/2012 08:12 pm
Chp 51 Leaving Home         
Aggie is so endearing in her fluffy pink slippers, I just love her.  Iit's a shame Buffy will never benefit from some sorely needed home truths and the benefit of Aggie's wisdom.

09/05/2012 11:53 pm
Chp 51 Leaving Home         

OH!  You're not going to kill Agness off, are you?? PLEASE, I hope not! 
I expect it's Tara's death you're talking about, but now you've scared me...

08/27/2012 04:41 am
Chp 51 Leaving Home         
Loved Agnes and Spike's talk aand nce connection with hiding the coat.

08/26/2012 12:29 am
Chp 51 Leaving Home         
Agnes! She has no idea how strong she is, does she? Imagine Buffy's going to be even more disturbed to find Spike's coat missing... but maybe she didn't know he'd left it there? So glad you've got the time to work on this again.

08/25/2012 10:15 pm
Chp 51 Leaving Home         
Excellent explanation for how Spike's duster got from Buffy's house to the school basement - which was never explained on the show. I love how Agnes continues to join the dots...

01/07/2013 01:14 am
50: Hidden Secrets         
Oh yay!  I am finally able to catch up with Agnes!  I've had this bookmarked for an age and RL made any real sit down time impossible!

Love that Agnes cares about Andrew and can see right through Warren!  Spike was SO blindered with his relationship woes that he really wouldn't have reacted to Agnes and her concerns back then...very in character!

AHA so that's how Spike found out about the demon in Africa!

Off to continue.  I still adore this story on every level.  I can't help but hope Agnes gets some help with all the little ones.


08/24/2012 06:01 pm
50: Hidden Secrets         
Never has Spike's obsession been better viewed than through dear Aggie's eyes, the poor old girl can't get a word in edgewise!

08/20/2012 09:15 am
50: Hidden Secrets         
Always way way too short of your new Agnes chapters.  I just love this work - It is one of my favorite works of FanFiction.  Really like your vampire children subject and I hope that Agnes will be able to help them learn how to be vampires without also having to live without any capacity for control of the hunger and lust for violence.  I know, big wishful thinking because Agnes can only set a role model and these young vampires ultimately have to choose to be not the typical violent vamps.

I know that this is not a Spike story, but it would be great to have a chapter soon where Spike and Agnes to speak to each other about how their lives are going.  NICE, having Agnes be the one who tells him about the wish granting demon in Africa.   I can see Agnes and Clem having a conversation where Clem reveals just how crazy and painful Spike and Buffy have fallen into their abusive relationship  I think Agnes, while she would be extremely angry with them would also feel a great deal of sympathy for them also. 

Hope you and not having too much trouble with your eye sight -
Thank you for such a nice, constructive review.  I think Agnes will do her best with the children but, at the end of the day, they are all vampires.  Clem and Agnes chatting about sex?  Not sure about that one.  Would she be sympathetic....well, we'll see very soon.

Eyes are now wonderful.  No glasses at all - except for reading.  Well worth all the trauma and thank you, once again, for asking.

08/19/2012 09:44 pm
50: Hidden Secrets         
So that's how Spike found out about that demon!!

08/19/2012 07:31 pm
50: Hidden Secrets         

Great tie in with NA and SR!  Love having Spike whine about his love life to Agnes.  Just like Joyce. 

Thank you for commenting.  I think Agnes is getting a little tired of Spike's love life!

08/19/2012 05:47 pm
50: Hidden Secrets         
Yay! Updatey goodness! Poor Agnes. Spike is just  in no condition to listen to her problems at the moment. Can't help wondering who is turning all the children...
When you think about it,  so many people have to have been turned every day in Sunnydale,otherwise Buffy would have had nothing to do!   I'm certain a lot of those would have been family or children who would usually die quite quickly because unable to hunt.

08/19/2012 05:39 pm
50: Hidden Secrets         
Oh, I just love Agnes!!  And I love how you've fit her in to all the action in the show.
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Glad you are enjoying Agnes's story.

01/25/2013 12:41 pm
Chp 49 A Special Day         
   I forgot to mention it in the relevant chapter, but I loved your breakdown of Willow. Both the one she gave Spike, and the one she kept to herself.

06/17/2012 06:41 am
Chp 49 A Special Day         
I LOVE Agnes and this work - I will keep reading as long as you gift us with new chapters - till the end.  I hope that you will think about giving us a Thanksgiving or Christmas Special for Agnes.
Thank you so much. Delighted you are still enjoying Agnes' adventures.  I did a Christmas story once but might do another one this year if people want one.

05/29/2012 06:05 am
Chp 49 A Special Day         
What a pleasant surprise to see another chapter for Agnes.  WOW - I love that how you use her with the wedding that almost happened.  I am so glad that you continue working with this character.  Kinda wish you would give us a little more Spike and Agnes together once in a while. 

Very much like how the story is bringing in the children vampires - nice touch with Wiggly Wedding Gift.
Hi and thank you so much for your comments. I wasn't sure if people were still reading this one.  Yes, the sad fact is that Agnes and Spike are reaching a parting of the ways.  She is embracing her new life at last and Spike - well, he just wants to embrace Miss Summers!

05/25/2012 11:50 pm
Chp 49 A Special Day         
Ah, finally having time to catch up. Of course, you're much too busy having a good time in Covnetry right now, arent' you?   Loved the blend of canon and Agnes. You do make her merge seamlessly with the others. It's no wonder someone thought she was a canon character.   Still loving this story.
Thank you and yes, Writercon UK was great, as usual!   I suppose Agnes is canon in a way, or rather the actual person Spike talks about is canon, even if our Agnes isn't!  If that sentence makes any sense at all.

05/24/2012 02:07 pm
Chp 49 A Special Day         
Absolute bliss from start to finish.  Dear Agnes has to suffer yet more disappointments but I loved the business with the eggs, the dig at Willow and the wedding cake, and Dawn's squiggly gift to the kids, all brilliant.
Thank you, Lou. So pleased you enjoyed it.  Poor Agnes, but yet, is she?  The life she is making for herself isn't that bad.

05/24/2012 12:09 pm
Chp 49 A Special Day         
Yay! Updatey goodness! Worth the wait.
Love your take on the wedding-that-wasn't from Agnes' point of view - and the explanation for the eggs. I'll never believe that Spike called himself 'The Doctor' after what happened with Doc, and that he was an international demon weapons dealer. So NOT in character!
I couldn't agree more.  That was the silliest plot defect of all.   So glad you enjoyed the chapter.

05/24/2012 02:35 am
Chp 49 A Special Day         
Loved the way you got in the eggs, Tarantula, Anya's wedding and even the demon squid thing.  
I almost had to make it two chapters, but felt it worked out OK in the end.

05/23/2012 08:59 pm
Chp 49 A Special Day         
Spike was holding the eggs for her! I really love this story, it's too cute.
Thank you!

09/15/2011 11:54 am
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         

Glad to have this latest chapter - hope that Agnes finds someone to help with the children's needs - it would be nice if Spike could help her a bit.  Love the combination of Clem and Anges. 

09/14/2011 08:29 pm
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
TextOh my!  Agnes in the neighborhood during Smashed!  LOL.......hope she doesn't get an eyefull.

 "They opened up so many avenues that could lead you deeper and deeper into unknown territory, rather like Thai cooking. "  This cracked me up.  Peanuts and spices as unknown territory...only our dear Aggie.

Love that Richard protected Agnes from any who would take advantage of her innocence.  That's what she truly is...innocent!  I hope Buffy sees that if she ever meets her.

Love your bringing in W&H to the scene.  Yes Richard would be able to contact them even frmo hell not to mention any other dimension.  Glad Clem spoke up and was worried (and hope he stays away from Agnes' cats).  She's a dear caring for stray cats and children.  The vampire children she's raising will be the kind not to need a soul to stay on the bottle and off the live feeding.  Good girl Agnes!

Love this story and so glad you are feeling up to writing (YAY for good eyes!!!!).  THAT'S far more important even as much as we love our Agnes.


09/14/2011 07:49 am
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
I'm sorry but wow. This story is brilliant. The way you have written it, the mind boggles. Would love to read on and see where you take it. Agnes is an awesome character!!
Delighted to have another member of "Aggie's Army".  A select but incredibly nice band of readers!   Hope you enjoy some of my other stories, too!

09/13/2011 12:58 am
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
Lovely mystery for dear Aggie, and of course Rack couldn't have his evil way with her!  Now don't be thinking of any rescue missions in collapsing houses, Aggie!  My eyes, my eyes!
Yes!  She must walk past, very swiftly, and not look!

09/12/2011 04:04 am
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
lead you deeper and deeper into unknown territory, rather like Thai cooking 

Interesting and spooky.  Rack is very evil if he didn't appreciate that devil's fruitcake. 
Agnes just hasn't come to grips with Thai cooking yet. But she will persevere!

09/12/2011 12:40 am
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
"into unknown territory, rather like Thai cooking."  That line is simply priceless! 
Thank you!  Glad you liked it.

09/11/2011 08:16 pm
Chp 48: Let them eat Cake         
I absolutely love the comparison between Black Magic and Thai cooking! LOL Thank goodness for that protection spell on our sweet Agnes - I guess that was the mayor. Oops - I wonder what caused the building to fall down? Sounds as if it was Wrecked! LOL
Yes, but I hope she walks past very fast,otherwise she might be shocked!

09/05/2011 03:46 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         
NO!!! Agnes stay away from Rack!  Didn't see that coming but it makes perfect sense.  

LOVE the domestic side of the demon world.  Yes a plumber, doctor and teacher and so forth would be useful and even necessary for at least a portion of the demon population.  Some are quite human-like in all ways but appearance and they would need special help.

Glad Spike is showing concern for Agnes, 'bout time!  He of all vampires would care since he has the capacity to love/like.  He's been pre-occupied but I'm glad he's given her welfare thought.

I am looking forward to Buffy meeting Agnes (preferably unarmed LOL).

DELIGHTED to see Agnes again...hope your muse keeps her story going.

Delighted you enjoyed the chapter. So good to be back writing again.   Is Spike caring for Agnes?  I'm not convinced because at this point in Season 6 he is obsessed with Buffy and about to get even more so.  Will Buffy and Agnes ever meet?  Well,  there is a certain wedding coming up fairly soon that I have heard about.....

08/22/2011 06:27 am
Chp 47: Can we Change         

Oh Excellent - more Agnes.  I am so glad that you have not abandoned this work.  I love your Agnes, and now with these vampire young, her story is getting even more interesting.  Poor Agnes thinking of going to Rack for advice on how to deal with the needs of these young vampire children. 

I like how your story gives a different perspective on Spike's involvement with Buffy - Spike should care about what happens to these children vamp and I think he should care more about Agnes as well.

Apologies for delay in replying. Been away a lot.  Glad you enjoyed next episode of Agnes.  Hopefully will undate soon.  I think Spike's reactions are about right for Season Six.  He's in a sex fired stupour most of the time!

08/15/2011 11:16 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         

You know, it occurrs to me to wonder what dear Agnes would think of so many Unturned loving her so much.

Ha!   I think she would be rather pleased, if somewhat alarmed, because she thinks we are so unreliable!

08/13/2011 05:13 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         
Well that's a smashing surprise, dear old Aggie's back and she talks techno!  Such a sweetheart but Rack... yikes.  Fantastic to see you back and in such good form, very pleased your surgery is over, can't have been pleasant.  Thrilled about the update.
Thank you so much.  Yes, apologies for long delay but couldn't be helped.  Hope to write more regularly from now on.

08/12/2011 07:56 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         

Yay! Agnes is back!!  I'm so happy.
I do hope she doesn't get herself into too much trouble with Rack, though.
The vampire children thing is rather odd.  I wonder who is turning so many kids.

08/12/2011 03:36 am
Chp 47: Can we Change         

What a wonderful surprise after a long day.  LOL at Spike getting his chip "rebooted" and blood smoothies and  "Your chip is really a great inconvenience, not to mention a health hazard.  But just think, if you turned a brain surgeon, he might be able to take it out! " was too too funny.    

Delighted you enjoyed the chapter.  So good to be back writing again.

08/11/2011 08:01 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         

I'm so glad to see an update on this fic. I absolutely love Agnes and this story and can't wait to read more. And those poor vampire children--what a interesting and unique peek into the vampire world!

Thank you so much for reviewing and delighted you are still interested in Agnes and her vampire world in Sunnydale.

08/11/2011 06:35 pm
Chp 47: Can we Change         
Ooooh! Updatey goodness! I so love how you weave Agnes nto season 6 events. I wish she hadn't suggested Spike should consult Warren, though...  and where are all the child vamps comng from?
So glad you are still interested in the story. Apologies for long delay but really was difficult to work.  But now have eyesight good enough to fly jet plane - if I had one to fly!   So lots more stories on their way.

04/11/2013 10:24 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         

Lovely Christmas story -

01/25/2013 11:53 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
  Look at that, happy tears.

02/03/2011 04:08 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
It looks like I neglected to comment  on this - I meant to, really! I love Agnes Pringle. And I love the way she feels about Christmas, regardless of whether it's appropriate for her now that she's a vampire. Her struggle to carry on with life, or unlife, is always very touching. A lot of them would be turned, especially at this time of the year when vamps got bored with being indoors but until then, they needed to be fed. That line seems quintessentially Agnes. Very realistic and yet strangely innocent, with a basic practicality underlying it all. She's had such a difficult time of it both as a human and a vampire and yet she keeps trying in spite of everything. Her perceptions of "Dear Richard" are hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I'm so glad you gave her the wished-for snow for Christmas.
Oh thank you!   For making it the 3000 review but also, much more importantly, for saying nice things about my Agnes Pringle.  Yes, she does find life difficult, she always has, but like a lot of people who are overlooked - both human and vampire - she is needed to keep the wheels turning.

I love my vampire world.  There must have been a lot in Sunnydale who went on once turned because otherwise there wouldn't have been all those ones rising for Buffy to stake!   If you see what I mean!

01/26/2011 01:15 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
 The herald Angels indeed!  I love when nice things happen to our Agnes!  How did I miss this update?  I do so love this view of Sunnydale and all our friends there through her eyes.  That "demon community" really needs exploring and you are doing it so nicely fleshed out!

*hugs* to you and to Agnes
 So glad you have finally caught up with our Agnes and Hark!   I missed your comments when i first posted and wondered if you didn't like it.  I have to get down to some serious Agnes writing soon but RL has been nastyish of late. Hope all well.

Time of Change
01/10/2011 10:35 pm
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
I want you to know I burst into tears over this chapter of Agnes's life.  What a lovely piece of writing.
 Awww - thank you - I think!   Didn't want to make anyone cry but glad it touched you.  Hope all well.

12/25/2010 02:31 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
You know, I can't bake anymore without thinking of your dear Agnes. 
These chapters are so poignant and sad.  Sometimes I wonder if I can even bear to read them.  But I always do!  This one was lovely.  I particularly liked Hark.
 I am exactly the same!  I was trying to make cheese straws before Christmas and kept hearing a voice saying, no not paprika, add blood!  It makes them such a rich colour!   Glad you liked Hark!   My childhood favourite angel!

12/21/2010 02:19 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
How nice that after no one came to Agnes' Xmas eve, an angel answered her wish.  That was a sweet chapter.  How I love Agnes Pringle.
 Thank you so much!  Delighted you are still enjoying Agnes' story and apologies for not updating more regularly!  Hope you had a good Christmas.  Best wishes for the New Year.

12/20/2010 03:10 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
Thank You so much for this wonderful Agnes Christmas Gift -  It's a lovely story and so perfect for Agnes -   I was so sad at first, but  Agnes turned everything into a Grand Christmas Champagne and got her beautiful gift . 

This will go with my Holiday Season Recommends over at my Buffy Tube site -
 Delighted you liked the story and thrilled that you will put it on your recs site.  I don't know the Buffy Tube site. Will need to check it out.

And a very Happy Christmas to you and yours.

12/19/2010 06:48 pm
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
I'm thrilled Agnes had such a sweet gift from 'Hark', it made me come over all sentimental. Seasons greetings to you.
 Yes, she needed something to make her Christmas special.  Have a lovely Christmas.

12/19/2010 11:29 am
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
It was so heart breaking and then so joyful.  Thank  you from both myself and I'm sure dear Miss. Pringle!   ~Happy Holidays ~   Ta.
 Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it.  Happy Christmas to you and yours.

12/18/2010 10:44 pm
Chp 46 Christmas Special         
Aw, poor Agnes, she tries so very hard and it never quite works out for her. I love her encounter with the Mysterious Stranger. 'Some people call me Hark' indeed! Love it!
 So glad you liked the story.  I'm very fond of Hark the Herald Angel!!

04/11/2013 10:13 am
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         

I so love reading your Agnes Story - I would enjoy reading your wonderful Agnes story even if I had never watched the TV series. 

I so often wish that Spike had not strayed away from Agnes and their friendship in pursuit of Buffy and his love - but how you write them works so well - it's sad, but also realistic. 

How very kind of you to say that.  I am delighted you enjoy Agnes' adventures.  I truly feel I am just reporting something that has been told to me and not writing a story at all!

I need to find out how she discovers Spike is alive!

01/25/2013 11:43 am
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
  Cute and touching.

11/02/2010 11:08 pm
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
 Poor dear Aggie!  She should have married him, he would have put aside his snake plans then I think.  She could have made him happy and would have been a lovely First Lady of Sunnydale!

I adore this story and love the way you give us glimpses of our "normal" gang but keep it Agnes centered as it should be.

Excellent in every way.  Bittersweet like her life.

 Thank you so much. Always keen to have your opinion.  I am very slack with updating Agnes at the moment because I know what is coming!  Wibbles.

10/27/2010 10:41 am
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
Ah sweet Aggie and her memories, wonderfully festive, I particularly like the puff pastry turnovers that wriggle inside.  Thanks for a lovely tale.
 Pleased you were pleased.  Sorry not to be updating faster!

10/27/2010 03:31 am
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
Someone you want killing, I’m your man.  Spike - always so kind and thoughtful.

Great Halloween special.  Thanks. 
 So glad you enjoyed it.  

10/26/2010 10:48 pm
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
I"ve so missed Agnes!!!  Thank you for this Halloween treat!
 So glad you enjoyed it.  I've been slow in continuing her story but hopefully should get more done when she tells me!

10/26/2010 10:06 pm
Chp 45 Hallowe'en Special         
Yay! An update! {Does happy dance}
Wonderful topical little peek into Agnes' past. She still hasn't put it behind her, has she?
 Sadly no, but hey, could you forget being proposed to by the Mayor!?

01/25/2013 11:31 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
Text  That was nice. Nice and really kinda uplifting.

07/30/2010 05:57 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
Great to have more Agnes - I loved how you changed the Eric storyline while bringing in the very sad "truth to be told" for his young sister.

It's very interesting seeing Spike's love for Buffy through Agnes -

I sure hope that Agnes does not lose her two youngsters - she needs them and I think they very much need her. 

Hope Agnes comes again very soon.
 Sorry for delay in replying to your review.  Holiday time means arrival of great nephews and nieces to "do London".   

Glad you enjoyed this chapter.  Yes, Agnes' life is beginning to take on a whole new style.  I think she will be surprised.

Time of Change
07/28/2010 04:17 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
She’d turned down Agnes’ offer of waitress work in the tearooms, insisting that she had a well-paid job dancing in a demon bar on the other side of Sunnydale where she was apparently working with some Poles, although Agnes hadn’t realised there was a Polish demon community in Sunnydale.

Hee!  I love Agnes.

 Thank you!  Glad you are still reading this very long drawn out story!

07/27/2010 10:56 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
Wonderful to see dear Auntie Aggie again, and her little family.  Eric is a real peach too.
 Thank you so much.  Delighted you approve of Eric.

07/27/2010 04:04 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
He’s an Aurealian, I’m not - interesting.  Spike is a big shot in the vamp world in spite of his pathetic chasing after the Slayer. 
 Yes, I think there is an absolute pecking order in every society.  Vampires are just the same. Aurelians are sort of aristocrats.

07/27/2010 01:09 am
Chp 44 Family Matters         
 This update was a COMPETE charmer start to finish.  Eric is indeed a wonderful character who can be a fine man.  I love the image of soccer (er, football) playing young vampires with younger cheerleaders on the side.  The idea of the whole demon community has always interested me and you bring it to life wonderfully!

I love Spike's description of Buffy and wish she will live up to it once she meets these citizens as I imagine she will in due time.

This ALWAYS cracks me up
the distressing event in Hollywood - Which Had Not Been Her Fault –" and how she never fails to mention it not being her fault!  So....Aggie!

This had me giggle too: "apparently working with some Poles, although Agnes hadn’t realised there was a Polish demon community in Sunnydale." Yes she would be such an innocent that she would assume pole dancing involved the polka!

I adore the idea of Agnes and Andrew seeing Star Wards together !!!!  She really would have kept that boy out of trouble!

Tons of things to love here, but especially our own Agnes.

 Thank you so much for such a nice detailed review.  It gives me enormous pleasure to know you pick up all the little touches that I hope add to the story.  Like you, I've always been fascinated by the idea of a vampire/demon world - I loved the little librarian vamp who was involved with Spike and Dru.   I suppose I got my first taste with Arabella and Div'vid.   I'm trying to think of a good name for the football team now!

07/26/2010 11:50 pm
Chp 44 Family Matters         
Loved the rabbit reference to Tabula Rasa.  Eric could probably pick up quite a few - it would make Anya happy.
 Thank you!  I'm pretending Nancy's rabbit won't disappear when the spell ends!

07/26/2010 02:03 pm
Chp 44 Family Matters         
How wonderful to see an update at last! Intriguing seeing Tabula Rasa from the outside - except without actually seeing it... if you see what I mean. Glad Agnes can stop worrying about Eric now, he seems more in tune with being a vampire that she is!
 Thank you and apologies for late delivery of this chapter.  I'm glad you think it worked.  

01/25/2013 11:13 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
 I digg a lot of the references you made here, but I've got such a soft spot for cole porter.

06/01/2010 11:07 pm
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Oh now THIS was worth getting the computer up and working again!!!!
YAY that our Agnes is famous (I think he did not lie personally).  The darling had a lifetime of service to others and her unlife isn't that different.  As Darla said, what you are informs who you become as a vampire....just as Spike was defined by love, Aggie is by service.

Love the use of showtunes...I think it fitting for our girl.

Mutual friend who might return.... Richard??  Whoot that would be wonderful ahem ... at least for Agnes.

I adored Fred and Ginget flicks and her gowns were always fabulous...I especially loved the one she wore in The Gay Divorcee while dancing the Continental ....I always wanted one just like it.

This was a delight from start to finish and perfectly gave us a glimpse into other pockets of Sunnydale during the dancing/singing spell.

 Thank goodness you approve.  I found this really hard to write but once I had it fixed in my mind that Sweet would have had a cup of tea before he started work, everything fell into place!  And yes, Agnes and Fred and Ginger just go together so well!

05/15/2010 09:41 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Wow! Just read all of this story, and it is not often to find fics that are this intelligent and charming. Agnes is an interesting charachter, and it is a very nice twist to keep her in the fringes of the original story. But after reading on for a while, I am missing her being gradually more involved, to keep it from becoming just a rerun of the show from the sidelines. I think the story would profit from going a little AU. I keep hoping she will be closer involved with Giles, it could be a natural development. And it would be nice if she offered Buffy a job at the shop, in stead of at Double Meat. Off course, Agnes would not like to have her there, but if Dawn worked there as well, she could give them the possibility to spend time together, while earning money.. And sweet Agnes seem to be willing to sacrifice almost anything for her friends.. And both Buffy and Giles could learn something about vampires and diversity from Agnes

Anyhow, I hope you will keep writing this fic, it is very original and well written, thank you!
 Glad you enjoyed the story to date.  The problems you raise have been said to me before.  I've always said that this is Agnes' story as it touches Sunnydale.  She has already altered lots of things - telliong Spike about Riley and the vampires, weakening Buffy's coffin so she can get out,  teaching Andrew to cook, etc.  What I may do is write a Christmas special where the story goes AU.  What do you think?

05/14/2010 12:47 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
I can just picture dear Agnes at the tennis club dance!  She's not having a very happy time lately, is she, the poor dear.  Great to see Sweet again.
 Thank you.  Yes, her life is difficult at the moment.

05/13/2010 04:22 pm
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Aw that's so sweet. (Oops - Pun not intended) Poor Agnes having to relive her fantasy - and having to accept it was ever only that. Love the reference to the mustard man... and I'm assuming the 'mutual acquaintance' is Richard Wilkins III? I thought he was all "Mayor meat - extra crispy"?
 Thank you so much for reviewing.  Well, I've never really believed that he was gone for good.  A demon that powerful?  No - to  me it was just his body - he'll be baaaacck!

05/13/2010 09:20 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
I'm so glad Aggie was able come away from her encounter with Sweet without burning up. Loved learning more about Aggie's past. Good update!
 Thank you so much.  It was hard to write this one but hope it told a little more about Agnes.

05/13/2010 06:56 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Thanks for bringing us another new chapter so soon.  You never disappointment me, each new chapter is a waited for event and a pleasure when it arrives. 

Sad memories but so like real life - all those "what if's" that can haunt us if we are not as strong as your Agnes.

Sorry that she has lost such a good friend and a relationship that helped sustain her in her vampire life. 

Great use of Sweet and Big WOW on the potential coming back of Dear Richard if that is the mutual friend. 

NICE added touch with the musical theme with the young children without their parent and the "fear" references  and the ending of "new life and making needed changes."  excellent.

I love the Rogers and Astaire films and have the songs from several of their films.
 Delighted you enjoyed the chapter.  it took so long to get it rightish and I wanted people to enjoy it but also realise that Agnes has problems of her own.  Yes, Dear Richard,  well - I've never believed he was properly gone, so we will wait and see!

I have all the Rogers and Astaire films on DVD.  Wonderful.

05/13/2010 06:00 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Ah, Sweet has come to town, and even messed with poor Agnes.

05/13/2010 03:19 am
Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then         
Loved Agnes as Ginger Roger.  That was marvelous.
 Thank you so much. I liked the picture, too!

01/25/2013 10:55 am
Chapter 42 Flames         
  That was an excellent look into unsouled Spikes character.  Usually you get a glossed over version of Spikes love/obsession with Buffy. It's wrong though, I like Aggies take on it.(I guess it was Buffy's also)
Spike could be very loyal to those he cared about, but those he cared about had teirs, and you could be shuffled to a lower teir according to Spikes wants, or to a lesser extent what he feels is most important.

  Anyway, great job.

06/05/2010 03:05 am
Chapter 42 Flames         
 Poor Spike...this really does show how single minded he was on Buffy.  Nothing and no-one else even registered, it was all about her.
It also shows so well how separate he is from the other demons and humans.  Sad and lonely really.

Agnes understands all too well and is quite on the money about Xander and Anya.  She really has interesting and accurate insights.


 So glad you enjoyed this chp.  It is interesting to me how Agnes is beginning to become more vampire as Spike continues  his fascination with Buffy.  Her journey isn't taking her where I originally thought it would. Am struggling to keep everyone happy as keep getting requests for her to "change" season 6!

05/03/2010 04:18 am
Chapter 42 Flames         
Oh boy - Spike is a big disappointment here.  Loved the way he snooped into all the jars.  And what is a Parkin?
 Parkin is a very rich, thick Gingerbread, usually made in North of England, quite often with black treacle.  I can send you a recipe!

05/02/2010 09:42 pm
Chapter 42 Flames         
Oh this is such an outstanding chapter - It's so great to be able to see Spike and his love and overwhelming passions and love with the Agnes Filter.  Plus the theme of the undeniable contrast and change for the young children vampires - the harsh light of truth. 

You have Spike's Buffy Love ending just right -

I sure hope that you will be refreshed in your Agnes Love and will give us a new chapter soon.  I love this story, and I always look forward to new chapters. 

It would be nice to have "one shots"  about Agnes especially an English Kind of Christmas -
 Thank you for such kind words. Much appreciated.  I have started on next chapter, which is the difficult one I have been putting off for ages!    I would love to do some one offs about Agnes but probably as  collection somewhere under one heading so people don't get confused. What do you think?

The "knicker" story was written as a Christmas present for one of Aggie's Army!

04/30/2010 02:08 pm
Chapter 42 Flames         
Agnes is very astute in her summation of Spike's unhappy situation and dire prospects.  I hope her tacit support makes a difference, although it doesn't seem likely - hopefully he'll realise he has one good friend.  Lovely update, if a little depressing!
 Yes, sorry it was rather dark, but that is the way Agnes' life is going at the moment.  And oh look, singing demon about to arrive....

04/30/2010 04:16 am
Chapter 42 Flames         
Even though Agnes is in a rather bad place right now, I'm still incredibly happy to visit with her again. Thanks for another wonderful chapter!

P.S. I hope your wrist is feeling better.
 Thank you. Sorry this chapter is rather dark but life is difficult during Season Six!    Glad I still have a few people reading this fic.  My wrist is a little better, thank you.  As long as I hold it straight above the keyboard and don't try turning it....

04/30/2010 12:48 am
Chapter 42 Flames         
Boy, has Agnes hit that nail on the head.  I know this has to follow canon but I still find myself wishing Agnes would set Spike straight and avoid the train wreck of Season 6.  And how fun would it have been to be along with Spike and the kids trick or treating?
 Yes, I was tempted - that was how I actually saw this chapter but Agnes had other ideas once I started to write it!

04/29/2010 11:33 pm
Chapter 42 Flames         
Agnes is very perceptive about some things (her thoughts on Anya/Xander for instance), quite oblivious to others (her idea about the vamp children going trick or treating when she so disapproves of Spike keeping human customs). She is like Spike in so many ways. He is being his usual one-track-mind vamp - BuffyBuffyBuffy. Poor lonely Agnes can see the same pain and lonliness in Spike's future. Is she right though? How close to canon are you staying? Guess I'll find out.....
 Thank you for reviewing. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Sadly, as Spike becomes more "human", Agnes is embracing her "vampiricity"!    Conflict lies ahead.   And, oh dear, look what's coming next - singing demons!

04/29/2010 10:28 pm
Chapter 42 Flames         
Awwwww.....*hugs Agnes*
 She certainly needs one at the moment!

05/03/2010 04:11 am
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Loved the fighting for the ring idea.  That would make a great story.  For Spike and Buffy naturally. 

05/02/2010 09:24 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Nice to read this chapter again, I always like to go back one before I start the new one. 

I just love your Agnes - this character is such an effective way to write about the Sunnydale characters with a totally different character POV -

I don't think I will ever get tired of your Agnes.  Boy would I love to see some Agnes, Lorne encounter - and especially in a conversation with Spike - actually just about any character.  Both Agnes and Lorne are the type of character that can be used as a mature and wise voice to explore the life and troubles of the other prime characters.  Probably not with Buffy and maybe Xande, but with your imagination and skill you could probably make even that work.

On to the new chapter now.

04/26/2010 10:31 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Glad to see Anya. I can quite believe her going to Agnes for her wedding cake. What a lovely little dip into Agnes' past too. Such a sweet innocent vampire lady. A conversation with her would really turn Buffy's 'evil disgusting thing' view on its head.
 Glad you enjoyed this episode. I love writing Anya.  Yes, Agnes might be innocent but she is still a vampire. She is in for a tricky time soon.  Just updated.  Hope you like Chp 42.  Do let me know.

01/31/2010 12:13 am
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Me, too!  Over here!  Count me, too!  *jumping up and down so you'll notice me*  You commented in the previous review that there aren't many people still following Agnes, so I wanted to make sure you knew there are more than you think!!!!
 Thank you so much for reviewing and cheering me up when I was feeling flat.  it makes all the difference to know that Aggie's army is still out there!  Especially because she is just about to reach such a difficult time in her unlife - because we are slowly reaching the arrival of a certain dancing demon!

01/20/2010 06:16 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
OH I do hope that Agnes does find love!  She's such a dear person.  I do like that she's catering the wedding, even if that particular event is such a dismal failure.  Perhaps she will be able to cater other parties as well, in the demon community, as she continues.  Thank you for writing another chapter - I was missing The Adventures of Agnes!
 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter.  Not many people reading about Agnes now, so I'm glad that those of you left are happy!   Agnes is coming up to a difficult time in her unlife - and I have to deal with a certain dancing demon!

01/19/2010 06:41 am
Chp 41 Soul Mate         

Great Anya/Aggie scene, I like how it led to the very insightful and poignant Aggie/Mayor Wilkins scene. Aggie made the right choice, I don't think she ever would've been completely happy if she settled for anything less than love... at least she got a good idea for new dish out of the whole situation though. Good update!

 Thank you so much for reading once again. So few of you left!    And glad you enjoyed the chapter. Yes, that particular dish is going to be important.....

01/19/2010 03:57 am
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Poor Agnes.  She has a good heart and scruples.  Waiting for Mr. Right.  Bless her.
 I fear she may have to wait some time!  Thank you for continued support.

01/19/2010 02:01 am
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Great to see Anya pop up in the story - Wonderful chapter as always -

Pleasure to see that you have a new chapter - I just love this work -
 Thank you so much. Glad to hear from one of the few people still reading BAU.   I will continue to write it because I adore Agnes so much and want her story told as far as I know it!

01/17/2010 11:26 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
Wonderful little glimpse of both demon life, and Agnes' past with Wilkins.
 Thank you.  Glad you enjoyed it.

01/17/2010 09:00 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
I've missed dear Agnes, so sweet and intuitive with Anya.  I loved the business about engagement rings, and trust Richard to have something special!  Perfect.
 Thanks so much for reading - not many people are these days!  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

01/17/2010 08:33 pm
Chp 41 Soul Mate         
I was going to complain about you busting my diet with those cinnamon currant buns, but then I got to the blood sauce.    Terrific chapter - I loved the Mayo Wilkins - Agnes romantic dinner. 
 Sorry about the buns!  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

11/19/2009 03:37 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
a pleasure to read agnes' tale again. very good update, thank you.
 So pleased to get your thoughts.

11/11/2009 04:39 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
Good evening, Karl. I’m sorry to bother you while you’re eating - Dying laughing!  Agnes is very prissy tonight.  I just love her.  Love the way she tricks Eric into helping her, too.  Great story as always.
 As you know, I am a great believer in the vampire world carrying on its business as usual!  The Slayer acts in the same way in their world as a serial killer does in the human one.  Except they all know who the serial killer is!

11/10/2009 12:55 pm
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
I really love this story.  Thanks for the update.
 Thank you for reading and especially for reviewing.  I know Agnes is not everyone's cup of tea!

11/10/2009 02:42 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
YAY!!  Yay yay yay!!!  An Agnes chapter!

I rather liked it that Spike wasn't there, actually...

And the thought of Agnes having "the talk" with the boy.  TOO funny.
 So pleased you are still enjoying Agnes' adventures. She doesn't have many readers but those who do seem to like her!  

Yes, the thought of Agnes trying to educate a young boy in the ways of "the sex"  is alarming!

11/09/2009 05:35 pm
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
 Oh dear...Eric sounds right up Dawn's alley and Buffy wouldn't like that one bit LOL.

Love our Agnes in a motherly role and just love the life from the vampire's viewpoint.  Instead of the horror of a kill it's merely supper time and that is profound in a way!  All quite natural and even healthy.

I think these kids need some play time...perhaps their own soccer team.  If the Twilight pretend-vamps can play baseball...why not?

You know I adore Aggie and am delighted with the update.

Excellent as always, Kathleen
 So glad you are still enjoying Agnes and her adventures.  Poor duck is in for a difficult time with Spike and his love for Buffy.  We adore their relationship, but in Agnes' eyes it is a recipe for disaster,  And OMWF us lurking over the horizon!  Bites nails and runs away!

11/09/2009 11:03 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
Woo hoo!!! So nice to visit with Aggie again. Fascinating chapter as always! I look forward to Aggie's upcoming talk with Spike, should be interesting to see how things play out.
 But will he listen?

11/09/2009 12:03 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
I just stumbled onto this story and enjoy it very much. Interesting perspective. I like Agnes. She's a pip. Well written.
By the way, Shona's two children that Agnes baby sits for are Nancy and Ronnie, not Eric.
 Thank you so much for picking up that error!   I had always called the boy Eric in my mind and then for some reason he became Ronnie - I think because his sister was Nancy!   But Eric was my first choice and obviously my brain insisted on that name in the last chapter!

i have now gone back and edited throughout.  I do hope this stupidity didn't spoil the story for you.

11/08/2009 06:19 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         
Oh, Agnes! You're not going to cure Spike of Buffy. But points for trying to help the children!
 She's trying!   And life is going to get even more difficult very soon.  OMWF is on the way!  AHHHHHH

11/08/2009 04:30 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         

Oooh very nice chapter!  Agnes needs help fast, she's way out of her league with a teenage boy(haha)  Hope to hear from you again soon.

 Well, she's had some experience of teenage girls with Dawn, but yes, Eric could be another problem altogether.  Glad you liked the chapter.

11/08/2009 12:37 am
Chp 40 Growing Pains         

Wonderful to see Aggie again, I've missed her common sense.

 Thank you!

04/26/2010 10:14 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
I empathise with Agnes' knicker problem. When your usual brand is 'discontinued' it is a long difficult search to find a suitable replacement. You have Buffy's detatched impatience and Dawns whiny petulance down just right. So is Agnes going to confront Dawn?

10/02/2009 06:33 am
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
In the show I'd always wished Spike had caught Dawnie taking something, helped her out and showed her that he wasn't totally focused on Buffy but really did still care about his "Niblet"... but I'll settle for Agnes catching her instead! updates on this for quite a while.  Is that because you are busy writing We Will Remember Them or did you get burned out on this one and are taking a break?  (Hopefully not abandoning it!)
 Hi, no, certainly not abandoning it, nor am I burnt out!  But I am determined to try and do more of WWRT first.  The next chapter of BAU is proving difficult to get right - hence the delay.

Holidays got in the way, too.

But hopefully will be able to update all stories again very soon.

Poor old Future Imperfect is scowling at me as I write!

08/02/2009 10:00 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
Go with the pink kitties, Agnes!  So Agnes caught Dawn in the act.  What will she do?  Can't wait to find out.  And, didn't the Mayor get a glimpse at those tighty whities?
 Certainly not!  Theirs was all about LOVE.  Well, not sure what the Mayor was all about but I don't think her got very far.

Time of Change
08/01/2009 02:10 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
That comment about loving her to bits was from me!  Forgot this isn't LJ and didn't sign my name!
 Glad you are still reading. Hope all well.  We missed you at the UK writercon!

08/01/2009 02:09 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
I missed a few chapters, but I am all caught up now.  Agnes is so very real to me.  I can hear her voice as I read, see her clutching her rolling pin, imagine that packet of knickers she's gripping.  Well, you know I love her to bits, right?

08/01/2009 02:09 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
I missed a few chapters, but I am all caught up now.  Agnes is so very real to me.  I can hear her voice as I read, see her clutching her rolling pin, imagine that packet of knickers she's gripping.  Well, you know I love her to bits, right?

07/29/2009 11:45 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
There still aren't enough words for how much I love this story. Really.
 That is so kind of you.  Not to everyone's taste, but those who join Aggie's Army are special in my eyes!

07/28/2009 10:56 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
I've had the same trouble finding comfy undies myself. Thanks god for cotton Hanes briefs.

I hope Agnes tell about Dawn's stealing.

07/28/2009 06:16 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
Great to see Agnes back, and exploring the mysteries of thongs too!  Dawn needs her -- pity she can't help Buffy too.
 That would be nice, but unlikely. Sighs.

07/28/2009 04:54 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         

You are doing such an effective use of the story lines from the series - just enough to connect the things that happen to the characters with your Agnes - I especially like how you bring in Andrew and now how you transition to Buffy's return and the emotional ties between the sisters and the hardtimes coming.  Excellent how you showed all the great joy that Spike about Buffy's resurrection since we know all the pain and tragedy that actually happens.


 Thank you so much for your kind words.  Glad you are still enjoying the story.  Hope to update again with a longer chapter very soon.

07/28/2009 04:02 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
Reading Aggie's thoughts during her trails and tribulations of knicker shopping was fun. Too bad her lighthearted outing took a such serious turn, can't wait to find out what Aggie does with her newfound knowledge. Great chapter!
 It's so difficult being a middle-aged, female vampire!   Especially one who seems to be inhabited by a demon who has the same sense of manners as she does!

07/28/2009 02:37 pm
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
YAY!  A chapter of Agnes!!  Thank you.
Your teaser line was just too funny, by the way.   
 Sorry it was so short but the longer chapter that I was supposed to post got far more complicated and needs more work.

07/28/2009 02:21 am
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
AHA The Bit has been eyeballed and by no less than our own Aggie!  She'll not let that rest even with her happy memories of purloined buns of days gone by LOL.

I can sympathize with her dismay over thongs.  NOT a pretty thing on a middle aged arse. 

I thought for a moment the meeting with Buffy was going to come about but glad it didn't.  I want Buffy in a better frame of mind when that happens.  Love our Aggie and do not want her even threatened. you suppose Clem might take a shine to our lovely lady of the tea shop?  My favorite canon demon (non-vampire category) and my favorite OC would make lovely friends at least.

Love her relationship and caring for Dawn.

Excellent, just excellent.
 Yes, i don't think she'll let it rest with Dawn but our Aggie is going to have so many problems to deal with very soon.   And what the heck do I do about OMWF?!!!   Do you think everyone knows the tune of Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens?

07/28/2009 12:27 am
Chp 39 The trouble with knickers         
Ah, the first sign of trouble.  It is so much fun to go through the seasons through Agnes' eyes.  Cute interlude
 Just the start of all the big troubles.  Flee, Agnes, flee fast.....

01/25/2013 10:06 am
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
  Good god I hate the trio.  I just found nothing funny about them. And without the funny they were just three spoiled idiots running aroundsomehow being stupidly effective. And then only effective because the Scoobies literally let them run away from them while giving no chase.  How hard would it have been to run them down anytime they were close.  Gah! I'm sorry, they're just a huge sore spot.

05/24/2009 09:22 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
not sure  for whom i have more sympathy , agnes or dawn. very good read, thank you.
 I know. They both have a lot of trouble ahead.

05/22/2009 09:00 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Love the story can't wait for more updates.
 Thank you so much!

05/20/2009 07:37 am
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
So sad that everyone is moving away from Agnes when its the time they need her wise advice the most! I hope they find their way back to her and some disasters can be averted!
 I'm hoping her presence might make some of he disasters less so, but not holding my breath!  She's only human - well, not really, but you know what I mean!

05/19/2009 01:15 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Should be interesting to see how the new developments effect Aggie's life. I mean will she catch Dawn shoplifting? Will she see Andrew and his cohorts around the museum before the guard is frozen and the diamond stolen? Will she interact with the severly depressed Slayer? Will she cater Anya's wedding? Can't wait to find out where things go from here!  I also got a chuckle out of Aggie's remark about Hans Solo... lol! And as always learning more about Aggie's past is wonderful. Good update!
 All valid points.  In the meantime, I am worrying about having to do whole chapter in song!  How do you reckon I can manage that?   And sooner or later, Agnes is going to have to tell us exactly what did happen in Hollywood!

time of change
05/19/2009 12:22 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
What a lovely chapter!  Dawn broke my heart, and poor stupid Andrew.  I love Agnes.
 Glad you enjoyed it and July is coming closer!   Looking forward to seeing you there.

05/19/2009 04:05 am
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Poor Agnes - all her teen friends are deserting her. 

They did make wonderful weapons and, of course, didn’t harm the environment when they smashed to pieces on someone’s forehead.  - LOL
 And she hasn't seen Spike for ages because he's lurking around the Slayer!   Things are going to get awkward.

05/19/2009 01:42 am
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
First Dawn, and then Andrew, both so poignant.  Masterful Agnes too - fat rascals, warm from oven.........heaven.
 Yes, Buffy's return has really altered Agnes' life and not for the better. But she's fairly resilient.  I'm hoping she'll cope OK!    And Fat Rascals - mmmmmm.

05/19/2009 12:31 am
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Oh poor Agnes. Forgotten by everyone. Dawn will miss her when she realises that happy times with Buffy are not in fact on the horizon.
 Yes, I think that is true.  Poor Dawn.  All her hopes and dreams about to be ruined.   Thank you for reading.

05/18/2009 11:54 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Oh how perfect...I hadn't thought that Aggie was how Andrew learned to cook (silly me!)  It makes perfect sense!

Too bad Buffy can't meet Aggie in a way that is neutral and cry pax.  She would be better off working for Aggie than at the Doublemeat!

Poor Agnes AND Dawn....they've been close and now are losing each other.  We all know that the happy times Dawn anticipates are not coming so she is going to be sadly disappointed.

Maybe Aggie can make S6 better!  I really hope so.

Excellent....I've missed our girl.  Glad you've felt up to writing again.

 Well, Andrew had to learn to cook somewhere!   Will our girl make Season Six better?  Well, I think she might stop it from being worse!   We'll see.    

Yes, it's taken me a while to get back to writing regularly.  I felt so rotten it was hard to concentrate.  And, strangely, Agnes has been hardest of all to update.  But that might be because lurking just over the horizon is OMWF and that is causing me to lie awake at nights!

05/18/2009 09:23 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         

Dawn has awfully high expectations of Buffy's friends. I think the only one who even helped around the house was Tara.

 I know a lot of people (well mostly everyone!) hated Dawn for whining all the way through Season Six, but when you sit back and examine life from her point of view, she does have some justification.  Apart from being a teenager,  her sister is back from the dead and all her expectations of what life is now going to be like are shattered almost immediately.  Dawn and Season Six are a prize example of never wish for something, you might get it!

05/18/2009 05:49 pm
Chp 38 Goodbyes         
Agnes is being very charitable not to resent Buffy for having such a strong gravitational pull on practically all of Agnes' acquaintances. Of course, there are other rmachinations working to disrupt the usual calm Sunnydale summer. I fear for Anges' china collection.
 I fear for Agnes throughout the whole of this summer!  She'll need all her common-sense to survive - not physically, but emotionally.

01/25/2013 09:45 am
Chp 37 Not Human         
Text  I must be a Vampire biggot because I fou d the Buffybot's end sad. Then again the Buffybot was kinda awesome.

11/10/2009 07:48 am
Chp 37 Not Human         
wonderful ending -
 Thank you!

07/28/2009 08:01 am
Chp 37 Not Human         
great treatment for the Buffy Bot -

It's good to get back to this story -

05/20/2009 04:25 am
Chp 37 Not Human         
expected a reaction for "Mommy?" seems to be something that would affect agnes. i cannot believe i missed the chapter title to #20. not only being old enough, but  one of my top ten all time.

05/02/2009 10:07 pm
Chp 37 Not Human         
Wow....powerful chapter.
 Thank you!

04/28/2009 12:58 pm
Chp 37 Not Human         
Agnes is some big tough vampire, feeling sorry for the bot and on the other hand, perfectly willing for Buffy to suffocate in her coffin.  Nice contradiction. 

very a very long - too many verys here
 Not quite sure what you mean.  Yes, Agnes is a vampire. People should never forget that.  She is not chipped and does not have a soul.  And she was responsible for Buffy being able to get out of her coffin because she broke the lid in the funeral home  in an earlier chapter!

03/25/2009 03:58 am
Chp 37 Not Human         
Ok, I don't know if it is just me, but I can't read Chapters 1-35 or this chapter on this site.  They just don't show up. I love this story and I really want to be able to read and enjoy it.  If it is just me that can't read this, do you have this posted anywhere else?
 Hi, not sure whether you have found all of BAU on my LJ site, where I am Lilachigh as well.  

06/17/2014 10:38 am
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
It's always so sad when Agnes is disappointed with Spike - she had such high expentations of their friendship - but he of course had turned to Buffy and his world change.
Hi, glad you are re-enjoying Agnes!  Yes, the problem with their relationship lies with the fact that Agnes accepted the fact that she'd become a vampire (not her fault, of course!) and just wanted to make the vampire life style better.   Spike's involvement with the vampire and demon world became very diluted once he fell in love with Buffy and then got his soul back.    

Hope you have time to look at the first chapter of new Agnes storyline   A Nice Little Business.  Can't remember if you ever read that.  I will continue with it fairly soon.

05/20/2009 04:14 am
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
poor agnes, waiting for spike to check .  very good chapter, thank you.
 Thank you for reading!

03/23/2009 11:37 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
  Can't access the next one.  

Hopefully all will be sorted soon....

03/23/2009 11:36 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Oh, you beautiful wordsmith, you!  You had me chuckling out loud again, which is not the best thing to do at *whispers* work. 

I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to read, and I really missed Agnes!  But today, I have two chappies to catch up on *Xander happy dance*.  On to the next one!
 Just finding your reviews which never appeared as e mails on my post page.  Glad you are still enjoying Agnes.  Thank you for your support.  Don't forget I can e mail you anything you want or you can read all the fic, past and present on my LJ site.

03/10/2009 04:25 am
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Made me wonder somehow if it wasn't Malcolm who let it out that the real Slayer was gone, because certainly Agnes knew, and I believe she told Shona, who could have told, well, everyone.  You've made Agnes such a vital part of events - and no one, not even Agnes, really understands that at all.
 You've certainly hit the nail on the head with that last comment.  I think one of the themes behind the whole storyline was how - in this case a vampire, but it could be anyone - can influence the world around them without even realising it.  We have no idea what part of the pattern we are because the pattern is too big to see.  That is Agnes's ideology, anyway! 

Under the weather with shingles at the moment, hence no update this week! Sorry!

03/06/2009 09:53 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
"the only time in her life she had relaxed and let Things Happen, she’d ended up a vampire"  Sounds like Aggie has MY luck!  Poor dear.  Her lovely shop all vandalized and by someone she KNEW.  Malcolm should be eaten!

"she was convinced He would look out for her because It Hadn’t Been Her Fault!"  See I have NO problem with that at all.  Aggie is in no way evil and I doubt the creator would ever condemn her for WHAT she is.

Love this update.  We are getting closer to Buffy returning and Aggie MIGHT be able to help steer Spike in a smarter direction during that season saving both Buffy and Spike a world of heartbreak.  I think had she been there it would have gone better I really do.  The Scoobies already have let her on the fringes of their lives and Dawn is practically family so I can't see her not having some influence!

Darling Aggie is still my fav OC in the verse!

 How much influence can Agnes have in Season Six?  Well, I think what we will see is that it could all have been much WORSE without her there!   And if you have any helpful hints about how i deal with OMTWF, I'll be delighted to have them!   I've got a notion or two - but......

03/06/2009 08:41 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Fab chapter - I ached for poor Agnes' misplaced kindness, 'the toad-in-the-hole with real dried toad for his birthday', only you could come up with that one!  And what a cliffhanger!!  Can't wait for the next one.
 Thank you so much for kind comments.  A bit under the weather at the moment - I have shingles! - so writing has slowed down, but hopefully next week I'll be back to posting.

03/06/2009 04:57 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Woo hoo!!! I'm so happy the site is back up this morning! I had read the chapter yesterday but didn't have the time to leave a review, when I came back later in the evening the story was gone.   So YAY, that Aggie is back!  
Now enough with my rambling and on to my review. I like all the detail you put into Aggie's jitters, you really made me feel her apprehension. Things definitely got tense, pity no one is around to fix Aggie a nice calming cup of tea, she could've really used one. While I was extremely worried for Aggie during her confrontation with the Hellions, I did like the bit where Aggie threatened Malcolm Briggs... his mother must be one scary lady. Thanks for the great update!
 Yes, just got back on site myself to answer reviews.  Obviously a lot of regular readers still can't get on as I usually have around comments and have got 5 this chapter.  Of course, people may hate the arrival of Season 6!   Must admit I wanted to keep Agnes safe between seasons, but time marches on.   There was very one inept Hellion.  I thought he must be Malcolm.

03/05/2009 11:53 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Poor Agnes, just one more thing Willow needs to answer for.  I hope the shop will be ok.  Looking forward to more soon.
 Agnes is a survivor!  But I think she is in for a hard few months, being Spike's friend at this time.  Sorry for delay in replying. Only just managed to get back on site.

03/05/2009 11:26 pm
Chp 36 Everything Changes         
Yes, a grim night. Poor Aggie. I'm sure she'll have definite opinions on what those friends have done to the poor Slayer.
At least she was saved from complete destruction!!! that was close.
 At last managed to get back on site!  Sorry for delay in replying.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Yes, the Tearooms are still standing. I think they are going to be needed!

01/25/2013 09:29 am
Chp 35 Choices         
    That was really such a nice chapter.  The ending line was perfect.

02/27/2009 02:34 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Well done!

02/13/2009 10:02 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Wonderful chapter, again.  Too bad Agnes couldn't have shown her fangs to that evil Pamela (There was far too much crockery out on the tables! - LOL!) 

I can just see Dawn and Spike scheming to get a motorbike.  I love the relationship between them.

Thanks for the update.
 I was always intrigued as to where the motor bike came from they are riding when Buffy returns!   Likewise Dawn's red jumper!  So glad you enjoyed the chapter.

02/10/2009 11:07 am
Chp 35 Choices         
Pardon... I really didn't mean to impugn or insult you in any way. "I meant mutant" as in "no human" could or should be able to pull such a lovely character like Aggie from some throw away line in a dump.
(I guess mutant comes from my own 'green' envy coloring.)

Now I'm off to check out A and those secrets.. .


 Don't worry. i didn't feel in the least insulted. I took it as a compliment and am thrilled that you enjoy reading about Agnes.  Hope you will like Arabella as much - well, no one actually 'likes ' Arabella, but she was the first "vampire" character I had written about.  Please remember, too, if you will, that I wrote those 2 stories a couple of years ago, or more.  They would have a little more polish these days!  I hope.    I was also going through a sexy story phase with CA.   it shows in places!

02/08/2009 02:09 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Good old Agnes - home is definitely a state of mind  a fact often only realised when as an ex-pat you come face to face with the reality of life 'back home'.
 In a way I feel sorry for Agnes because although she now knows where "home" is,  she is having to face up to the fact that her dreams are just that - dreams.

02/08/2009 09:22 am
Chp 35 Choices         
Really enjoying seeing the story from a parallel perspective!
 So glad you are enjoying it.  Great fun to write.

02/07/2009 12:15 am
Chp 35 Choices         
Can't dear sweet Pamela slip on a BBQ fork. I would have suggest a "fang," but I believe Pammy aka the "Brittle Bitter Brit" would leave a definite aftertaste. ::belch:: Oh pardon me.  (I love tongue twisters.)

Would you please be so kind as to share your inspiration for "Aggie?"  Is she based upon someone you've know or is she a compilation or are you just some mutant who's "gifted with a brilliant imagination"?    

Once again "Thanks" for another great chapter.   

 Hi, glad you are enjoying the story.  Afraid Agnes is all my imagination - based on the line from The Replacement episode, of course.  I mean, how could you not want to know more about a charming lady running a teastall in the garbage dump!   Not sure about being a mutant. Sounds sort of rude!    Must admit some of Agnes' sayings are lifted from my own mother and godmother, but I sometimes feel Agnes was just there, waiting for me to tell her story.

I felt like that about Arabella, too - Spike's cousin he mentions once -  and hence my two stories, Cousin Arabella and Three for a Secret.   Wonder if you have read those yet?  

02/06/2009 08:59 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
fine chapter. excellent ending to the update. thank you.
 I really appreciate you taking the trouble to comment every chapter. I always wait in trepidation to hear what you have to say.

02/06/2009 07:41 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Sweet!  I love the way Agnes continues to evolve; she's grown so much and this seems to be the point when she finally says goodbye to her old life.  Lovely story, thanks!
 Yes, letting go of her old life is a big step for Agnes.  She still has her new cottage in England - bought by W&H with the Mayor's money - but she has discovered that a home is not just bricks and mortar.  And she is going to need all her commonsense in the weeks to come.  runs and hides under bed!

02/06/2009 01:53 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
A visit from not-so-friendly old acquaintances was just what Aggie needed to put her new life in perspective. I really enjoyed how Aggie handled her encounter with Pamela, I especially loved her closing line in the final scene. Wonderful update!
 Poor Agnes was bullied all her life and only now is finding the ways of standing up for herself.  And this time she did it completely on her own.  Does she still need Spike's help?  Perhaps.

02/06/2009 02:28 am
Chp 35 Choices         
Loved the old biddies.  Maybe they could extend their tour to Las Vegas for a Wayne Newton/Tom Jones concert. 

“Fantastic Modern Sculpture” - LOL!  Well that explains why it was still around four months later. 

 Thank you!  Well, there has to be some reason for it still to be standing. Dawn in her new red sweater and Buffy in the grave clothes have  to climb something very soon!

02/06/2009 12:54 am
Chp 35 Choices         
Love your ending - and great for Agnes to realize what a good and courageous woman she has become - having to find your way as a vampire and still keep your humanity and spirit - well done Agnes!

Nice to see Dawn working for Agnes and Andrew as part of your story - I, unlike some viewers, always liked Andrew, he could be so bad, but I always felt sorry for him even as he did all those really bad things. 

Thanks for the update and I hope we get another  very soon.
 Thanks for reviewing. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Andrew is an interesting character.  The younger brother of an obviously adored sibling always reminds me of Dawn and Buffy, without the Key element, of course!   Andrew tries so hard to fit in and we know where that ends up.  But hopefully, Agnes has given him a tiny kernel of self-worth which will develop in the years to come.  She's good at nurturing.

02/06/2009 12:31 am
Chp 35 Choices         
OH YES!!!!!  Hooray for Agnes!!
After the last chapter, I was so worried that Agnes would abandon Spike or smething dreadful.  This chapter makes it all better!  So wonderful!  YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!
 Would she ever abandon Spike?  Sadly, I think it may be the other way round.  Season Six approaches!

02/05/2009 11:59 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Oh, that's so lovely! Yay for Agnes.  I hope someone bites Pamela...
 I don't think she'd taste very nice!

02/05/2009 11:39 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
So glad dear Agnes could finally face down her 'ghosts' from the past. Good for her!
 Like a lot of us, Agnes is defined by her past history but she is finding a way of living a new "life".  But obviously it is going to get very difficult, very soon!

02/05/2009 11:27 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
Go Agnes!!  I really love this character that you have brought to life with your words.  Keep up the awesome work.
 Thank you so much. Will write another chapter soon.

02/05/2009 10:58 pm
Chp 35 Choices         
That's telling them, Agnes!

02/05/2009 10:49 pm
Chp 35 Choices         

Good for Aggie realizing that she's much better off than those miserable English ladies. If Pamela could be called a "lady". Ha!

Dawn and Spike conspiring for a bike.....oh, dear, LOL.

 Well, they're riding one in tandem very soon, of course.  I just wondered what they got it for originally!

01/25/2013 09:16 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
  Hmmmm, y'know, ai just realized I am a Vamoire biggot, I see where ai should be sad, but nothin.  Maybe it's because I didnt particularly like the parents.

01/30/2009 01:24 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
It's me again.  I just read your little bio and realised that you live in Kent.  My grandparents were actually Scottish, but they lived in Strood, just outside Rochester, which is where I spent many summers.  (My grandfather was wireless operator on the moors during WWII.)  It's a lovely area, but I expect it has changed quite a bit in the last twenty years. 

The last time I was there was for a very brief visit almost eight years ago, when my mum and I took my grandmother's ashes to be scattered with my grandfather's in the cemetary in Chatham.  When we went to the glade where the ashes were to be spread, the sun suddenly came out, and a mist rose off the grass, hung around for a few minutes, then swirled and blew away!  It was eerie, but in a good way.  Anyway, should get back to work now. 

P.S.  Got interupted before I could hit 'send,' then things quietened down, so I looked up the safety campaign and found that Tufty has his own website!  Also found the Wombles and Basil Brush, but that's another story all together, isn't it?
 Just off to bed. Will reply fully tomorrow but hey, Great Uncle Bulgaria and Agnes clean up Sunnydale streets!   Wombles in the graveyard!  Yes.  I can do this.

01/30/2009 01:05 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
Well, you've certainly added a whole new dimension to the vampire community.  My first thought at reading about the children was one of horror, from a mother's point of view; I can't imagine anything worse than having to look after two children stuck at a certain age for eternity!!  lol  Don't get me wrong, I love mine and all their stages, but I am so grateful that they are growing up and will eventually fly the coop. 

I had to laugh when I read the "Stop, Look, Listen, Scent, Listen, Scent Again and if all clear and dark, you can go Outside."  I spent many summers in the UK with my grandparents and remember the safety crossing campaingn (Stop, Look, Listen, Look Right, Look Left, Look Right again, if all's clear cross).  It was actually very helpful for a Canadian kid who had to navigate the traffic that was driving on the wrong side of the road!  I can still see the squirrel mascot in my head - I think I even had a button in my treasure box for years.  Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Thanks for the update.  As always, looking forward to more.

 Glad you are interested in my child vampire thread.  Yes, I think they stay at the same age physically, but wonder if any part of them matures?  It's quite an interesting line of thought.  Yes, the Green Cross Code was incredibly popular over here. And Tufty the Squirrel!   

Intrigued by your connections to Kent.  I am just a little north of Rochester, almost on the Thames, Rochester being on the Medway, of course.  Yes, lots more motorways, fast track railways and houses everywhere, but still some glorious countryside around.

Lots of snow today so good chance to write.  Sadly, washing, ironing and RL chores seem to be getting in the way.

01/28/2009 06:42 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
agnes' world is fascinating. even buffy might enjoy, if she was around. maybe not, just confuse her. very good read, thank you.
 Same world, just two very different viewpoints!

01/25/2009 08:09 pm
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
Another original and really interesting chapter. A completely different take on life in Sunnydale. I enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks
 Thank you so much for your comments. Much appreciated.  Hope to update again very soon, once I have another chapter of We Will Remember Them.... out of the way!

01/25/2009 03:12 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
Loved it!   poor Agnes babysitting for the brats and now caught between Spike and the demon world.  Very interesting. 
 So pleased you liked the chapter.  Yes, I've found it interesting, too, the problems loyalty can cause between friends.

01/23/2009 05:28 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         

What a fascinating look at the other side of Buffy's slayage. I liked how you fleshed out the Patterson family, (your original characters continue to be quite an interesting lot.   it makes the loss of Mike so much more personal and sad.   Great chapter as always!

 Thank you so much. I always await your comments with fingers crossed!   The view from the demon side of the fence is quite interesting.  I have always refused to believe that Spike/Dru and Angel/Darla were the only vampire couples and so families that were killed together are a possibility.  Poor Mike.  He thought he knew everything, but obviously not enough about Slayers - even robot ones!

01/23/2009 02:37 am
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
Oh, dear.....the Bot is quite the trouble maker, from this side of the fence.
 Yes - I'm reminded of that old saying "Don't judge a man till you walk in his shoes!"

01/22/2009 10:27 pm
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
Splendid job!  I have often pondered about seeing the whole of the show from the demon's standpoint especially after S7 and Anya's comment about the demon community.  Angel showed some of that concept but that whole murky part about the mission kept them from doing it (I think that is why).  Nothing wrong with Slayers killing demons in the process of murder and mayhem but to just do so based on the fact of demonhood gets dicey.

Lovely view of this issue.  It also serves to put into relief the dilema that Spike faced with a foot in both worlds, the things he likely did have to deal with when he changed sides for Buffy. (and Anya when forced to the human community).

Glad he was able to save Aggie and the kids but this is bound to cause trouble.  This information that the Slayer is dead will be part of those rumors that send the biker demons to town no doubt.


 So glad you approve of my take on the demon world.  I've always believed there had to be a thriving vampire community in Sunnydale, otherwise where do all the vampires Buffy stakes come from?  They have had to be turned by other vampires, don't they?  

The dilemma that Spike faces is obviously going to grow over the next few months.  Agnes, of course, has no such ties to the human world - except for Dawn and Andrew.  Things are going to get tricky.

The more I write Agnes, the more complicated she actually becomes, which is strange seeing as how she started out so clearly in my mind. But morally, of course, she doesn't feed on humans herself, but realises they are food source to most of her vampire friends.  Puzzling.

01/22/2009 10:05 pm
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
It's so weird seeing the world of the Slayer from the other side.
 I think it is a very interesting side to explore.  I've always felt that there must be a much bigger vampire world in Sunnydale than they tell us about.  After all, when you think about it,  all those vampires that Buffy stakes have to be turned by another vampire.  So as they keep coming, there must be vampires living there who hven't been staked!  If you see what I mean.  Otherwise, where do the vampires she stakes come from?

Poor Spike - a foot in each camp - and poor Agnes because look what's coming round the corner any minute now!

01/22/2009 06:11 pm
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
I loved this new chapter - having your different "eyes point of view" makes for a very good change from the more traditional Buffy Fan Fiction works - It is a real Buffyverse Pleasure -

I like how your are giving some "love and heart" to your demon community - the Slayer/Buffybot is such a perfect metaphor for the "auto killer mode-all demons bad" that the series Slayer oftentimes suffered from.
 So pleased to learn you enjoyed this chapter.  it is interesting exploring the other side of the coin in the Sunnydale human/vampire/demon situation.  What is right for one is so wrong for the other.  Hope you caught my message re the banner.

01/22/2009 05:22 pm
Chp 34 Changing Sides         
My sympathy for the vamp community grows with each chapter,  Aggie is such a gem and now the Bot has destroyed a family.  Scoobies will never look the same!
 As you know, I've always thought there was a big demon/vampire community in Sunnydale.  Glad you like my interpretation of it.

01/25/2013 09:00 am
Christmas Special         
Text  That felt unfinished. Stopped mid sentence like.

01/14/2009 07:02 am
Christmas Special         
what a delight!  thank you
 Thank you so much!  Much appreciated.

12/22/2008 05:50 am
Christmas Special         
What have you done to me?  Here I am, making Christmas cookies and the dough keeps getting warm and sticky.  I find myself thinking "Gee, Agnes is right.  I wish I was a vampire - it'd make doing this so much easier."  So I had to come and tell you.  Now my keyboard is all floury.  Better go finish the cookies.
SAY - will we get to see any of Agnes' cooking classes with Andrew?  You could teach us how to make some of the yummy things that keep making me hungry when I read this fic!   (except the devils on horseback...that's still giving me the wiggins.)
 Sorry I haven't replied before.  I had to laugh at the picture of you and your pastry!  Agnes would have suggested a rolling pin kept in the freezer for a couple of hours!

Next chapter of her adventures should be along fairly soon.  I am quite determined to tackle Something to Sing About this week. Am deeply ashamed at how long it is since I updated this.  I blame Agnes and Dorcas - and somehow I have to get the two of them together!

12/05/2008 04:27 pm
Christmas Special         
LOL at Agnes collecting Spike's debts for him.  Is drac staying around?  Hope he's up to no good.
 Well, he vanished fairly quickly the first time, didn't he?  We'll see what happens.

12/05/2008 12:02 pm
Christmas Special         
Oh I love it! Pity Agnes didn't think of demanding the interest, though.
 Yes!  That would have been extremely sensible of her.  Sadly, I'm not sure if she can do the math.

12/05/2008 07:39 am
Christmas Special         
Nice little extra Agnes - thanks for the Holiday story -
 Pleasure.  I have 3 requests for Agnes for Christmas stories, but I think the others will be much shorter.  At least I hope they will.  My story for Storm Warning has turned into a whole new chapter and story arc!  I will hopefully be posting that soon.

12/04/2008 08:25 pm
Christmas Special         
I always though the Drac on Buffy was such an obvious poser vamp. Nice to see that Agnes wasn't easily swayed the way Buffy was at first.
 Yes, Agnes can see right through that mid European smarm!  Hand kissing indeed!

12/04/2008 08:13 pm
Christmas Special         

LOL!  Only Agnes could make Count Drac feel small!  Ah, True Love.  The saviour of all things good: Wesley (The Princess Bride), Harry Potter, Agnes Pringle.... 

Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter.  I love what you did with Andrew.  Agnes will be a very positive influence on him.

Wonderful update - again.  But please, don't tell me it "ends" here!  More, please, please!

 So pleased you enjoyed the Andrew chapter. Was worried when you didn't comment.  Some people dislike Andrew violently.  Yes, True Love, the saviour of everyone in the end!  And no, of course it isn't the end. I typed that to show it was a one off and not in sequence, but may go back and change it as it seems to be confusing quite a lot of people!

12/04/2008 05:27 pm
Christmas Special         
This was great! I loved how Aggie handled ol' Drac... lol!  And reading Aggie's thoughts was delightful as always. Thanks for sharing.
 Thank you for reading and taking the time to review. It certainly makes writing the stories seem that much more worth while.

12/04/2008 03:05 pm
Christmas Special         

"ends"?  you do mean that's the end of the chapter, right?

That was lovely - Agnes setting Drac in his place.  And getting Spike his 12 pounds (I have no idea how to make that pound mark...silly American...) was perfect.
Liking that she had cold hands to make pastry!  But not too fond of blood, I take it. 
Is she just generally opposed to milk in tea?  I prefer lemon and sugar, generally, but sometimes, I do like milk in it.  (Tried both once - such a bad idea.  Never thought about curdling until I'd already gone and ruined it.  Bleah!)  I'd hate to offend her! 

Is she just generally opposed to milk in tea? 

 No, don't worry, the 'ends' was just to show that it was a one off piece.  Right, regarding tea.  Drac asks for Oolong which is only ever drunk with lemon.   Agnes offers him English Breakfast, which is a type, stronger than Oolong. You can have it either with or without milk.   

My parents drank tea all day long.  In Chp 3 of my story Splinters, Spike tells Buffy exactly how to make a good cup of tea.  And the milk should always go in first!  Sugar to taste.   I think Agnes drinks her tea with milk and one teaspoon of sugar. She would like 2 teaspoonsful, but is watching her weight, of course.

12/04/2008 01:29 pm
Christmas Special         
Hee!  That was delightful.
 Thank you so much.

12/04/2008 12:28 pm
Christmas Special         
Thank you, thank you.  That made me laugh. 'Oh, if only her mother was alive to see this. '  Snort!
 Of course her mother would have fainted clean away at meeting Count Dracula!

12/04/2008 12:23 pm
Christmas Special         
Well! If that doesn't beat all.....

01/25/2013 08:56 am
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
  As soon as three nights later was mentioned I knew I was wrong, but being surprised is what reading a story ia all about, what fun would it be if I could guess where you were going.

  To put it mildly I dislike Andrew, but am going to give your andrew a chance.

12/02/2008 06:49 am
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
don't know why you do not  have a ton of readers for this piece - those who are not reading are missing one terrific Buffyverse Tale -
I love how you have managed to do something so different. 

I am still waiting for someone to write The Great Lorne Story - maybe after Agnes you would think about one of my favorite whedonverse demons and making something with him too. 
 Yes, as I said in my email, not many readers for this story and I am sure the reason is, no sexual content!  Still, those of you who have joined Aggie's Army, certainly make up for small numbers by large involvement in her tale!

Hmmm, Lorne....not sure about a whole story, but......fancy a Christmas ficlet?  I'm doing lots for people on my LJ flist using my original characters.

12/02/2008 06:29 am
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
Andrew coming onto the scene - interesting turn of events - I always liked Andrew in the series - can't wait to see what you make of him. 
Agnes never fails to please - I love your mature lady vamp shop keeper very much.
 Well, Andrew had to learn how to cook somewhere!  And I couldn't see it happening at home.  Glad you are enjoying Agnes so much.  She is a joy to write about.

11/29/2008 12:49 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
Hee! Goodness, Agnes has her hands full with that one.
 Absolutely!  Thank you for reading.

11/28/2008 11:32 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
Thanks for the update, Agnes is going to turn everyone around.  Which I think is a VERY good idea!  Hope to hear from you again soon.
 Agnes can only be there. Does she influence what happens?  We will see.  Sadly, she can only do so much but perhaps things would have been even worse if she wasn't there.  (See Agnes and Buffy's coffin!!!!)

11/28/2008 01:45 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
I"ve found that chocolate chip cookies have nearly as great a power as cake...
As usual, this was a great chapter.  I so love Agnes and her sensibilities.  The way she hates to "Change Her Face" - and thinking it in capitals - so wonderful! 
I hope Andrew can keep her secret. 
Thank you for writing this story.  I eagerly await every new installment.
 Thank you for reviewing.  I await all my regulars' comments every time I post a chapter.  In some ways it makes it even more stressful because those of you who do care about Agnes - and to be fair, there aren't that many but what you lack in numbers you make up for in fervour - tell me in no uncertain terms what they think.

And, yes, Agnes thinks in Capital Letters a great deal.

time of change
11/28/2008 12:46 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
The power of cake, indeed.  Dare I hope that in your 'verse Andrew will realize early on that he is something more than Tucker's brother.
 Poor Andrew.  Do you ever completely get over those childhood family designations?   Even when I was a grown woman with an extremely good job, my father still thought I was the baby of the family and treated me accordingly!

11/28/2008 09:22 am
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
And now we see how Andrew wound up knowing his way around an oven mitt!  LOL.    This is far too believable.  Is it too much to hope that Aggie will be a strong and good enough influence to change this boy's future?  I can but wish.

You have made me want to head into the kitchen and eat something sinful .

I wondered at first if it was Xander given his love of baked goods but Andrew makes sense.

 I had to find a reason for Andrew knowing how to cook and this just seemed so right to me!   Poor Agnes, she has such a lot of angst ahead of her, doesn't she?   I'm quite worried.

11/28/2008 05:50 am
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
I know it's pie day here the U.S. but this chapter leaves me craving a good chocolate cake... lol! Sadly the town I live in has no real bakery, only bakery departments in the grocery stores. *remembers fondly the checkerboard cake I used to buy before my favorite bakery in town closed*  Oops, looks like I got off track a bit... sorry about that.
Now on to the review, I'm pleasantly surprised Andrew was the mystery guy watching Aggie, things could have turned out so much worse if it had been someone else. I also liked how Aggie relied on herself to set this trap.  Her thoughts in the closing scene were also enjoyable... I know I wouldn't underestimate the power of cake... lol! Can't wait to see how things go between Aggie, and Andrew. Wonderful update!
 Amazing how chocolate cake arouses the beast in my readers!   Mind you, this particular cake is particularly nice!   Yes, if Agnes can implant at least a tiny bit of backbone into Andrew, he might remember it later on when it will be needed.  

I always think a coward being brave is braver than a brave person being brave.

11/27/2008 11:05 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
special chocolate cake; several layers of sponge, frosting, raspberry jam, its surface studded with pecans and chocolate drops.

Devil Writer get back with your evil yummy descriptions of jam tarts, and iced fancies and chocolate cake!  In America on Thanksgiving Day it's Pumpkin Pie or nothing!  Great chapter.  Is Andrew now wishing that Agnes did have Spike sort him out? 
Hi, Devil Writer here!   Sorry!  I don't think Agnes has ever made a pumpkin pie.  But I'm sure she could learn.  Would it take blood easily?  Frosting does, so well!    I think the little squeak Andrew gave when she mentioned Spike tells us exactly what he was hoping for!    Thank you for review. Much appreciated.

11/27/2008 08:36 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
If anyone can fix Andrew, it's Aggie.  Little by little she's working her magic but there's so much that needs fixing!  And more to come.  She's brilliant.
 Thank you!   Whether she can change everything remains to be seen, but at least she might be adding that one touch of backbone that he will need sometime in the future.

11/27/2008 07:43 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
Agnes certainly would be a good influence on Andrew. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
 I hope she will be - I just hope he doesn't tell Warren!

11/27/2008 07:28 pm
Chp 32 The Power of Cake         
Oh it's the guestage!  Phew, what a relief! I had wondered where he learned to make a funnel cake...
 I always knew Andrew learnt how to cook from someone with a great deal of patience!

01/25/2013 08:45 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
  The obvious points to Dawn, a dangerous turn in the story points to Willow or Xander, the narrative this story seems to be following however has me guessing Anya or Tara.  I am gonna go with Anya.

01/14/2009 06:52 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
you are still showing a video. very good read, thank you.
 Hope that is a good thing!   Glad you are enjoying the story.

cateaux (sometimes accidently known as ca)
11/07/2008 06:44 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
So, I really love to read English writers, and you are on my list of recs, if I was ever to get off my duff and complile one.  I haven't read any of your reviews yet, not wanting to know if this wip is currently being updated or orphaned like so many good ones are.  One thing for sure, following the episodes avoid the major pitfall of really good stories, that of not knowing how to finish.  I'm submitting this review now and crossing my fingers, (they shouldn't smoke, much) hoping that there will be more---more, more!
 Well, you have reached the last chapter written - that was a couple of days ago!  Certainly not abandoned - some of my reviewers have formed the Aggie's Army and would probably storm across here and barricade me in my house until I finished!

11/06/2008 03:08 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Great to have a new chapter - lovely read - and excellent analysis of Willow and some of the dynamics of her relationships -

Loved your "Spike and crossed fingers" - it's these terrific details that add so much to your work -
 Thank you, but I must in all honesty say that the crossed fingers idea came from a reader on this site, BT, who read the chapter and gave me the idea.  I have her permission to add it to my text.  Wish I had thought of it first!

11/06/2008 03:35 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Who would spy on poor Agnes?  Love the update, Spike really should learn how to quit when he's ahead when trying to lie. Keep up the good work.
 Yes, he certainly doesn't know when to stop talking!

11/06/2008 02:43 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Oh, I love Agnes saving the poor kitties! LOL I think she's got Wilow down just right! Now then... who's watching? Dawn? Anya? Please let it not be Willow!
 Thank you so much for commenting.  We will see....I hope to update soon but must do next chp of We Will Rememer  Them before I get lynched!

11/06/2008 02:24 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
OMG!!!! someone is there to surprise her, please update soon...I hope Spike helps her if something bad happens.
 He carries her bags and watches out for her, but - and this is what she sadly realises, only when he isn't looking after his main women!

11/06/2008 02:19 am
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
snack before bedtime OMG that is too funny.  Excellent chapter as always.  Nice take on Willow
 Thank you. I've always hunted for reasons for Willow's behaviour. Quite like this version!

11/05/2008 11:28 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Great chapter! I loved Agnes' understanding of Willow & Tara's "friendship" through the lens of her boarding school experience!

And a new mystery! Whoever could it be?
 Much appreciate you reading and reviewing.  I think there is quite a lot of back history regarding Agnes at her boarding school.  We will see!

11/05/2008 11:20 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Uh oh. A human watcher? Dawn, maybe?  Hmmm.  Cliffhanger.  Loved Spike's crossed fingers beginning to smolder.
 Hmm, we will see.  Definitely a watcher.   I must say here that the crossed fingers idea came from another reader on this site, BT.  She suggested it in a review and I asked her permission to go back into the story and edit it into place.  She very kindly agreed.   How I wished I had thought of that!

11/05/2008 11:09 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
I also meant to say kudos on the look into Willow's problems with Dawn, Tara and the power/position she finds herself in.  Excellent.


11/05/2008 11:08 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Our Aggie is back helping Spike grow a conscience!  I adore her still.  Love her attitude and resolve.  She is just what Spike needed and is also just the one to stand up to him when necessary.

<i>“You were playing poker, Spike! Not only were you gambling, which is the plaything of the devil,"<i> This was too funny coming from her.  She is still deliciously human in every way that counts.

<i>“We always use kittens,” Spike said, who’d never really understood or learnt the lesson of when you are in a hole, stop digging. “Even when humans play, they call the money in the centre of the table the “kitty”. Why do you reckon they do that if the game wasn’t supposed to be played with kittens?”</i>  This had me LOL.  Such perfect "Spike logic" that isn't and ever one to make a bad situation worse for himself he just cannot help himself.

The part about crossed fingers causing him to smoke was interesting....I always wondered if it was necessary to have an actual cross or if the form itself would have that have been the only one to address that.  The jury is still out but I love having it here.  It is poetic justice as it is being used to lie to her though.


 Thank you as always for your kind words about our Agnes. Glad she still appeals.  I must add here that the crossed fingers idea came from one of the readers on this site, BT.  She mentioned it in a review and I asked her permission to go back and edit it into the story as it was so perfect and I wished I had thought of it!  She agreed and so there it is.

11/05/2008 09:08 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Uh oh, looks like someone is going to ruin Aggie's purrfect night, love the title of the chapter by the way... lol! Good thing Spike likes to lurk about sometimes, Aggie might need some back-up. Thanks for another wonderful update loaded with Aggie/Spike interaction.
 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter.   I think Spike is good for Agnes but we have some very rocky times ahead!

11/05/2008 05:58 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
I hope it's not someone with bad intentions towards dear Agnes, I'm not naming any names here!
 I hope you'll be surprised, but then, perhaps not.

11/05/2008 04:10 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
I hope nobody bad is lurking.
 So do I!

11/05/2008 03:40 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Please tell me that devils on horseback thing isn't a real recipe...for humans, I guess.   I was happily reading along LOVING this story as usual, then that jumped out of the shadows to attack my poor imagination.  BLEAH!
Glad to see Spike taking care of Agnes. 
The image of him crossing his fngers was funny.  THe whole schoolteacher thing.  But it occurs to me - would a vampire crossing his fingers burn?  I mean, it's supposed to be a miniature sign of the cross that Catholics make, a symbol to ward off evil, like an actual cross.  That's why people cross their fingers in a lie - to ward off the evil that they are doing by lying in the first place.  (At least, that was the beginning, that nobody really thinks about now.)  SO - would that burn a vamp?  Just a strange thought I had.
 Sorry, devils on horseback is a genuine recipe.  A savoury instead of the cheese course.  Prunes, stuffed with either cheese - as Agnes does - or walnuts or almonds.  Wrapped in streaky bacon and roasted in oven.  The  hot sauce over the top is, I believe, an American edition.  We don't use hot sauce over here but I thought Agnes might have added it for her American customers!

I laughed at your musings about the crossed fingers. It had never crossed! my mind and now i wish it had so i could edit the story to put it in. What do you think?  Would you mind?

11/05/2008 03:30 pm
Chp 31 A Purrfect Night         
Another great chapter.  I really love Aggie and her insights.  Interesting to see who is checking up on her.
 Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Much appreciated and glad you are still enjoying the story.

01/25/2013 08:37 am
Chp 30 The Visitor         
  You are great at packing the emotion in. Another good chapter.

11/07/2008 06:21 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
oh, or I should just say, oooooooooouh.  Willow sure is hateful. and the irony is so sad and telling, she exemplifies the careless nature of much of the human race.  Self centered to the point of obliviousness. I winced pretty badly at that scene in the show, but to think it happened because the little fawn had been tamed by a well meaning vampire just  actually hurts.  I'm afraid it has become part of canon for me.
 Sorry! But I always wondered why the fawn just tottered so happily out of the woods!   I wonder about a lot of things....   Thank you for interesting reviews. Very much appreciated.

11/07/2008 06:13 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
 Sadly there were no words on your review, but I do hope you enjoyed the chapter!

10/16/2008 08:08 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Well done!
 Thank you.

10/13/2008 10:11 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
wonderful read. i can "see" the chapter, as if it was a video. thank you.
 That is so nice because that is exactly the effect I hope to produce when I write.  I admire authors who emote for paragraphs but my stories never seem to work out that way!

10/13/2008 01:53 am
Chp 30 The Visitor         
OH where to start?????  Love the foreshadowing with the fawn (and how sweet thinking it had a lovely relationship with a "human" before Willow!).  Have the same love of cemeteries as our beloved Aggie (and still adoring her middle name *g*) and the imagery of the fallen leaves and her musing was excellent.

I was especially choked up with this

"It was sad to think she would never join them in their eternal rest, although she had paid for the space in advance and had even made sure there would be room for her name on the headstone when the time came. Agnes Kathleen Pringle, Devoted Daughter. That was what she had wanted because that was what she had been. She’d never had a chance to be “Much Loved Mother of…” or “Dearly Missed Grandmother”. But Devoted Daughter was still a good title to be remembered by."
Pathos aplenty there and wonderfully written only to brighten with a giggle at her further thought of the epitaph "vampire of the parish"....just splendid!

Love her bringing flowers to Buffy's grave and noting how Spike tended Joyce's but hadn't yet been able to visit Buffy's.  How lovely of her to do this for Spike and Joyce's sake!

Didn't expect to see Angel there but it was perfect for Spike's first visit.  Love Aggie stepping in and reminding them of the girl they both sought to honor that they were not being properly mindful of by fighting on her grave.  All three were written perfectly in character.

I am catching up on all the wonderful stories I've been missing and was as happy as one of Aggie's customers with a lovely cream cake to find this one!  Perfect as always.

Excellent and a rare treat, just like Agnes.


 Hi Kathleen and I am so glad to see you back and well enough to read and review!  Do hope you are feeling much better.  I have really missed your comments - I'm not sure if you saw the chp before this one!   I was going to print it out and send it to you but realised I do not have your real address.

Glad you liked the episode. It was strangely difficult to write because I didn't want the Angel/Spike inter-action to be too angsty and even then the boys ending up fighting!    

The only other things of mine you might have missed are a couple of updates of We Will Remember Them... which I am being so slow with that I am deeply ashamed.

Mind you, I got a review from someone who had just started Future Imperfect and said, "...I see that you are posting every 6 months. Would it be possible to do the next chp sooner?"

Runs away and hides in corner!

10/10/2008 04:22 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
YAY Agnes!!!!!  Such a great image of her beating them with the shopping bag.  Just way too funny. 
Her reason for visiting Buffy's grave was so poignant. 
I keep wondering how old Agnes was before she was turned. 
So happy to see an update!
 Hi, thank you for taking the time to read and review. Much appreciated.  I've never given Agnes an actual age but although she wasn't elderly, she was probably "past her child-bearing days".  She saw Joyce as someone of her own generation, so perhaps late 40s or early 50s.

10/09/2008 07:48 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         

What a wonderful picture you paint. Typical of Angel to bring an expensive floral tribute, rather than one that Buffy would have liked. Good for Agnes in breaking up the fight, but I can't really blame Spike in the circumstances.

 Appreciate you taking the time and trouble to review.  Makes it seem all worthwhile!

10/09/2008 02:30 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Another wonderful epsiode.  I love Agnes - the absolutely best original character!  Thanks!
 So glad you enjoyed the episode.  Must admit Agnes is one of the nicest vampires I've ever written about.

10/09/2008 02:28 am
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Love the image of Agnes whacking the two fighting vamps. And the bit of softness from Angel.  Nicely done.
 Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

10/09/2008 01:08 am
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Agnes does need a little kitten, but please don't let her deer be the one Willow uses, I don't think I could stand the sadness at the moment.  Great chapter!
 Thank you!   I suppose if that was the deer, then you could say Agnes has played a large  part in getting Buffy back!

10/08/2008 10:19 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
I can see Angel bringing a big showy bouquet for Buffy's grave with flowers she didn't like. After all  he only saw what he wanted to see , he never bothered to help her off the pedestal he had her on and get to know her.

I love Agnes breaking up the fight. Too bad she didn't have a frying pan to whack Angel with.
 Thank you!  Yes, I felt a big glossy bouquet would be just what Angel would have brought to a grave. And, sadly, he wouldn't have seen anything wrong with that.  Oddly enough, I was toying with a frying-pan idea but that will appear later...... Oops, spoiler!

10/08/2008 10:13 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Thanks for another wonderful glimpse into Aggie's head. Her wistful musings about her headstone was very touching, I liked how she closed her thoughts with a smile. “Agnes Kathleen Pringle, Vampire of this Parish” wouldn’t have looked right at all... gotta agree with Aggie there.
The Spike/Angel/Aggie scene was great too. While bopping Angel on the head was fun (great imagery by the way), it was Aggie's little talk with Spike afterward that was the highlight for me... I just love how these two interact with each other. Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you so much. Always interested to hear your comments.   Glad you felt the Agnes/Spike talk was OK.  Let's face it, in the months ahead, their friendship is going to be severely tested!

10/08/2008 09:06 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Good old Agnes, whaling in with her shopping bag - she's brilliant.  Spike's confrontation with Angel was oddly touching.
 Thank you for commenting, especially your remark about Spike and Angel as that is exactly the tone I was aiming for and wasn't sure if I should have made it more obvious.  I always worry about over-writing - one of my biggest crits of some other fics!

10/08/2008 08:40 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
I sit up here sometimes and when it’s very quiet, a little deer comes out of the wood and I feed it apples and buns. - oh dear God! Poor poor Agnes!

Love the way she still honours Joyce's memory.

Pity she wasn't carrying bricks in that bag. Damn Angeland his damned assumptions anyway. Grrrr!
 Sorry for the sadness.  I almost cried when I realised why the fawn was so tame.  But then again, perhaps it was a different fawn?  Not that I suppose it makes much difference to the fawn!   Yes, Agnes plus heavy shopping bag is a formidable adversary.  As she says, 'nothing wrong with her arms'!

10/08/2008 08:30 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Wonderful and pleasant surprise to have a new chapter - I Just LOVE this Spuffverse story - thank you so very much for bringing a very nice noontime moment into my day.    After all the hours of political news I watch everyday, your Aggie is such a great diversion.  I love your lovely Brit - and I love her wonderful and mature understanding of life.

Great cemetery scene - both the poignant memories and care that Agnes brings and her perfect reprimand to the two love struck vamps - very bad behavior from both Spike and Angel/Angelus.

Please "make my Spuffy day" again real soon - once again, I admire your work so much on this piece - things just come together without diversions that do not contribute to your story - well done!
 Thrilled to have your review and know that Agnes still holds a place in your thoughts.  I sometimes feel she is writing this and not me and I get worried about  her and what lies ahead!

10/08/2008 08:30 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
I don't believe that I've reviewed this story before but I have eagerly awaited each update. I just have to congratulate you on writing an absolutely charming story and creating such a lovely character as Agnes. This fic is so original and a delight to read. I'm going to continue looking forward to each and every update.
 Hi, and how very nice to get a new reviewer's opinion on this story.  I am delighted you are enjoying Agnes' story.  Secretly, between you and me, i sometimes forget she wasn't actually there!  I do hope you continue to read and like what happens to her in the future.  I am dreading the next few months!

10/08/2008 06:59 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
Oh, the poor little fawn! *snifff*

If only Liam and William would spend some time with Anges, together, I'll bet a lot of their problems would be resolved. Nothing like a sensible perspective to clarify things.
 Sorry about the fawn, but perhaps it isn't the one.......

Would Agnes ever be friends with Angel?  No,  Spike is her friend and she would never trust Angel.

10/08/2008 06:53 pm
Chp 30 The Visitor         
You've worked your magic way with words again!  I just can't tell you enough how delightful Agnes is.  Her inner dialogue is precious!  "Vampire of the Parish," indeed!    I love how she put Angel and Spike to shame at the end.  And then you just had to add the kitten - you don't miss anything out, do you?  Great work.  As always, looking forward to more (and more of We Will Remember, too, please!).
 So pleased you enjoyed the last chapter.  Yes, Agnes has a very strong idea of what is "proper" in life and death!  Being Spike's friend won't stop her telling him if she things he is wrong.  Oh dear, she is in for a load of grief in the next few months!

01/25/2013 08:27 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
  "Free, without charge". You so want her to do the magnanimous thing, but it's Anya, she's just not built that way.  Excellent chapter here.

11/07/2008 06:34 pm
Chp 29 Business Women United         
My first reaction-not very well done of Anya, but then I've been reading a ton of fic with happily ever after Anya/Giles or Anya/Zander.  When I consider the show, she really wasn't very nice to Spike.  For being an ex-demon on the periphery of the scooby group, she was not empathetic, and so extorting her fellow (formerly) demons fits as well.  You are just busting up my illusions!  (but in a healthy, humorous way)

09/30/2008 06:53 pm
Chp 29 Business Women United         
always thought anya's priorities were way better than the rest of the scoobies'. very good read, thank you.
 Thank you! Hoping to update very soon. Like tonight if i am  lucky!

09/25/2008 06:52 pm
Chp 29 Business Women United         
Well done
 Thank you.

09/25/2008 03:21 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
Heh heh - Anya bribed with a basket of muffins and did that cake Xander was eating have any little drops of blood in it by chance?
 Well spotted!  The tarts were made for the demons the night before, so....... Oh, I wish he knew what he'd just eaten.

09/23/2008 06:06 pm
Chp 29 Business Women United         
Love Anya's pragmatic attitude. But then I always did. You've captured exactly right the way they always ignored Anya's contributions and shut her down without the slightest consideration that anything she might have to say might be relevant. Rather as they did with Spike.
 Thank you!   I love Anya and was always so annoyed by the way they ignored everything she said - especially during the Glory section of the story.  Such a waste of a wonderful character.  I keep marrying her off to different people in my stories!

09/23/2008 12:56 pm
Chp 29 Business Women United         
I liked how Aggie stood back and observed the Scoobies, her takes on Willow and Anya were dead-on. I especially enjoyed her interaction with Anya at the end of the chapter.  And again the glimpse into Aggie's head was wonderful, I like that she decided to make Dawn and Spike her personal mission in life. Fantastic update!
 Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  I was worried about writing Willow in this between Seasons stage of her life. All that power just about to grow and change. Getting the emphasis right is difficult.  But my Agnes will do her best for the ones she loves.  And hopefully what is good for them, not just for her.  Or does that make her a big of a prig?

09/23/2008 11:48 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
Anya is being very fairminded, I don't think Agnes' vamp status would have gone down well with Xander or Willow (already powertripping!)  Smashing chapter.
 Pleased you enjoyed the chapter.  Yes, Willow is already beginning to change.  What's the old saying? Power corrupts and complete power corrupts completely.

09/23/2008 07:12 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
So, in case you haven't got the reviews I've just left for the past four or five chapters, I just want you to know that I'm back to reading Agnes!  Sorry about going AWOL.  I was following too many WIPs and trying to spend quality time with the kids over the summer, so I had to cut back on the Spuffy for a while.  

This chapter has some great character interactions.  I can see Agnes and Anya being great allies.  Of course Xander can't see past the end of his nose, or pastry depending on what he's doing.  Willow is too self-centred.  I bet Tara would have a sense of who/what Agnes is and could be another ally.  

Thanks for the update and I look forward to more! 
 You know, I really appreciate you taking all that time and trouble to make individual comments about each chapter.  It makes all the effort seem worthwhile.  Yes, Tara would, I feel, have had a good idea about Agnes and so far I am not quite certain whether Giles knows or not.  The Dawn factor is so very important to everyone at the moment.

I'll certainly try and update again soon but must get in a chapter of We Will Remember Them....before end of week.

09/23/2008 03:41 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
So glad Anya didn't let the cat out of the bag.
I do love Agnes.  However, I'm glad she isn't in MY town - I'd gain 50 pounds.
Your Willow sounded kind of weird in this chapter.  Maybe a little "british-ish"?  Particularly “Yes, Anya, you must be careful. You can’t go round upsetting people all the time. Think before you speak,” Willow said. “We’ve got such a lot to do and it will be useful having Dawn out of the way. I don’t want her to guess about – well, you know! So just watch what you say.”
Can't wait till the next installment!
 Thank you so much for the review and for pointing out the slight problem with Willow's dialogue. i have gone in and edited it slightly. Hope it reads better than before.  I find her 'voice' difficult to get right in this mid season section.  So much is developing in her mind and it must alter her speech patterns a little.

09/23/2008 02:25 am
Chp 29 Business Women United         
Our Agnes is a sly one! She has Anya down cold, and they just met. I love that Dawn is unintentionally spilling things and breaking crockery. Nice detail that calls up Miss Kitty Fantastico.

I also wonder if The Willow Tree will be part of what feeds Giles' homesickness over the summer-of-no-Buffy?
 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.  Yes, I feel Giles might well be a regular visitor for a few weeks!

01/25/2013 08:14 am
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
  Ooooo, Anya.  I always forgrt I like Anya until I actually catch a good Anya episode.  Very often in fanfic she is a very limited one note character.  I have not run into that problem with this fic so far, so I am looking forward to seeing how you handle her.

09/23/2008 07:03 am
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
 A "non-person-eating" zone.  Yes, probably wise.

Angel cake!  lol  Was the pink icing made with blood, I wonder?  

Agnes is finally set-up properly - her dream come true.  Now she can really concentrate on helping others, as long as Anya doesn't blow her cover, that is!  

On to the next chappie.

09/13/2008 06:10 am
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
what will come out of anya's mouth? very good chapter, thank you.
 I dread to think, but am looking forward to finding out!

09/08/2008 11:58 am
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Well done
 Thank you.

09/07/2008 04:27 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Sorry, i've been slack with the review for the last chapters.  Still here and really liking this story, maybe things will be different with Agnes around.
 Glad to hear from you once more.  I hope Agnes will make some little difference, we'll wait and see.

09/07/2008 03:11 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
How did this slip by me?  Another wonderful chapter.  Don't think Dawn would call Agnes "dear" that way, it's not an American teen expression.  LOL at the genuine treasure map. 
 Many thanks for the comment about Dawn's speech. Have gone in and deleted it.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter otherwise.

09/06/2008 02:12 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Loved all the detail you put into describing Aggie's shop, the place sounds so homey. And reading Aggie's thoughts throughout the chapter was a joy as always. I especially liked reading about the potential hazards that go with catering to the demon population, customers eating customers is definitely not good for business.
Too bad things went sour with Dawn, but I'm sure Spike will smooth things over. Can't wait to find out if Anya spills Aggie's secret. And with a name like Willow-Tree Tea Shoppe, I'm sure a certain red-head is bound to show up for a cuppa eventually. Great update!
 Well, the tea-shop is very close to the Magic Box and the gang have to meet somewhere.....

09/06/2008 12:18 am
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Oh - I positively love this story and this section is simply one example of your  "spot on" style for Agnes and this piece - this section just reminded me again, why I love this story so much - it has such a lovely quality of humor combined with this great new Buffyverse FF character you created with Agnes Pringle.


“Didn’t your customers like it?”

Agnes made a non-committal sort of noise and turned away. There was so much she couldn’t tell Dawn, including the fact that Spike had picked up the angel cake and hurled it to the ground when she mentioned what the bright pink concoction was called! Such a waste and so messy, sugar and sponge ground into the carpet. She really didn’t understand what he had against angels. But perhaps he didn’t believe in them, or didn’t understand that everyone has a guardian angel looking after them, even vampires. Although, to be fair, she was a little hazy about that last fact.

don't know what happened to my first review - parts seemed to have gone missing.   Too Bad, cause it came out rather well.

 Really pleased that you are still enjoying Agnes' story.  She is such fun to write.  Sometimes I even forget she wasn't actually in the show!  And that isn't meant to sound as big-headed as it does!

09/05/2008 10:14 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
What a great idea to get Dawn a job! 
I"m worried about Anya's reaction - I dont' think she'll particularly care that Agnes is a vamp, but she's got so little brain-mouth control that she might say something and then the Scoobies will hit the roof.  Not a good thing for Agnes, her customers or Spike...
 I do so agree!

09/05/2008 07:44 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
 I am thoroughly enjoying this take on life in Sunnydale from a very different point if view.
 Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.

09/05/2008 06:15 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Oh! Oh! I'll bet Agnes whips up a mean wedding cake! I am so happy that she is out of that dump. It worried me, her out in the elements like that. The smell can't have been pleasant to a sensitive vamp like our dear Agnes. This is all a very exciting development.

One note: Dawn's dialog tended a little British in this chapter. "haven’t got" would more likely be "don't have" and "you needn’t bother in the future" would be "Don't bother!" in American. We're an unsubtle race, more's the pity.
 Well, there was one wedding cake in Season 6, of course...........   Ssshhh!   Thanks for the correction to Dawn's speech. Have rushed in and changed it.  Sometimes I get carried away, the speech comes quickly and I forget to check back!  

09/05/2008 05:12 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
There was so much she couldn’t tell Dawn, including the fact that Spike had picked up the angel cake and hurled it to the ground when she mentioned what the bright pink concoction was called! Such a waste and so messy, sugar and sponge ground into the carpet. She really didn’t understand what he had against angels. But perhaps he didn’t believe in them, or didn’t understand that everyone has a guardian angel looking after them, even vampires. Although, to be fair, she was a little hazy about that last fact.
 You've quoted a para but didn't say whether you liked it or if there is a mistake in it somewhere?  If you get a moment, could you let me know so I can change it if there is a problem. 

09/05/2008 05:09 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
I hope Anya doesn't say anything, especially since Xander is the worst possible Scooby to say anything like that in front of.
 You can never be sure which way Anya will react.

09/05/2008 04:29 pm
Chp 28 Just Like Home         
Oh noooo!  Poor Agnes, just when she was getting her business going.  I suppose it's too much to hope that Anya doesn't blab.  Lovely chapter --  though the cake count was down.  Angel cake was fun!
 Agnes is trying to build up the savoury side of the business, but don't worry, the cakes will return!   Yes, problems ahead with Anya and Xander.

01/25/2013 08:02 am
Chp 27 Plans         
  Ahhh, you gotta appreciate the triumphant moments.

11/23/2009 07:58 pm
Chp 27 Plans         
I've been reading all of your works for the last few days, and all of it is great.  I've really been enjoying the new point of view in this one, Agnes is just wonderful!  But the whole time, I've been thinking to myself, "Now who does she remind me of?"  When I read her insight of Hank Summers, who btw, I thought you hit off PERFECTLY, I was like, "Oh, how Miss Marple!"  And that's when it hit me, Agnes Pringle is what would happen if Miss Marple had been turned!!!
This is a great story, but please, pretty please, don't forget about Future Imperfect, because I'm dying to know what the first Slayer wants with Joyce and Billy.
 Delighted that you are enjoying Agnes' adventures in Sunnydale.  Of course, as Agnes would say, she is considerably younger than Miss Marple and not nearly as clever.   But she can knit and I don't think we ever saw Jane Marple cook!

And yes, I haven't forgotten Future Imperfect but have to finish WWRT first because FI is going into a long story arc and I need to be on top of it!   Well, that's my excuse, anyway!

Do you like WWRT, by the way?

09/23/2008 06:52 am
Chp 27 Plans         
What a way to slip Hank in there.  Agnes is always thinking of others, she really is delightful.  A tea-shop so that Dawn can have a job.  I loved the bit at the beginning about the bottle of red liquid and half a scone.  Your details are wonderful.  Thanks for sharing this story.   Two more chapters to catch up with!
 I thought Hank might have come for Buffy's funeral and to generally see what was going on. Glad you are enjoying the story.

08/26/2008 01:56 am
Chp 27 Plans         
Lovely lady, thank you so much for continuing this marvelous little story (which grows and grows).  I have been reading on it for about 6 months or so it seems and I've loved every little tidbit about Miz Anges.  Totally amazing story that you are weaving, with all the glorious embellishments.  There is a sweetness to the story exhibited in the pacing which is just lovely.  What a big hearted person Miz Agnes is and how grateful I am that I am getting to know her.  Thank you so much for your hard work and fine writing.
 Hi and I am so thrilled that you are enjoying Business as Usual so much.  Agnes is a delightful person to write about and I hope you will continue to enjoy her little adventures in the future.  Thank you for taking the time and trouble to review and comment.

08/14/2008 07:04 am
Chp 27 Plans         
I wonder how many people would object if Agnes made a snack of Hank Summers. He's a complete jerk.

HIs youngest has lost her mother and her sister in short order and now he wants to take her home and put her with strangers at her age.He definitely counts as evil.
 A weak manl. Never understood how he was Buffy's father!

08/13/2008 11:39 pm
Chp 27 Plans         
Well done

08/13/2008 07:53 pm
Chp 27 Plans         
agnes' quick reading of hank was so miss marple (who i love.) very good read, thank you.
 Thank you very much.

08/11/2008 10:33 pm
Chp 27 Plans         
yay agnes!
I do so love her interactions backstage.
I thought Hank didn't come to Buffy's funeral?  Maybe that's just in fanfic I've read, not canon.  I"m surprised at his red-rimmed, eyes, though! 
 In my world he does attend the funeral!   And I think he would have been upset, because he isn't a bad man, just weak.

08/11/2008 02:39 pm
Chp 27 Plans         
Love this!  The incidenti conversation with Hank really does nudge things in a new direction.  Great idea.  Love Agnes.  Thanks!
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to read and review. Much appreciated.

08/11/2008 11:56 am
Chp 27 Plans         
Buffy's dad is so concerned!!!!  What a git.  I trust Agnes will come to the rescue again.
 I think so.  And she really needs to be in the centre of town where it's all happening.  Not that she'll actually notice, but I need her there.

08/11/2008 08:55 am
Chp 27 Plans         
What a lovely idea, Agnes! But if you can find a way to stick it to Hank Summers, I won't object.
 I think being completely ignored by the bank manager might have knocked a bit out of Hank's air of self-importance!  Glad you like the idea of the teashop.  Oh, she's going to have such fun.

08/11/2008 04:10 am
Chp 27 Plans         
I enjoyed Aggie's adventures in the bank. Next time Aggie should wear pants instead of a dress, that should keep her legs from smoking. Her talk with Hank Summers was very insightful, in sad kind of way... that man is a total insentive jerk! Loved that Mr. Grant completely bypassed ol' Hank in favor of Aggie. And good for Aggie! Opening a tea room/ bakery is a great idea. Fantastic chapter!
 Agnes wear trousers!  Perish the thought.  Her mother would have instilled in her that only girls who were "fast" wore trousers!

08/11/2008 03:16 am
Chp 27 Plans         
I wondered who there was left for Agnes to meet!  Oh, and you managed to make Hank into even more of a lout than he usually is - very creative thinking, and so in character!
 I've always seen Hank Summers as a weak, confused,  probably basically decent but wanting an easy, trouble free existence.  I always, for some reason, get the feeling that he likes  money a lot and would feel it wrong for Dawn to be living in a bigger house than he has!  

Oh and Agnes has quite a few people to meet yet!  She'll be teaching one of them to cook very soon.

11/07/2008 06:24 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Hooray for Agnes!  This makes sense to me.  As a morbid little kid, I wondered how the heck one could dig themselves out of a grave, even with slayer strength waking up and managing to dig out from under after first bashing her way through wouldn't leave much time to breathe. Agnes really has a way of fixing the plot holes! Kudos!
 Exactly!  Impossible, I always thought, to awaken from death in a weakened state - even being a Slayer - and get out of a solid wooden coffin and tons of earth!  Glad Agnes was there to help.

09/23/2008 06:09 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
ROTFLMAO  Oh, my god!!  That was hilarious!  You are awesome!    The behing-the-scenes events you cook up are wonderful.  I love this story.  On to the next chappie to find out what happens next.... 

08/13/2008 11:29 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Well done
 thank you!

08/08/2008 03:05 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Very nice - agnes is just so great
 Thank you!  Another convert to Aggie's Army?

08/06/2008 03:38 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
sad and touching chapter. very good read, thank you.
 Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Well, sort of enjoyed it what with it being sad and all!

08/05/2008 11:17 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
I love your Agnes more with every new chapter - wonderful update, poignant and within all that loss of their beloved Buffy, love amongst these three left behind is such a postive life force. 

Wonderful to have an update before my trip -
 Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review again. Much appreciated.  Glad you liked this chapter.  Poor Agnes, she disliked Buffy so much and I'm not sure how she'll feel when she realises she helped her in a little way with her resurection!

Have a good trip.  I will probably not update again for a few days.

08/05/2008 10:06 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
“You – are – not – going – to – drip – mess – all – over – this – dead – girl!”

Classic Agnes. This is wonderful, as always.
 Thank you. So pleased you enjoyed this chapter.  Agnes really does hate mess!

08/05/2008 07:17 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Hearing Dawn blame herself for Buffys death was so sad. Then hearing that Xander and Willow blamed her also made me angry. Thank goodness Agnes was there to sooth her down. Thank goodness Spike was there to take her home. It's so sad how they both blamed themselves for a death that wasn't their fault.

Agnes the hero? Well, in this case, pretty much. I don't think either Dawn or Spike would have ever been able to survive it if Buffys body had been carried off.

(I'm kind of thinking that the weakening of the coffin lid might be important at the end of a 147 days???)

Excellent chapter!!!
 I think it is only "human" for people to look for someone to blame in situations like this and I think Dawn would have felt the silent disapproval very strongly.  And yes, the weak coffin lid could be useful! Agnes will be so upset!

08/05/2008 03:01 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
What a lovely touch about the coffin lid!  I love how you've made Agnes such a vital part of the story - without her or anyone else even realizing!
 Thank you!  Delighted that you enjoyed the coffin escapade.  Agnes is going to have a busy few weeks ahead of her. I'll try and post more of her adventures soon.

08/05/2008 02:32 am
Chp 26 The Night Before         
I had to chuckle at this one.  Now we know why Buffy had such an "easy" time getting out of her coffin.  This has been just a delightful tale.
 Hi, yes, I have always been worried by the ease of her exit!  And Agnes will be so upset if she ever knows it was all her fault!

08/04/2008 11:14 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Another lovely chapter. Thank you
 Thank you for taking the time to read and review.  Much appreciated.

08/04/2008 09:23 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
Stout-hearted Agnes - she's the wrong person to mess with when she's riled!  Lovely chapter.
 Yes, indeed.  Timid as a mouse and brave as a lion, that's my Agnes.  So pleased you are still enjoying the story.

08/04/2008 03:36 pm
Chp 26 The Night Before         
This chapter was so sad.  I'm glad Aggie was there for Dawn, Spike too. And I continue to enjoy how you flesh out Aggie's personality, one moment filled with sadness that Buffy passed so young, then revolted that Spike would want to kiss a Slayer.
Aggie's fight scene was great too, should be easier now for Buffy to escape her grave. Wonderful update!

P.S. The new update didn't show on the recently updated page for me either, I had to click on your name to find it... but who knows by the time you read this it might be all fixed.
 Oh,  I am so glad to hear from you.  I am seriously concerned that "Aggie's Army" will miss the updates on this site as it refuses to appear in the updated box!  I think I shall have to collect all the readers names so I can e mail them if this happens again!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the chapter, Irina.  It was a difficult one to write because Agnes' feelings about Buffy are so mixed - one second human, the next pure vampire.

And I always felt Buffy got out of that coffin very easily!  Now we know how she did it!

01/25/2013 07:39 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
  Your just a pullin' the tears outta me here.  I really love Aggie you know.

11/10/2009 02:29 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
It is so good to get back to Agnes and her unlife in Sunnydale - good to read some of the earlier story again -

I just love this story and your writing style - I think Agnes is probably my favorite original creations for the Buffyverse.
 Thank you!  Glad you are still enjoying Agnes' adventures!  Hope to update again soon but we'll soon be in OMWF time and I'm dragging my heels a little!

09/23/2008 05:58 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
I'm back.  I hope you didn't think that I'd abandoned your story!  I got distracted over the summer and lost track of some of the WIPs I was following.  But here I am, all ready to catch up.  

Great chapter.  I love the comments about Agnes' virtue!  lol   And the chicken soup with blood was brilliant.  On to the next chappie!
 Glad to have you back. Hope you had a good summer.  I'm still waiting for it to appear!  See you have commented on a lot of chapters so will rush off to read what you have said!

07/24/2008 11:16 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
well done
 Thank you!

07/23/2008 12:02 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
love the way agnes'ind works. if the scoopies had thought that way buffy's life would have been somewhat easier. very good read, thank you.
 So glad you enjoyed it.  More in a week or two's time. Off on holiday to France for a week.,

07/21/2008 01:09 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
Am I engaging in a silly hope that Agnes will change the course of S6?  D=  Because that would be ever so awesome.

Of course, I'd still read her, but I hope.

Most excellent story!  Please continue.
 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Makes my life so much happier when I know the readers are enjoying the story.  Will she alter Season 6?   Well.....I said right at the beginning that I would stay in canon as much as possible.  The next two months, between seasons, will be interesting for everyone.

07/20/2008 09:32 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
"She didn't know many male vampires who could resist a mug of home made chicken soup and blood once they were holding it."  LOL!!! 

I also loved Agnes' reflections on modern graveyards.  She is very perceptive. 

Agnes' comment about fighting for her virtue and Spike's reply are hilarious!  She is so proper and he just spells it all out.  He is very protective of her, isn't he?  I wonder who she reminds him of?  Perhaps it's just the Victorian gentleman coming out in him, having to protect any and all women.  It even translates to Buffy, though she is clearly his equal and her loves her for that, too.

Wonderful update, again!  Agnes is just the medicine that Spike needs.  Thank you for the update and also for always replying to reviews.  It makes reviewing feel much more like a conversation.

 So pleased you enjoyed this chapter.  I'm afraid I always try and reply to comments and yes, to me it is a way of chatting to like-minded friends, especially those who don't have an LJ where most of my time is spent when not writing!

I think Spike's Big Bad persona is sometimes a little astonished at being Agnes' friend , but deep down there is a trace of William lurking and Agnes means home to him in more ways than one.  I'm not sure how he will react if he ever finds out how much she has given up for his sake.  We shall see.

I'll try and update soon but am off to France for a week on the 26th so it might be when I return. I'll see how busy I get.

07/20/2008 02:40 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         

Another  beautifully characterised chapter in  this totally original story . Agnes is so well written and Spike rings true as well, not the soppy, too -good -to -be -true Spike that some authors write. Thanks, I;m really enjoying this. Keep updating please!

 So glad you enjoyed this chapter.  The next couple of months are going to be difficult for Agnes and Spike, of course, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  (This does make typing difficult, but I am brave!)

07/19/2008 09:30 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
Lovely juxtaposition between the logical demon reaction to Buffy's death and the human Aggie who liked Joyce and cares for Spike.  Very believable indeed.

Wish I could slap Willow!  Bitca!!!!  Poor Spike, as if they couldn't tell his emotions were real as is his grief!  TO add guilt on top what he already feels is a sign she is already headed to the dark!

Love this friendship very much.

 Pleased you enjoyed this chpt.  Venturing into the months between seasons with trepidation, but chin held high and a stiff upperlip - much like Agnes, I suppose!

yes, Willow is heading for the dark side.  I think Agnes will see this before anyone else!

07/19/2008 02:44 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
I continue to love how Aggie is taking Spike under her wing. Keeping her mouth shut about her true feelings regarding Buffy's death is a smart move on Aggie's part, that's definitely not something Spike doesn't need to know.  Great chapter!
 Thank you for commenting.  Yes, Agnes knows very well that telling Spike what she really thinks of the Slayer won't be appreciated!   But I do think there would have been general rejoicing in the vampire world at Buffy's death. And we never got to see even one party!

07/19/2008 10:05 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
Lovely Agnes, thinking of Spike in his hour of need. Bullying him into nourishing himself, tricking him into the land of the living. Shame on Willow. Would she really say such a thing? Did Spike put words in her mouth, due to his own sense of guilt and failure?

This line is pure Agnes:

“Well, you’ll never know until you try, will you?"

It's a cliche of the most fundamentally truthful variety. She wields common sense like Spike wields his fists.
 Thank you so much for reviewing. Much appreciated.  Hmm, it is interesting in thi story to wonder, when Spike tells Buffy that he "saved her" every night, was he remembering what Willow had told him, or was it his own ideas?

I like our idea of Agnes wielding her common-sense like a prize-fighter!  I don't want her to seem a goody two shoes, but yes, she has her feet firmly on the ground.

07/19/2008 03:46 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         
This is really a lovely piece of work - I hope that you will have another new chapter soon -

Wouldn't it be great to have Dawn and Spike spend some time with Agnes in her future English Cottage -

I am being totally selfish here but PLEASE bring us another chapter or even two soon -
 Hi there, goodness no, I never ignore anybody who takes the time and trouble to review or comment on one of my stories.  I am quite certain I replied to your last comment.  Sometimes when people read and review each chapter all at once, it is easier to just answer the last comment because sometimes they ask questions which have been answered in the next instalment.

To answer your question here,  yes, Dawn and Spike would have loved the English country cottage, but there would be no way he could get her away from the Scoobies in those months between Season 5 and 6.

i do hope this goes through OK.  Please e mail me and let me know and I assure you I would never knowingly ignore anybody.  

07/19/2008 01:31 am
Chp 25 Aftermath         

Chicken soup and blood - that's possibly the most horrible thing I've ever heard of.  Agnes' devotion to Spike is very touching. 

 But  Agnes knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!  At least it made him feel a little better!

07/18/2008 09:21 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
Smashing update.  Agnes is such a fabulous creation.  You've managed to combine the sensibilities of an elderly English spinster and the vampire POV in a completely believable character.  I love how Spike is her priority - must be a first for him! 

Willow was incredibly harsh - I hope she gets her comeuppance, as Aggie would say.
 Glad you are still enjoying the story.  Well, yes, Agnes is a loyal friend but she can also see that Spike is not perfect. 
As for Willow - how much of her behaviour is down to grief and how much to being the guiding force of the Scoobies now Buffy has gone, I wonder?

07/18/2008 07:13 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         

I love reading the way Agnes thinks, she seems to always look for the best side of everything. And, on the rare occasion whe she might not have a charitable thought about someone else, she is the first to chastise herself.

When Spike said that Willow told him to go away, that Dawn didn't want him around, that she blamed him for Buffy dieing, it struck me as a very hateful thing to say. It also made me think that 'Dark Willow' was already present and very near the surface.

When Agnes was incouraging Spike to pull himself together because he owed it to Joyce and Buffy to try to look after Dawn, it made me wonder if that was the point where Spike decided that looking after Dawn was a way of keeping his promise to Buffy???

Good chapter!!!

 thank you for reviewing.  Yes, Agnes is like so many of us, a mixture of good and bad, even as a vampire!  She certainly isn't perfect but tries hard!  

I've often wondered exactly what happened while Buffy was "in heaven".  And I agree with you that Dark Willow was not so very far away - remember the dead fawn!

07/18/2008 06:14 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
thanks for the update.
 Pleasure. Thanks for reading!

07/18/2008 04:57 pm
Chp 25 Aftermath         
Leave it to Agnes to get Spike pulled together and heading in the right direction.
The first paragraph was great - about the soul.  I"m loving how you're just kind of poking ideas at us and leaving them there.  It's sort of like a vaguely itchy sweater - not annoying, so you absently rub the itchy spots and it is better - and you notice the "better" and then realize that it had itched before.  Well, your ideas roll around in my brain until somehow something clicks and I have to take notice of it.  Sort of like the vampires with allergies thing did last time.

None of that probably makes any sense at all, and I need to get back to work anyway, so I'd best just quit...

Oh, no LJ, sorry!
 That made perfect sense to me, but then you already know I'm weird!  The more I write about Agnes and her life as a vampire, the more I find areas that need exploring!

06/17/2014 10:26 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Great reading your wonderful Agnes again - 

07/19/2008 03:33 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         

WOW - wonderful Pringle variation -

 Thank you!

07/07/2008 09:48 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Both heartrending and heartening.  It brought tears to my eyes along with memories of my own true friends in times of sorrow.
True friends, the family of the Heart.
You showed, once again, how selfless true friends are, to totally put their own needs on hold when the need arises.
Here's to you, LH!

 I think  friendship is one of the corner stones of the whole Buffy verse.  I just want to show that vampires can be friends, as well as lovers and "turned family".  

Thank you for reviewing. I always wait to see what you think of each chapter.

07/06/2008 07:57 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Poor Agnes, the absolute example od pure friendship.  Lovely character; and I hope that she does have a happy ending at some point - she so deserves it!
 Well, she has a long way to go and she still hasn't met Buffy officially!    There is a long summer to get through, too.  Hope to update soon.  Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Much appreciated.

07/06/2008 03:44 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Oh, Agnes, you are a good woman.  Great FITB of what happened to Spike after the fall.  I look forward to more!
 So glad you enjoyed it.  More very soon, I hope!

07/04/2008 01:12 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Oh poor Agnes, never to come first with someone. Just like Spike. What a precious person she is, despite her unfortunate 'condition'. I can see her becoming very important to Dawn in the coming summer.
 Glad you are enjoying the story. Yes, these next few summer months are going to be interesting for all concerned.

07/03/2008 08:28 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Agnes is just terrific - and she wants to take care of Spike!!Aaawwww, bless her.  I'm glad someone is looking out for him.
 Delighted you are still enjoying the story.  She's going to have her work cut out for her during the long summer months ahead.

07/03/2008 06:20 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
that is so the agnes you have created. very good chapter, thank you.
 Delighted you are enjoying it. Thank you for reading and reviewing every time.

07/03/2008 06:17 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
This was another wonderful look into who Aggie is, and what makes her such a fascinating character. I simply loved reading all the different thoughts that were playing out in her head. Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you so much. Delighted you are enjoying the story.  I was trying to make it clear that although Agnes is interested in the apocalypse and sad about Dawn, she is a vampire and so not involved emotionally.  And as she ignored Buffy's body, I think we know how she feels about the Slayer!

07/03/2008 05:24 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Oh I'm so glad that Agnes is staying, I love the charater, she is a sweet little vamp! I will miss this story when you are done. I can't wait for another installment, this is  very original fic, I'm so glad you thought of it.
 So pleased you are enjoying it.  Won't be finishing just yet. We've quite a long way to go yet.  And as long as the readers don't forget that Agnes is a vampire, I'll be happy.,

07/03/2008 03:38 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Interesting twist - I thought Agnes was going to have a Jane=Austen-move to the country cottage kind of moment. 
 Well, she won't give up the cottage.  She might need it in the future!  And luckily the money will come in handy.....

07/03/2008 01:11 am
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Oh, Agnes.... such a love. 
 Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Oh and by the way, the final version of No More Mr Nice Guy is up on my LJ site.  Thank you once again for all the help you gave me with this story and hope you like it.

07/02/2008 11:50 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Meant to say that I LOVE the term unturned!  How perfectly wonderful and exactly as a vampire POV would see it!


07/02/2008 11:48 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
OH lovely simply lovely and perfectly Agnes.  Naturally she would put her friends needs first.  I find myself wishing this were canon for many reasons (not just adoration of our girl either).  Poor Spike was so destroyed at the end of the Gift and Agnes is right to doubt anyone of the group would have given him a thought (and he was badly injured too).  At least here he has someone to help and comfort him.

Love the back story on her romance with Wilkins...I can just see them both laughing at Marmaduke cartoons in the newpapers and playing Scrabble.  I can understand her reasoning too and wish there would be someone for her.  She deserves friends and love.

Just wonderful and smile inducing and yet you capture the pathos of that night at the tower too.  Fabulous job!

 Hi Kathleen, so glad you enjoyed the chapter.  I wanted to show Agnes putting her friend first but also needed to have her uninvolved with the apocalypse because although she is a different vampire, she is not human.  She is sad about Dawn, but mainly for Spike's sake, and I hope that by my completely ignoring the body, it shows she isn't the slightest bit bothered about Buffy's death.   

I don't want readers to lose sight of Vampire Agnes.

Pleased you enjoyed the flashbacks to her life with Richard Wilkins.  I adore the Mayor!  But I do think she does need to come first with someone. She is so romantic at heart!

Thank you once again for reviewing, oh, and glad you like the Unturned!   Made sense to me that vampires would have their own vocabulary!

07/02/2008 11:27 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
Ok, so here I am, doing dishes, minding my own business, and the thought comes to mind..."All her customers whose likes and dislikes she now knew so well: the demons who couldn’t eat nuts, ,,,"  and I wonder if a demon who can't eat nuts eats a person who just ate a PB&J, would the demon have a reaction?  And then I wonder if Vampires have allergies, and if they drink a person who recently consumed whatever they're sensitive to, what happens?  What if the person drank Holy Water? 
I just had to come tell you where you sent my mind today...

Oh - and I liked Agnes referring to "the Unturned."  It is at once a prim, sort of fussy little way to reference what is normally called a human, and an affirmation that perhaps some demons are as much people as any human is.  Also makes it seem sort of like an affliction - "Unturned" sort of like people used to refer to lepers as "Unclean."

I should go finish those dishes... 
 Ha!  Your mind and mine are obviously related!  Watch out for a chapter during this long summer break between episodes when food poisoning hits the demon world!

Somehow vampires having a name for humans seems quite normal to me.  If there are rules and regulations and prophecies, then their own vocabulary must be considered as well.

By the way, have you got an LJ?  So much easier to chat over there - and you get to read Agnes first!

07/02/2008 10:25 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
oh no!!!  I"m glad Spike has help, but ... I wish Agnes hadn't stopped the car.  At least she still has the house in England, even if she isn't going just yet. 
You'd best not make her give that up!!!  *stern face*
 Don't worry, Agnes is far too level-headed to give up her cottage.  It's going to come in handy during the summer months ahead!  After all, we don't really know exactly what everyone did "last summer" do we?

07/02/2008 09:58 pm
Chp 24 No Looking Back         
You, girl, are awesome!!!!!  Your writing is so fluid and poetic.  And you insert funny lines in just the right places: "... she knew he would miss her gingerbread men - he liked biting off the heads."  I don't know how you do it, but please keep going!  You truly have a gift.

I'm glad Agnes decided to stay.  Spike really needs her now.  I can't wait to see how Agnes will help the Scoobies over the summer.  

P.S.  It looks like I didn't leave a review for the last chappie - sorry.  I probably read it at *whispers* work.  Shame on me for lurking.  
 Thank you so much for such a kind review. I am delighted that you are still enjoying the story.  Yes, Agnes will certainly be needed during the summer months and I hope to tell you all more about that very soon!

Yes, i certainly missed your comments on the last chapter. Thought you hadn't liked it!  Mind you don't get caught at work. Agnes would not approve!

06/06/2008 05:05 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Great chapter!  So interesting to get a little glimpse into Agnes' surprizing past.  Wouldn't it be interesting to be a fly on that wall?
 Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review.  It certainly helps to know people are enjoying Agnes' adventures!

06/05/2008 11:21 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
It sounds as if our Agnes and Mayor Wilkins got up to all sorts of shenanigans. Smashed chandelier! I'll bet dear Agnes was mortified. I love her more with each chapter. I would never presume to guess which way she will turn at this crossroads of hers. Her sense of propriety is so much better developed than my own.
 Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. Agnes has those very awkward things - principles - and strangely they haven't been demolished by becoming a vampire!  I think she was taken over by a very benign demon.
But I think she would have been tempted by the Mayor's offer of marriage - but she turned him down - and lived!

06/05/2008 09:56 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
am pleased that agnes has a chance at a more comfortable future. am sad because if she leaves we will miss her interaction with spike and sunnydales' finest. very good read, thank you.
 I don't think you need worry too much about Agnes leaving just yet!  Wooops, shouldn't have told you that but you sounded concerned.

06/05/2008 05:28 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         

Creepy lawyer! I wouldn't want to be alone with him (for any reason).

Mayor Wilkins? Well that was a surprise. But, in a way it wasn't. I can see how they would be attracted to each other.

I think that Agnes may find herself in a pickle. She has a way out of Sunnydale with a home and money waiting for her back in England. But, she now knows that Spike and Dawn are in trouble. So, does she leave or does she stay and try to help???

Looking forward to see what choice she makes. (I'm pretty sure I already know, but you never know.) 

 Hi, glad you enjoyed the chapter. Are you sitting behind my shoulder as I write?  You're spot on with your comments, especially about Spike and Dawn.  Decisions, decisions, but this whole story is about friendship, of course, so I think you may have guessed.

And yes, Mr Nicholas Elder - it's all in the name!

06/05/2008 01:22 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Wow! I never would've guessed Mayor Wilkens was Aggie's old beau, what a wonderfully exciting twist... I absolutely loved it! :bows: Fantastic update!
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to read and review. it is much appreciated.

06/05/2008 04:20 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Um...did you post chapter 21 twice, or is my computer seeing double?
 Sighs.  Not twice but thrice!  The computer did it!  Not me.  I can't see a way of deleting them.  The delete button on Manage Stories takes away the whole story, so I'm told.

06/05/2008 03:37 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
HMMMMM - what will Agnes do with her new found wealth?  Nice touch with the seven unwilling bloods being accepted throughout the demon world.
 Thank you for reading. Happy you are still enjoying the story.

06/05/2008 12:19 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Oh DELIGHTFUL!!!!  Yes Agnes ( her middle name being Kathleen BTW) is just the sort of LADY that Mayor Wilkins would have been attracted to.  Nothing forward or loose about her...just his cup of demon.  I never saw that coming yet it makes perfect sense in hindsight...even to why she stayed in Sunnydale!  BRILLIANT!

Naturally I hope she stays in town but am so glad she has been provided for. 

Her relationship with the Mayor makes me yearn for her to meet his surrogate daughter, Faith!  What a challenge that would be to take her in hand in memory of her late love!  The possibilities are endless.

 Glad you liked the middle name!   And thrilled you were pleased about the Mayor.  As my reviews for this chp are practically non existent, I fear not many people share your opinion.  But to my mind, he was the obvious person for her to have fallen for - of course, what is interesting is why she refused to marry him!

Faith - yes, that will be interesting but quite a long way in the future, sadly. Although....runs away to think.

06/04/2008 09:41 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
The Mayor!!!  That was brilliant!
So glad Agnes has this chance at a happy ending.  I do hope she goes.  Perhaps Spike could visit, on the way to his re-ensouling. 

PLEASE give Agnes her happy ending.  Pretty please!!!! 
 Glad you enjoyed chapter, but we've a little way to go with Agnes yet. Now you know what's happening in the next chapter.....!

01/25/2013 07:17 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Text  Ok, first off, so so satisfying.
Second, I didn't know until golf was mentioned that it was the Mayor, but that was such a good throw in.
You made me feel better after you nearly broke me last chapter.

07/19/2008 03:18 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
well - a very neat turn of events - will she accepts the big surprise gifts or not?  will Agnes get to play a part in helping save The Key? 

Lovely section on how true a friend Agnes can be - would that she had friends equal to her huge heart and capacity -

07/06/2008 03:40 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
I missed some of your updates, I see.  This chapter left me covered in goosebumps, which is a huge complement considering that it's hotter and more humid than a Hellmouth here.  Hmmm.  Maybe a new Hellmouth is opening this summer in Connecticut?  In any case, Mr. Elder is one of the creepiest OCs I've ever read.
 Hi, glad you caught up with Agnes story.  Thanks for liking Mr Elder.  i had hoped more people would realise the Mr Nicholas Elder was my speak for Old Nick, but sadly not!   He gave me the creeps writing him, too!

07/03/2008 12:19 pm
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
 Nothing came up on your review for my story. Do hope you liked it!

06/06/2008 10:01 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Oh, wow, Agnes! Quite a boon from the Mayor, that's for sure.
 Thank you so much for reading. Hope you're enjoying the story.

06/05/2008 10:04 am
Chp 21 A Cottage in the Country         
Another brilliant twist!  Dear Agnes would have really enjoyed the Mayor's company - the nicer side of course. This is so much fun.
 I think in Agnes' eyes the Mayor was "the one".  But why didn't she say yes to his proposal?  Glad you are still enjoying the story.

01/25/2013 07:08 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
  Oh, you suck.  I had tears in my eyes almost immediately After that demon handed agnes the keys.
And, and you just had to have her name it. Stupid Spike. (of course this is made much worse for the fact that we know how it works out.

05/29/2008 03:28 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
This is exciting - who or what is coming her way?  What a great friend Miss A. Pringle is - think she would be a great friend for Buffy and for Tara, that is if Tara somehow stayed in The Buffyverse.

Hope you have another update soon -
 Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated.  yes, Agnes is the type of friend we can all do with in life.  I'm only hoping Spike doesn't have to choose between her and Buffy one day!

05/27/2008 03:13 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
her mobile business, her home and her dreams  given to her friend without hesitation.  and her reward, trouble. very good read, thank you.
 So pleased you enjoyed the chapter.  More very soon.  And we're nearing the end of Series 5.  Oh dear!

05/26/2008 01:07 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
Oh please let it be something good that's about to happen.  The universe has to reward simple goodness.  Angst is all very well for certain characters, infact a story wouldn't ring true if it was lacking, but Agnes is a very sweet addition to the Sunnydale world, not it's foundation.  Reward her! A happy ending feels like the truth of this tale.    
 Well, we've got a long way to go before the end, but keep the faith, Agnes' life is about to take an unexpected turn and oh look, the end of Series 5 draws near.  Ouch!

05/26/2008 10:50 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
 Great update, and so glad to see it!  Love the fact that you tie in lovely details, such as Agnes being witness to Buffy kissing Spike (and loved her willing kindness to run tend to her friend! Her heart was in it!) and the Winnebago.  So sorry for her that it was ruined, but it simply demonstrates the goodness in her heart, her willingness to give not only of her goods, from her heart but in letting her dreams go to do so.  And it was a testament to all this goodheartedness that she was glad for Spike, in that he and Buffy seemed to have made up...from her internalizing she is kind of fascinating in that she makes no bones (mentally speaking) that she doesn't like the slayer (but also partitions that relationship off, justifying it by way of reasoning that Buffy is the Slayer; she does what slayers do; she kills vamps. Agnes is a vamp, among others; ergo Buffy would kill her as quick as look at her (unfortunately before finding out the facts). Plus she personally justifies it by disliking that she saw Buffy cuddling with Angel.  Yet she has developed a fondness for Dawn, and of course Spike, unknowingly related others, as well as formerly Joyce, and would hate to see any of them (or their memory) suffer for loss or injury from the Slayer's hurt.  Her intricate relationships are marvelous. And now the introduction of a mystery man--- a human? a (human and/or) minion? worse, a lawyer??? LOL! a long, slim black car, hmmm...Drac?  (Brings back images of Spike vs. Dracula comics)...but spelling trouble? Naughty cliffie hanger-er, you! Happily looking fwd to another update, ASAP! Thanks,
 Thank you once again for such a nice long, detailed review.  I really enjoy reading them and would even if they weren't complimentary!   Yes, Agnes is a "person" with her own likes and dislikes and she doesn't like Buffy as a person.  I think this is valid because just because Buffy is the heroine in her own storyline, doesn't mean everyone has to like her.  Cordelia didn't, for example.  Liking and admiring are too very different things.  If you love someone, I think you accept their faults - i.e. Spike and Buffy, but liking?  Not so much.

Arrival of stranger - well, Agnes thinks it means trouble, but then trouble comes in many ways, doesn't it?

05/26/2008 04:23 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         

The chapter was so bittersweet. When I started reading about all of Aggie's plans for Esmerelda, I just knew it was her Winnebago Spike burrowed. I enjoyed Aggie's musings about  frienship, Spike truly found a gem of a friend in her.  Can't wait to learn more about Aggie's visitor. Good update!

 So glad you enjoyed this chapter.  Sometimes life and death  are unfair, especially to Agnes. But sometimes love brings its own rewards......

05/26/2008 02:48 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
I don't like the sound of this guy.I hope Agnes will be OK.

05/26/2008 01:48 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
Oh no - not Agne's van.  I was hoping she could drop off some of those spicy cheese straws.  And, who's the evil visitor?  Someone we know?
 Thank you for reading. Much appreciated, as usual.  I'll try and update very soon.   

05/26/2008 12:54 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
The van!  You explained how he got the camper!!  You are brilliant!!!

Awesome update, as usual.  But since I don't recognize the man at the end, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for more! 

Excellent work.
 So pleased you liked this chapter.  I've always wondered about the van!   Now I know, too!   What can i say about the man who has just arrived?   Between you and me, he is about to change her life!  Or should I say death?

05/26/2008 12:35 am
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
Re The Archers - yup, I still listen.

05/25/2008 11:06 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         

Wonderful chapter!!!  It was wonderful to read of Agnes thoughts and ideas on how the van was going to change her life. She was so happy!!! Then Spike told her he needed to borrow it. She knew she would never see the van again, but for Spike, her friend, she squared her shoulders and gave up her dream, because her friend needed her to.

At that moment in time there's not a "soul" in all of Sunnydale that is a finer person, nor has a greater heart than Agnes Pringle.

 Thank you so much for such a nice review.  I've always wondered about the camper van.  Yes, Agnes understands what friendship means. She might not like the end result, but knows she has to come to the rescue if she can.

05/25/2008 10:35 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
I like the way you continue to interweave Agnes into canon events. Somehow, Agnes giving up the van is one of the saddest things I've ever read. At least Spike seemed to notice the significance...
 Yes, Agnes isn't having the best of times at the moment, but I'm hoping for something a little better soon!

05/25/2008 09:32 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
Poor THATS where Spike got the RV that GILES wrecked ( how I blamed him?).  Such a good friend.  Naturally she'd hand over the keys without a thought even knowing she would be giving up her dream in return for her kindness.  They really need to reward her!

Oooooo  wonder who the man is there at the end???? 

Love how you had her pop in at that moment when Buffy kissed Spike.  She knew it was the slayer immediately...of course she wasn't beaten to a pulp either.

Loving our Miss Aggie so very much.

 Yes, I always wondered where he stole the van from,  then realised he was more likely to have borrowed it from a friend!  And it such an unlikely vehicle for a self-respecting demon!  

05/25/2008 09:18 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
Yikes!  Who's after Agnes?  Good to see you're keeping the cake count up.  And what a neat tie-in with the camper van.  Dear Agnes' altruism shining through.  Best of all, I never thought I'd read vampires and The Archers in the same paragraph!  A dream come true.
 Glad to oblige!  You must admit The Archers and Agnes are made for each other. Well, they were when she lived in England, not so sure about nowadays!  Have you heard it recently!

05/25/2008 09:00 pm
Chp 20 "Have Cakes - Will Travel"         
So that's where the camper came from.  Poor Agnes...I feel so bad for the dream she lost.
 As Agnes would probably say, "When God shuts  a door he opens a window!"   But then, she'd probably catch a cold from the draught.!  Thank you for reading.

07/19/2008 02:57 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Bunch of new chapters for me to read - a perfect little reading session before Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis -

I sure hope that you are getting tons of readers for this story - I JUST LOVE IT and how different she is from the other vamps - wonderful new character for the Spuffy Buffyverse. 

Hope you don't mind if I try a couple of graphics pieces based on it -

Love this chapter - excellent use of subtle humor and poignant study of Spike's desperate love.
 Thrilled that you are still enjoying the story and thank you for all the chapter reviews.  Not that many readers, I'm afraid. No sex and an older central character keeps the numbers way down!   Mind you, those of you who do read usually send me lovely long reviews.  I've never had such detailed comments before for any of my stories - apart from Don't Press Send!   Agnes has a small army of devotees, which I love.

Intrigued by your mention of graphics. I'd be happy to look at anything you do.  I haven't even got a banner for this story because I don't want to give a "face" to someone who people probably imagine differently when they read.

05/15/2008 08:02 pm
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Awww poor Agnes.  she didn't deserve Spike's bad temper.  Good luck with the skull cake!
 yes, could be interesting!

05/14/2008 08:43 pm
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
poor agnes. frightening way to start the day and to possibly lose your one friend. hopefully spike will listen to her (and himself) and  fix this. very entertaining chapter, thank you.
 Thank you. Glad you are still enjoying the story.

05/11/2008 04:58 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Sorry my review was so sparse before - to omuch going on, but I HAD to read when I saw it was up, and it was too good to wait to review.
I loved the interaction between Agnes and the 'bot - how is it that she's so perceptive?  She sees so clearly to the heart of things.

I loved the image of her in bed, curlers in and the nightgown.  You've turned our perception of vampires on ear just as much as Joss ever did.

It's going to be interesting to see how Spike and Agnes get through this evening's arguement. 

And why did Spike ever think to look for the 'bot in Agnes' room?
 How nice to get another review from you!   BAU doesn't have that many followers - I think the lack of Spuffyness puts a lot of people off reading - but my word, those who are involved in Agnes' life certainly let me know what they think, which is marvellous.

I was always bothered by the huge difference between those vamps Joss was interested in and the others who just rise up to get staked.  It annoyed me that anyone who has the slightest personality, Dalton, for example, have to be eliminated, as if they unbalance the storyline.   Surely there has to be a whole alternate life going on.  If you accept that there are vampire electricians, it explains all the electrical gadgets in Spike's crypt, for example!

Agnes will always be a vampire but whatever demon entered her, it was a very mild one!

05/10/2008 06:14 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Poor Aggie, it's so sad she and Spike had their first fight.   Should be interesting to see how they make up again. Great Buffy Bot characterization, you captured the way she talks perfectly. Good update!
 Thank you so much for continuing to review.  I'm always keen to hear what you have to say.  Glad the Buffybot came over well.  She's a joy to write.

05/10/2008 03:49 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
That was terriffic.  Way to go Agnes!!

You too!
 Sorry for delay in saying thank you for review. Been away for a few days!

05/10/2008 01:33 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         

The Buffybot always made me sad. Spike wanted Buffy to love him so badly, and he knew she never would. But artificial love doesn't fill the empty spot in your heart, at least, not for very long.

Poor Agnes, she finally met the demon side of Spike and realized that it wasn't very nice. It hurt her to realize that her friendship with Spike was over. I'm amazed at Agnes insight though, she understood that even a lovebot could have it's feelings hurt.

Good chapter, but sad.

 I think this is the turning point in their friendship.  Will she still like him when she admits he has a much darker demon than she does. And will he appreciate being criticised?   And I think Agnes will always identify with the underdogs in any relationship!

05/10/2008 12:51 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Gee... Give a poor vamp a heart attack, why don't ya. Then top it off insulting her calling her someone's mother... Even if that someone is the incredible, edible Spike.  (Skull cakes indeed.

Girl... You are the "Bombdiggity!" 
Here's a big 'ol hug {!} for giving  us another _great_ chapter!

 Thank you so much for reviewing and your kind words.  Agnes doesn't have that many readers, but wow, the ones who are following her adventures certainly seem to be enjoying them.  Sighs...her life would have been so simple if Clem had been her best friend!

05/10/2008 12:41 am
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
Who else is left for Agnes to meet?  Anya?  And of course Spike is still her friend, after all, she was right.
 There are quite a few Scoobies who haven't crossed her path yet.  Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya.  I've been trying to show Agnes as having her own life, with her own problems.  She will never become part of the gang and she'll never be a Buffy fan!   Thank you so much for your continued support. It does help to get such marvellous feedback.

05/09/2008 11:52 pm
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
LOL at the Buffybot - she's the best.  Great scene with Spike trying to justify himself and Agnes holding fast to her principles.  Loved it.
 Thank you for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated.

05/09/2008 11:47 pm
Chp 19 Rose-coloured Spectacles         
I laughed out loud for the first half of this chapter - you wrote the Buffy Bot so well!!!!!!!! 

Poor Agnes at the end, though.  I hope she hasn't really given up on Spike.  I get the feeling that Spike would be one to turn up again at her place or at the tea room and act as if nothing were amiss.  As he likes to try and convince himself, he has no remorse or conscience, being a vamp and all, so why would he dwell on a little argument?  He needs Aggie more than he would ever admit, so I hope she's able to put those rose-coloured specs back on and help him.
 I think the true test of friendship is that you accept someone "warts and all" as the saying goes.  Agnes has to decide if she likes Spike now she sees him as he truly is - a vampire, flawed but trying so hard to be different.

01/25/2013 06:36 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
  Sniffles, that ending.

05/10/2008 12:49 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
It was funny thinking about Spike banging on the TV trying to make the reception better. Then getting frustrated and smashing it to pieces, then thinking "Ooops!" 

S5 Spike really is a bit of a sociopath, isn't he?  Or maybe not? Maybe it's just the demon in him? His answer to the last question was kind of sad though.

Good chapter!!!
 Thank you so much for reading.  Season Five Spike was still battling with his demon on every level, I feel.  See next chapter!

05/07/2008 03:12 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
tears brought on by spike's response. that is so agnes. very good read, thank you.

05/06/2008 08:13 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         

Another great chapter!  The ending is so poingant.  Spike seems so lost and alone.  I'm glad Aggie is there to help him, even though he'd never admit needing her, being the Big Bad and all....

I love how you work in the rest of Sunnydale in passing, for example, "... the gentleman who ran the Magic Box shop. He had such a lovely voice."

And "spiking"  - pun definitely intended - the hot chocolate and icing with blood is very clever. 

As always, looking forward to more.

 Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Glad you are still enjoying the story.  I think  Giles and Agnes would get on really well together, but sadly I think one vampire in Giles' life is enough!  More coming fairly soon.  Agnes is in for a difficult few months - well, it is Season Five!

05/04/2008 04:30 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
LOL at Spike flopping on Agnes bed, hitting is TV and taking a personality quiz.  Wiping away a tear at that last line. 
 Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

05/01/2008 04:28 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
I laughed out loud at Spike's thought that Agnes should teach Buffy to cook!  That would in fact be perfect!  But poor Spike taking a personality quiz from cosmo! 
 I felt the quizz was definitely right for Season Five Spike.    Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

05/01/2008 03:45 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         

Loved all the detail you put into discribing Aggie's down time. The scene that followed with Spike was also great. Aggie trying to wrap her mind around why Spike would want to fit in with Buffy and the Scoobies was definitely interesting. Fabulous closing paragraph too, very insightful and bittersweet. Can't wait for Aggie to find out about the bot, that's one meeting that's bound to be all kinds of intriguing. Wonderful update!

 Yes, for all her mild ways, Agnes is still a vampire and can't understand Spike's desire to be part of a human group.  And yes, the Bot is about to make an appearance.  Why do i feel Agnes is not going to be amused?

05/01/2008 02:03 am
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your lovely writing. I especially appreciate your talent with intertwining Agnes with the actually season without actually altering the stories. My only wish would be a (happy) ending(?) for Aggie. (Would she find me an uncouth American taking liberties with her name?) 

Anyway, great, great story.  Ta!
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to comment on my story.  Much appreciated and i am quite sure Agnes wouldn't find you uncouth at all!   Spike calls her Aggie so she's learnt to live with it!   Hope you find some of my other stories enjoyable as well.

04/30/2008 11:17 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
Agnes is back!  Yay!
And, awwwww, poor Spike.

04/30/2008 09:04 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
I just love this story! And personally I think that Agnes would make a wonderful mother figure for Buffy and Dawn. It was so sad that she and Joyce couldn't have had more time for their friendship. I love that you had Agnes with Joyce at the end. I always thought it was so sad that Joyce died alone.
 Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, I agree entirely. I hated Joyce being completely alone when she died. And i was determined that Agnes would go to the funeral.

04/30/2008 08:00 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
I hope he can get to talk or see Buffy soon.

04/30/2008 07:59 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
And I pop over to BSV and my first thought is "Oh yay!  A new chapter of Business as Usual"!

Agnes' musings about Joyce's death, then Spike's revelation to her that Glory was a God was great.  Lovely parallel.

Poor Spike.  Agnes really isn't going to like Buffy's treatment of him later. 

Loved the thought of Agnes teaching Buffy to cook.  Would probably drive the woman completely batty, though.   She seems an incredibly patient sort, though.  Might work...
 Sadly I do not think it is likely to happen, although it might have helped Dawn get a diet that wasn't  based on pancakes and burgers!  Glad you're still enjoying the story.

04/30/2008 06:29 pm
Chp 18 Quiz Time         
That was very touching.  It's lovely to see Spike through unbiased eyes.
 Thank you so much.

01/25/2013 06:16 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Whew, tough chapter.

05/29/2008 03:05 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
just wanted to say how very much I am enjoying your story - I love this character, it's wonderful to have a vamp character that is not all about power, violence, uncontrolled hunger or just plain Undead Evil - She made a wonderful companion to Joyce and for Spike.  Wish more writers would bring in older characters into their works - it makes for a very pleasant change to primarily a "youthful" Buffyverse.   One of the main reason that I enjoyed Giles so much was for this age difference.

Now on to more chapters -

04/30/2008 07:37 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
OH Dawn did manage to bring Joyce back and it looks like they did not know it.

04/29/2008 07:41 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Well done!
 thanks for reading all the chapters. Glad you liked them.

04/23/2008 04:29 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         

enjoyed reading your story very much - have been wanting to start it but was waiting until a good amount of chapters had been posted - well done.

 So pleased you are now reading BAU and glad you are enjoying it.  I hope to post a shortish little chp sometime this week!  Crosses fingers hard.

04/23/2008 03:06 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
LOL at Spike watching the shop.  Pretty sure he'll snitch all the cheese straws.
 I think so, too!

04/21/2008 06:50 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
another wonderful update, thank you. agnes is a delight.
 Thank you so much.  Must admit she is beginning to take over my life!

04/19/2008 03:54 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
oops - I wasn't signed in when iI reviewed before - I was the first one!  I'm glad to report no nightmares last night! 
 Good!   Hot cup of milk helps, according to Miss Pringle!

04/19/2008 12:54 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Yay for the new chapter!  Are things going to keep changing for our characters?
 Agnes will make a difference.  thanks for reading!

04/19/2008 12:31 am
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Wow! That was something! Gives me chills to see Joyce that way. I'm so glad that Agnes was there to stop her. It would have destroyed both Buffy and Dawn if they had seen her that way.

Agnes is such a good person, I wonder if she kept her soul, or maybe a part of it, when she was turned? That would have been nice.
 Thank you so much for commenting.  I love the way readers are getting so involved in what makes Agnes a special sort of vampire.  I like to think that the demon inside her is more like a Clem type of person!  Yes a demon, but quite a harmless sort of one!

04/18/2008 11:41 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Oh, brave, brave, Agnes!

04/18/2008 10:07 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
This story is wonderful! It's original and heart-felt and... I'm at a loss for words. Keep up the great work!
 How very kind of you to write such a nice comment. I am so grateful and do hope you continue to enjoy the story.

04/18/2008 09:40 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
So very glad to see you back from the Orient and to see a new update on Agnes!  It's wonderful to see the little insights on her, both from her human lifetime and of the humanity that comes through even in her unlife.  And more tidbits about her mystery-lover!  Funny, that his advice to her is the exact same as what Spike tells Buffy about a vampire's need, or rather lack thereof, for weapons---could it be that Spike learned this vampiric lesson from the same person that Aggie did? Tell us her love is NOT Angelus! Please!  Ick (needing to wash my mind out with soap!)!!!  Also, it was a nice tie-in to have Agnes looking out for the Summers girls yet again, involved in the not-raising of Joyce, as well as seeing her capacity to feel for the girls (as well as Spike) during their grief.  Interesting that, even tho' she bags it, Aggie has no problem with Buffy dying other than it causing Spike or Dawn grief---I guess there must be at least a little gap in conscience there even if just a teensy bit.
Thanks as always!
 Don't worry - even I wouldn't pair Agnes with Angel!   And she saw him with Buffy in last episode and didn't flinch, remember?  All will be revealed one day soon, although to me it's quite obvious already.  

Yes, Agnes is a vampire and although she has retained a great deal of humanity, I don't think she actually likes Buffy very much!

04/18/2008 07:54 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Hmm... just saw the weird smiley faces in my review.  They were supposed to just be end-quotes and closed parentheses!  Oh, well, I hope they made you smile.

04/18/2008 07:49 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Agnes saves the day again!  I wonder what Spike will think if he finds out. 

I just can't tell you how much I enjoy this story.  You have such wonderful turns of phrase; the way Agnes describes gossiping demons,  her tin box hidden under her "winter knickers," the way she speaks to Spike ("And don't eat all my profits!", and the wonderful description of the inside of Willy's bar ("...ignoring invitations to partake in activities she wasn’t quite sure were physically possible...".

Thank you for the up-date.  As always, I'm looking forward to more!
 Sighs happily!  Thank you for such a nice review.  It's always good to know the readers are enjoying Agnes and her story.  I do worry about her, living behind Willy's Bar and I just hope she keeps that tin box well hidden!   More soon, but I must update Future Imperfect next.

04/18/2008 07:20 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
See!  A good strong cuppa fixes anything.  Lovely to see this updated.
 Absolutely!   So pleased you are still enjoying the story.

04/18/2008 06:23 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         

Yikes, Aggie was having a bad night! The scene with Joyce was positively horrifying.  This look into Aggie's head... With a shimmer, her face changed once more and she immediately felt a wave of remorse. ‘Really, Agnes,‘ she murmured to herself,’ that was a dreadful waste of tea!’ made me smile though. Great chapter!

I saw your note on the tag, your vacation sounded it like it was fun. I hope you had a wonderful time!

Congrats on Aggie's win!!!

 Agnes can be somewhat pragmatic at times!  But glad you enjoyed the chapter.
yes, the holiday was marvellous.  Vietnam, Bangkok and then up to North Thailand.  Pix on my LJ if you are also on that site.

04/18/2008 05:36 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
Oh my, that was very well done and a big surprise.  Poor Agnes.  Great story, thanks!
 So pleased you enjoyed the chp.  If enjoy is the right word!  Thank you for reading.

04/18/2008 04:21 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
What a wonderful way to handle that episode!  Came back wrong indeed!  I can see poor Joyce mouthing, "help me" very clearly (shades of Monkey's Paw)....chilling.

Agnes is a darling and I'm glad she stood up for herself.  She needs to have a chat with Spike about proper help where Dawn is concerned *G*.  She could set him right as her compass works just fine. 

Congratulations to you and our girl on her win...I would have given her first place but Agnes is likely to prefer runner up with her modesty LOL. 

I'd love to imagine a universe where Agnes is accepted by Giles and all the Scoobies and given a small corner in the Magic Box for her shop like many a book store in the US has now days. 


 Yes, I wanted to show that Agnes has learnt to look after herself. She does not rely on Spike for help, although I'm sure she would accept it if necessary.  

I was thrilled to win an award for Agnes.  She was delighted, too!   The only other thing she's ever won is third prize in the egg and spoon race when she was 9.

04/18/2008 04:16 pm
Chp 17 Buyer Beware         
wow.  Agnes sure does get around, doesn't she.
Your description of Joyce's ressurrection was horrifying.  Her awareness was ...ugh, just makes me shudder to think about it.  Definately nightmare-worthy.

I think I should go wash out my brain now...blech...
 Sorry if I upset you!   I always wondered exactly what was coming towards the house when Dawn tried to raise Joyce from the dead.  I just couldn't see it being a success!

01/25/2013 06:09 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
  That mommy just gets me.  I just hear her actually saying it on the show.

04/30/2008 07:29 pm
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
OH I hope Agnes helped her some, wonder what Agnes will tell Spike.

04/29/2008 07:34 pm
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Well done!

04/23/2008 04:19 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
This was a lovely chapter -

04/19/2008 12:17 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Very good chapter. But very sad. Spike was very torn up over Joyce's death, and even more so in knowing he wouldn't be welcome at the funeral.

Seeing Buffy with Angel and knowing he was a vampire had Agnes ready to rush out and help Buffy, if she needed it. That was very sweet. But Agnes telling Buffy that her mother would always hear her words was the very best she could have said to her. It allowed Buffy to cry, and more than anything Buffy needed to cry over her loss and not keep it all locked up inside of her.
 thank you so much for reviewing this chapter.  I wanted to show Agnes as being brave, even though she is not a particularly adventurous vampire!  And crying is good when you are upset!  Agnes knows this because so often she has been told not to cry through her life!

03/28/2008 01:53 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
wonderful read, thank you. agnes did not let her turning change who she is.
 thank you for reading and reviewing.  yes, I don't think Agnes has quite got the basics of being a vampire sorted out yet!  I think she must have a very Clem like demon inside her!

03/26/2008 08:31 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
lol  Agnes is afraid of spiders!?!  Lovely touch.  I think I say it every time, but I have to say it again, I love this story!  It's brilliant!  Keep up the good work. 
 So glad to hear you are still enjoying the story. I love writing it - you can see from the way my other wips are not being updated!   Wonder if i could find more hours in the day!

03/26/2008 12:07 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
I adore how you are lacing all the wonderful complex characters I've grown to love, into this generous and sweet little old lady's life.  It's going to be a big fluffy afghan isn't it, all multi-coloured and warm and dear.  I can so see the darling Agnes, at her tidy little kitchen, and Spike being his petulant self on a good day.  Thanks for your hard work and kind words.  I've been waiting til there was more of this story.
 thank you for reviewing. Much appreciated.  Yes, Agnes can appear a little cosy at times, but that's mainly because she has a positive approach to death.  But her life can be hard and bleak and she has all of Season 5 to cope with yet!

03/25/2008 05:56 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Oh, so sad...your heart just  breaks for her. 
 Yes, it was a dreadfully sad time.  And, lets face it, things are about to get a whole lot worse!

03/25/2008 05:54 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         

03/25/2008 04:38 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Alertnatelly hysterical and tear jerking.  Wonderful.  Wonder what Buffy will think if she comes across Agnes again and realizes what she is.  And what is tickety-boo?  Sounded perfect - but is it British slang, or something you made up to suit?  And what a brave little mouse Agnes is to know how to get around in daylight just to make her way to the library or the market!  Spike has good taste in friends, and so did Joyce.
 So glad you are still enjoying the story.  Re Ticketty-boo.  Well,  my grandmother used it a lot and so did one of my elderly aunts.  I've found a reference to it in Hi Gang!, the 1941 radio show with Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon but I don't know if that was heard in England.  But there was also a song my mum used to sing all the time which was "Everything is ticketty-boo, ticketty-boo, How about you? Everything is ticketty-boo on such a lovely day, Such a lovely, peaches and creamy day!"
It just sounded like Agnes!

03/25/2008 03:49 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Good for Agnes.  She made it to the funeral and helped Buffy.  She is such a wonderful character.
 thank you so much. Always nice to know you are enjoying the story.

03/25/2008 01:58 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Well, really! - LOL, that's perfect.  This chapter has everything - laughter, tears, Spike being goofy.  Loved the way Agnes was able to help Buffy.  Very sweet.
 thank you so much!  So pleased you enjoyed the chp.  

03/25/2008 01:11 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Even though the circumstances were heartbreaking, I have to say I enjoyed reading about Agnes preparations for going out. The way she checked her handbag brought back a fond memory of my late great aunt who never left the house without coins in case she needed to make an emergency telephone call... yes, this was way before cellphones. And Aggie's first meeting with Buffy was definitely worth the wait, I just love how she imparts her wisdom on everyone she meets. Wonderful chapter!
 Ha!  In no way is Agnes like my much missed god-mother, Monica, but in this one thing she is. Monica always checked her handbag before leaving the house, even to go to the postbox!  On holiday for fortnight soon. Will try to get another chp done before I go, but doubtful.  Don't forget us.

03/25/2008 01:05 am
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Oh you are so wonderful.  Your meeting between Agnes and Buffy was just perfect.
I'd love to know more about who turned Agnes and her past...and how old she is, in vamp terms...  and... she's just such a terriffic character, and  a perfect foil to see the events in Sunnydale against. 
 thank you so much for reviewing.  I'm on holiday for a fortnight from Friday so there might not be any new Agnes for a while. But when I get back, if people still remember the story!, I want to fill in a little more of her background before the nastiness of Season 5 really gets under way!

03/24/2008 10:47 pm
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Thanks for the update, I simply ADORE Agnes.
 That's good to know.  Must admit I have loved getting to know her.

03/24/2008 10:33 pm
Chp 16 A Friend in Need         
Agnes' sweet  practicality is adorable - that was a lovely chapter.
 thank you so much.

04/30/2008 07:08 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Oh I did know know I was this far behind, loved it.
 Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it.

04/29/2008 07:25 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Great chapter!

03/24/2008 07:50 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
love the chapter ending. very good read, thank you.
 glad you liked it.  Just posted another chpt!

03/22/2008 01:43 am
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Sweet but sad, kind of like Agnes.  I wonder if maybe Agnes will find a way to go to the funeral - it wouldn't be so odd for an old lady to be out in the sun under an umbrella.  She could say she'd met Joyce in hospital, which would be absolute truth.
 I know you won't believe me, but I'm writing the funeral episode right now!  But no umbrella!

03/19/2008 10:44 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
I do so love Agnes!
Are you trying so show us how much vampires don't need a soul to feel? 
I liked the "rock cakes" bit.  funny!  (and is a rock cake a real thing, not just a name for an unfortunate baking accident?)
 Glad you like my Agnes.  And yes, rock cakes are real!  Very easy to make - they are the cakes most children make first when they learn to cook over here.  Called rock cakes because you just drop the mixture on the baking tray in dollops and don't smooth it out. Then add crunchy brown sugar to the top so they look like little shiny rocks when baked.

03/19/2008 01:23 am
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Agnes is not a murderer from what you have written.  The thing that would "damn" a vampire is what they DO not what they are I would think so the religious behavior of Agnes is totally proper.  Then again if you use the Christian model...ALL are sinners bound for hell save for God's grace so why shouldn't a "demon", a monster, a vampire not have the same recourse, especially one either seeking redemption  (as Spike will be in time) or not having gone to the depts of demonic behavior after being turned like Agnes?

Anyone who complains on that issue is muddled IMHO.

EXCELLENT characterization in all events.

 thanks for your interesting comments.  It is a subject that has led to much discussion which is always a good thing!   

03/18/2008 09:57 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Yes Agnes, God surely includes you (and Spike for that matter)!  It's only His warriors that can't see differences.

I suspected she'd be surprised that her Joyce was the Slayers mom.  Really hope that when she DOES meet Buffy it's a fine a meeting as it had been with Joyce. 

Agnes can console Spike a bit, I hope.  I hated how he was treated by them all when Joyce died...he cared about her too and was denied the right to grieve. 

Loving this story as always.  You do a perfect joy of telling the episode canon from her standpoint here.  Lovely.

 My thanks, as always, for reviewing. Glad you liked Agnes and Spike in this chp.  I received a couple of rather barbed e mails about vampires not being able to sing hymns or have faith and it started an interesting discussion on my LJ which threw up some very good points.

Overall the main reaction seems to be do what I like and to hell with what anyone else thinks vampires can and cannot do!

03/17/2008 02:48 am
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
I don't review enough but this story is really good.  I love Agnes and she's bringing up some interesting questions.  This is a great retelling of Season 5 from another's point of view.
 Thank you for reviewing. I love hearing from readers and am so pleased you are enjoying Agnes' story.  Yes, she has some very different ideas from the usual vampire lore although some people aren't happy with a vampire who still retains their faith!

03/17/2008 02:47 am
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         

03/17/2008 12:14 am
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Very sweet memento to Joyce - each character resolving their feelings in their own way.  Loved it.
 Thank you very much for reading.

03/16/2008 09:12 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Great Spike/Agnes conversation, you really made me feel both Spike and Agnes' pain.   Aggie's thoughts on life as vampire was also interesting, the bit about being too embarrassed to look up vampires on the internet is just so Aggie... maybe another trip to the Magic Box is in the cards for her. Loved the closing scene, I found it very touching. Fantastic chapter!
 Much appreciate your remarks.  Agnes and her faith are obviously causing some readers problems but glad you weren't offended by it.

03/16/2008 06:35 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
So good, and yes, so very sad. (I always hated Xander for the way he treated Spike that night, he had no right to say what he did.) I hope that Agnes is right, for herself at least, that even for vampires there is a salvation in the end.

(Really love this story, can't wait to read each and every new chapter when you post it.) 
 Yes, I hated Xander for his behaviour, even allowing that he was in shock, too, at the time.   So pleased you are still enjoying the story.  Agnes' faith is obviously a difficult problem for some readers to accept.

03/16/2008 06:03 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         

Nicely done.  I love seeing the characters we know so well through Agnes' eyes.

 Thank you so much. Glad you are still enjoying Agnes.

03/16/2008 04:29 pm
Chp 15 Dust to Dust         
Vampire singing hymns.......hmmmm
 Agnes was and is a member of the Church of England - also belongs to the Women's Institute.  Being a vampire has never changed her faith and whatever demon took over her isn't strong enough to stop her.  She does have difficulty with crosses, though!

01/25/2013 05:48 am
Chp 14 Friendship         
  Arrrggg, you suck.  Joyce is awesome. Poor Agnes.

05/01/2010 12:14 am
Chp 14 Friendship         
Wonderful chapter and wonderful story ..what I've read so far..sorry I haven't reviewed previous chapters, was too busy reading, lol.  My only..I guess small complaint was the 'vampires can't cry' line because we all saw Spike cry many times. Anyway, just wanted to say I love this character, very original, and I love O/Cs that blur the line between soulless demon and human.
 Hi and so pleased to learn that you have been reading and enjoying my stories about Agnes Pringle.  Hmmm, you are right about the crying.  I might have to go back and edit that!  Thank you for pointing it out. It is amazing how many little things you miss, even when it is read several times.  My biggest one is vampires walking in and out of houses uninvited!  I always forget!

Do hope you enjoy rest of the chapters and some of my other work.

04/29/2008 07:16 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Well done!

03/02/2008 09:33 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
loved the line  "...-neither one was every fair." always felt the loss of joyce, but agnes has loss a much needed freind. very good chapter, thank you.

 glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you for taking the time to read and review.

03/02/2008 12:22 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
OH why did she not call anyone, I wish Buffy did not have to find her mother.
 I don't think it would have helped Buffy to have found a vampire in the house!  And at least Joyce was not alone when she died.  Hope you enjoyed the chapter though.

03/01/2008 08:26 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
re: Stories from when Agnes was first turned=====
I think these would be tons o' fun.  How long has she been a vamp?
I think her past beau/lover was The Immortal.
Drac could've always used an extra bride.  It couldn't have been Giles/Ripper (of course we're not quite sure how long he''s been in the US) & ditto Travers---either one she'd have already recognized.
Again, ditto Spike, for she'd have recognized him.  Angel? I think she'd have smelled the family familiarity on Spike and recognized it.
Merrick?  A possibility, but those watchers all seem to keep their noses in books most of the time.  Hank Summers? She doesn't seem his type but he is a dawg.  But again, it had to be someone, really, who could've turned her, wouldn't it?  Of course, that doesn't preclude a saddened Agnes running out into the night, or being careless in a strange place in a lovelorn state, and ending up turned. 
BTW, as to hair not growing on a vamp---I know hair doesn't grow on corpses, but... just look at both Angel in the '70s & Boxer Rebellion William/Spike for definitely longer hairstyles on our vamps.  So poor Agnes could've grown out that bad perm.   And get Spike to help her color her hair!  LOL!

03/01/2008 10:55 am
Chp 14 Friendship         
Oh, my...that was...well, breath-taking. Having had death hover near my house recently, too close for comfort tho' luckily a near-miss, I can certainly sympathize with Agnes' frustration, sadness and anger at the great rip-off that is Death...tho' rationally I know, as surely does she, of it's naturalness (?sp?) and necessity to complete the cycle of life in order for things to start anew. It seems Joyce's words were premature yet prophetic. And again, poor Agnes, who has to cover her tracks, making herself an invisible citizen, as if she never was... which is really sadder, on her part, since she is relatively young & new to her vampiric life, with feelings & apparent ties still to her humanity; and while late of human life and lifestyle, it seems that she should've been able to continue, at least for a while yet, to utilize her human identity & ID papers and such (ie not so much in the way of legal troubles, w/cops, working, etc).   I gather you decided for Joyce to die a bit sooner in this tale, before she was totally recovered, back to work, dating, etc.?
This does just illustrate how quickly death CAN take someone, as well as how quietly.  I remember about 25 yrs ago now, I was still in nursing school, and a group of us went to see yet another vampire flick, "The Hunger"---the kills in that movie illustrated to me more than any I've seen ever, I think, just HOW quick and silent death could come to anyone. I think Agnes, with her ability to sense and know death, totally realized this while gazing on her new friend, the friendship that now could not be, as she went about her task of fading from the scene in Joyce's house.  I think at that moment Agnes felt quite small, useless, almost a nobody, as there was nothing she could do in any way. 
It is interesting all the ribbons of connection throughout this tale, woven in and around Buffy, her family, friends/enemies, Spike, and Agnes, and she is only beginning to see the important ties & connecting points. It will be fun to watch her sort & unravel the connections, and hopefully see her make something fresh from it.
Still enjoying it lots, LH! Thanks!
 Wow, thank you for such a long and detailed review.  So pleased that you enjoyed the chapter.  Yes, Agnes feels enormous frustration and sadness because Death came to her and then didn't, if you see what I mean.  Her views on it will always be slightly different to other peoples.

The problem with her papers is that she was on holiday in the States when she was turned - see Chp 1.  She would have had a passport but not a lot else.  She never learnt to drive in England; she certainly would never have driven in the States.   She does not have a bank account or a Green Card.  I think she probably has a library card!

I'm hoping to do a few chapters about her life when she was first turned.  Would you think that fun?

03/01/2008 05:02 am
Chp 14 Friendship         
Thanks for the update.
 thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

03/01/2008 04:07 am
Chp 14 Friendship         
Poor Joyce!  Poor Agnes!   It's too bad they didn't have the chance to get to know one another more.
 I know. But at least Joyce wasn't completely alone when she died and her last conversation was a happy, hopeful one.

02/29/2008 11:52 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Poor Joyce - she would have enjoyed the cookies...I"m a bit annoyed (like agnes, I guess) that you didn't let her have any.  (*stomps*)    Having her vamp out and get all frustrated at Fate was nice.
I didn't review last chap, but I LOVED how Agnes got away from Glory.  Always play to vanity! 
She is a great character, and it's such fun to see things from a different angle.   I'm wondering if Buffy will ever meet her.  Not sure if you can do it and still keep in canon as you are, but it'd sure be interesting.
 Thank you for letting me know that you did read the Glory chapter.  i had noticed you hadn't reviewed and was worried you didn't care for it.  Will Agnes meet Buffy.  Oh yes, i think so.  Bites nails and runs away to worry.

02/29/2008 11:12 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Drop by and have coffee. Or was it drop in and drink coffee? - you can drop by or in, you can drink or have, you can even come around, but you're on your own if you ask for tea.  P

Lovely chapter.  So sad for Agnes, to lose her new friend. 
 That's what I thought, too.  Just when she'd found a woman who she sensed wouldn't mind her being a vampire!   Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you for reviewing.  it keeps me going.

02/29/2008 08:10 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Poor Agnes and poor Joyce. Agnes is quite right  it is not fair.
 thank you so much for reading. Appreciate it.

02/29/2008 08:05 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
A bittersweet chapter - beautifully done.
 thank you. glad you enjoyed it - if enjoy is the correct word!

02/29/2008 07:55 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
This chapter carried such an emotional wallop, and you did an amazing job with it. I look forward to finding out how Aggie copes with this tradegy. Wonderful chapter.
 thank you so much for such kind words. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. It was difficult to write.

02/29/2008 06:50 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Oh, poor Agnes!  At least she didn't get caught in the house.

I love the way you portray all the events from a completely new point of view.  More soon, please!
 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

02/29/2008 06:09 pm
Chp 14 Friendship         
Poor Agnes.  She has a good heart.  She's just not had much opportunity to use it.
 Don't worry, I've a chapter being written at the moment where she is called upon to do just that.

01/25/2013 05:38 am
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         

03/02/2008 12:17 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
Oh I hope she does not tell that Dawn is the key.

02/20/2008 03:57 am
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
agnes is such a delight. none of the scoobies have the character (soul) agnes does. thanks for the fun read.
 Thank you!    Agnes, of course, was a fully grown adult when she was turned.  I often think that all the Scoobies are still so childlike with no real parenting in their lives.   They have no parental values - except for Joyce - to live by and so sometimes run around trying to work out their own standards, often with disastrous results.

And when you think about it carefully, Spike, William and Dru were all very young adults when turned. Again, no life experience to draw on.

02/19/2008 03:08 am
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
I adore Agnes!!  The characters could learn quite a bit from her(coughBuffycough).  Thanks for the update.
 I'm a little nervous of the first time Buffy and Agnes meet.  Slayer - Vampire.  Ouch!

02/19/2008 03:04 am
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
Kill him,” Agnes said calmly. “I can cook.” - LOL - good one for Agnes.  Is Glory's face going to crack off?  I certainly hope so.

 Would have been fun if it did!

02/18/2008 11:09 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
Score one for Agnes!  Never thought she'd have a run in with Glory of all characters!  Now. Clem maybe would be a good match.
 We know she has met Clem already.  He is a frequent visitor to the tearoom.   Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

02/18/2008 08:15 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
How awesome of you to work Agnes into a situation saving Dawn!  I'd thought it grand that she saved Spike's nerves by watching Dawn and talking her down from her snit; but to actually actively aid her is spectacular. Especially of a lady like Agnes who simply usually wants to just do what is right, what is expected of her in her station in life, and to remain low-key (no pun intended), under the radar so to speak.  Tho' I worry & wonder now if she's become a blip on it since Jinxy brought her to Glory's attention. For her sake, that mask sure better have come off easily!  I'm glad she did what was right and was true to herself and her upbringing.  This is one no-nonsense, think-on-her-feet sort of gal! 
And having her cross paths with Dru was hilarious.  I wonder what she would've thought to find out not only did another vampire do this to Dru (and funny she couldn't immediately discern that Dru was a Master Vamp, or do you consider her one?), but that it was Spike's "sire/grandsire/teacher-cum-yoda" who did it to her? Would she wonder if Spike suffered at his hands as well, or if he followed in his footsteps? Not to mention, wonder how she'd feel finding out that this was the Vamp who Turned Spike? And that he'd spent most of 100 years caring for her, only to be tossed away...?  Think how, perhaps Dru might've healed or turned out if someone as practical as Agnes had been able to take her away from Angelus before at least ALL the damage had been drilled into her.  Perhaps Dru wouldn't have twisted her head off, and would've functioned a little bit better! I mean, hey, look at a few minutes with Dawn, and she responded  better than a season w/Buffy!
I hope within this storyline that Agnes at least goes to Spike with the info about Glory.  It would be quite interesting for Buffy to see that another vamp eats pig of her own choosing, remains true to her upbringing , beliefs, & values,  and both has worked out a comfortable compromise with her demon, taming the bloodlust. It would be good for Buffy (and Giles too for that matter) to see a vamp who is just another person, eeking it out day by day, putting on one sock at a time, just like anyone else (who just happens to work the nightshift).
I must've missed a couple o'chappies, so caught up!
 I found your comments about Dru interesting.  I don't think Agnes ever understood the subtleties of vampire life.  She isn't part of a family or clan, had no knowledge or teaching of how a vampire should behave or what to do.  I think she would find the whole Angel/Darla/Dru scenario extremely distasteful and "rather silly". But we'll see!

What will happen when she meets Buffy?   Hmmm,  she hasn't told me yet!

02/18/2008 08:00 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
Good old Agnes - so honourable.  She handled Glory brilliantly.
 Thank you!   Glad you see Agnes in this light.  She tries so hard to fight her own personal demon - who i am quite sure wasnt that demonic to start with!

02/18/2008 07:17 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
I'm so glad Aggie was able to get away from Glory without being seriously injured. Loved how she handled herself in this tough situation by the way. And the glimpses into Aggie's past are always extremely interesting, they really help flesh out her character beautifully. Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you.   I deliberately didn't have her knowing that Glory was a god.  I think we tend to react to what we think we know, not what is actually fact.  Agnes would  have been even more terrified if she'd known she wasn't dealing with just a demon.  Oh and a  few chapters ahead, I will be doing a little back story about "her Sweetheart"  !

02/18/2008 06:53 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
LOL.  I just LOVE this story!  Agnes is such a wonderful character.  And now you've introduced her to Glory as well.  If Agnes only knew what was going on around her!  Looking forward to more.
 Thank you for reviewing. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Yes, Agnes sees everything we know is happening from her point of view.  And sometimes she has a different opinion to us.  It's interesting.  

02/18/2008 05:55 pm
Chp 13 Recipe for Disaster         
Oh what a perfectly wonderful chapter!!!!

<i>"there was no way she would give away Dawn’s secret. Glory was a bully and bullies should never prosper"</i> YES that personal code of honor, an internal moral compass based on her own values!!!!  Oh that Giles could see our Aggie!  Good girl!

Love the interaction with Glory (and you have her voice spot on there down to the vanity.)  I had thought Aggie might get stuck there and be present when the witless hobbits bring Spike in to play pinata.

Now what's she going to do with her information one wonders.

Excellent.  I have sorely missed out Miss Pringle and *blow kisses* in greeting to her.

 Agnes is quietly happy that Kathleen is pleased with her new adventure!  Seriously, thank you for reviewing.  I can't remember writing Glory before and hoped I'd made a fairly accurate attempt at her speech patterns. Yes, Agnes's constant battle with her old self and her new demon makes for an interesting dilemma.  The more i write about her, the more complicated she becomes. It confirms my belief that the one dimensional vampire is wrong.

01/25/2013 05:29 am
Chp 12 Parenting         
Great Dru rant.

02/01/2008 01:24 am
Chp 12 Parenting         
agnes is delightful.  even dru seems to fall under her spell. fun read, thank you.
 thanks for reading all the chapters to date. Your comments always appreciated.

01/30/2008 10:44 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         
What an unexpected and delightful encounter!  Agnes will be in a tizzy to discover Dru's connection to Spike that's a fact.

Hope no one ties our Aggie to that train massacre!  RUN AGGIE RUN!

You are doing such a wonderful job of "telling" season 5 all through her eyes.  Smashing job!

Sorry I missed the update when you posted it.  Delighted to find it today.

 Glad to get your opinions. I was beginning to worry that you didn't like it much this time.  I don't think anyone who knows her would blame Aggie for the train massacre. But I have the feeling she is about to get more involved with the humans in Sunnydale. More than she would wish!

01/29/2008 04:30 am
Chp 12 Parenting         
Goodness, who's left for Agnes to still meet? Xander?
 Well, she hasn't actually met Buffy yet.  Perhaps she never will!   To Buffy she will just be another vamp.

01/29/2008 01:26 am
Chp 12 Parenting         
Great Drusilla - LOL at Agnes sorting her out.  What's parkin?
Glad you enjoyed the episode.
Parkin is a ginger cake traditionally baked in the North of England. Made with golden syrup or treacle and is very sweet and very sticky! Gorgeous!

01/28/2008 10:35 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         

Nice try, Agnes.

01/28/2008 09:55 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         
I just love Agnes and her escapades behind what we saw on the show.  It's sort of like "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" - it's a play set behind-the-scenes of Hamlet.  We're getting a glimpse of Sunnydale life outside of Buffy's spotlight, and I'm loving it.  Agnes' reaction to Dru was great.  I do hope she gets her urn after they clean up the mess on the train.
thank you for such a lovely review. Quite made my evening. Yes, I'm sure Agnes will get the urn. Although she might be a little concerned to find herself in the middle of a crime scene!

01/28/2008 09:19 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         
I have to say looking at life and people through Agnes' eyes is never boring, loved her interaction with Dru. Fantastic chapter!
All I can say is that it's a good job Dru didn't know she was Spike's special friend! Thank you for reviewing. I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

01/28/2008 07:54 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         
Oh, Agnes the Innocent!  She really is a lovely character.  Great story, keep it coming, please.
Thank you so much. Glad you are enjoying the story.

01/28/2008 07:26 pm
Chp 12 Parenting         
Another lovely chapter. Our Agnes is getting in deep!
I don't think she's ever met anyone quite like Dru before. Luckily Dru doesn't know she is Spike's friend - yet!

01/25/2013 05:21 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Awesomely awesome scene with two of my three favorite characters in the Buffyverse.

02/01/2008 01:16 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
beautiful agnes and dawn scene. fine read, thank you.

01/25/2008 06:28 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Lovely chapter. The straight talking was exactly what Dawn needs. It'l be great if she gets the message.
Much appreciate the review and you taking time to read the story. Glad you are enjoying it.

01/25/2008 03:52 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Agnes is truly a delight! She might actually tone down Dawn's angst. (Thank God!!) Hearing that different is okay from someone who IS different AND okay with it has to help. Even Buffy isn't okay in her own skin half the time. In fact, I'm looking forward to Buffy's meeting prim and practical Agnes. I foresee definate eye-opening there, and Agnes could become the less biased sounding board she really needed.
Wonderful, wonderful story!
Thank you so much for your very kind review. I'm glad you're enjoying Agnes' story. Yes, if she ever gets to meet Buffy - and survives! - it will be interesting! But fairly soon there's someone arriving by train who wants to meet her.......

01/25/2008 08:08 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
I'm really enjoying this story, thanks! Keep up the good work.
Thank you. Hope to update very soon. I might have to rush over to Alternate Sunnydale in Something to Sing About and sort out Buffy and Joyce....then back to Agnes.

01/25/2008 04:49 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
I love Agnes, I think she's my favorite o/c I've ever read. She knew just what to say to Dawn. Great update
Thank you.That is a really nice compliment. Yes, Agnes has little knowledge of teenage girls. She is more of the 'pull your socks up' school of thought. Perhaps that is what Dawn needed!

01/25/2008 04:49 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
That Agnes is such a sweetie. She gave Dawn some great advice. I love this story.
How very kind of you to stop by and review. Much appreciated. Pleased you are enjoying Agnes' story.

01/25/2008 02:43 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Great chapter - send along some of those Cherry Bakewells.
Please find box as requested. Mind the cherry on the top! Oh, by the way, these are non fattening Cherry Bakewells.

01/25/2008 02:22 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
What a treasure Agnes is! Wonder if/when they will all meet and discover they all know the same unusual vamp? I really liked her explanation, and I think both Dawn and Joyce get it, but I'm not so sure Buffy ever will.
Buffy's heart and mind travel a slightly different route. But then she has to, being the Slayer. I'm worried about what will happen when she meets Agnes!

01/25/2008 01:45 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Oh that was good, I am glad Spike brought her to her, it seemed to help Dawn, I just hope Buffy does not have a fit.
Well, at least Buffy should realise that Agnes is a vampire, unlike others of the Scoobies. What she does when she discovers the truth will be interesting.

01/25/2008 01:39 am
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
thanks for the update, I can't wait for agnes and buffy to have some words.
Thank you for reading. Yes, Buffy and Agnes are yet to meet. I think Agnes is steering well clear of The Slayer at the moment, but then she has promised to have tea with Joyce.....

01/24/2008 11:05 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
I don't think I ever told you how much I love Agnes. She even makes Dawn tolerable!! Looking forward very much to the next chapter of this fic...
Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so pleased you like Agnes. She has a lot of people to meet yet. Is that a train I can hear in the distance?

01/24/2008 09:48 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Oh I'm liking Agnes more and more. She has a brand of common sense that is all too uncommon in the Buffyverse. Hopefully Dawn's chat with her will result in a bit less whining.
Glad you're enjoying the story. I'm hoping Dawn will realise that she isn't alone in being different.

01/24/2008 09:34 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
Delightful! This was the talking-to that we all wished on Dawn. A pity party nobody attends. Perfect.
Thank you for commenting. Yes, Dawn had an incredible shock. It's hard to put ourselves in her place. I don't think Agnes would appreciate the teenage histrionics, though.

01/24/2008 09:21 pm
Chp 11 A Nasty Shock         
It's simply delightful to see how Agnes keeps touching the lives of those around her. She might not be a mother, but I loved how she handled the Dawn situation. The bit at the end with handkerchief was sweet. Great chapter!
Thank you, Irina. I don't think Agnes would get the whole teenage angst thing. She's very much of the 'pull your socks up' old school!

01/31/2008 10:30 pm
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
travers is so observant. fun read, thank you.
 Yes, he is the supreme ruler of the Council who is so good at spotting vampires and demons, isn't he?  Mind you, Giles was no better!  I don't think Agnes can give off vampy vibes.  I wonder if Buffy will spot her?

01/15/2008 06:33 pm
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
LOL what a delightful meeting. Mr. high and migthy Travers didn't even have a glimmer of a hunch about Aggie! Oh but that would have put HIS knickers in a bunch.

I just had a mental image of one corner of The Magic Box being let to Aggie for her small tea shoppe once Giles finds out what she is in a way that makes him not care. I just love her and would love her to be the group mom she could so easily be and they so badly need!

A complete COMPLETE delight as yummy as anything our Agnes could bake up and serve.

Glad this last chapter found approval. The group definitely need a little more maternal direction than they have at the moment. But somehow when Agnes gives advice, it can end up making things worse!

01/15/2008 06:50 am
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
This story is so charming. I look forward to the next chapter.
Thank you for reviewing and reading. I'm delighted you are enjoying the story. It's such fun to write.

01/15/2008 06:37 am
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
This story is really delightful! It's interesting to see Sunnydale from a totally different perspective. Thanks.
So pleased you are enjoying Agnes' adventures. Hope to post more soon.

01/15/2008 03:33 am
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
ROFL - the mighty Vampire Hunter, QT, doesn't recognize a vampire when he shakes one by the hand. The delicious irony.
Most vampire seem to be young men and women. I think Quentin has tunnel vision! Glad you liked the story.

01/15/2008 03:05 am
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
OH he would and has but not to sure how he would react if he found out he just had coffee with one.

I wonder what she will tell Spike about the man.
I think Quentin would be horrified at what he had just done!

01/14/2008 11:35 pm
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
That was one funny meeting of minds!
If only Travers knew who he was speaking to!

01/14/2008 10:50 pm
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
Every interaction Agnes has is positively fascinating, I loved the irony of Travers and Agnes' inner thoughts about vampires. Wonderful update as always!
Thank you so much. I always look forward to your comments.

01/14/2008 07:46 pm
Chp 10 Coffee for Two         
You know, this really is a delightful story. I'm loving how you took a throwaway little comment and are weaving so much into it.
I look forward to your updates.
Pleased you are enjoying the story. It's a joy to write.

01/25/2013 04:39 am
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Text  I love how your rolling the actual cannon plot in with this.  I still love her.

08/05/2012 10:07 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Agnes's advice to Spike was excellent.  Though so were his responses! 
Thank you!  I agree.

09/16/2011 02:59 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
that explains the chocolates!!!

01/31/2008 10:24 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
"... a bloody goood idea." chocolate always is. fun chapter, thank you.

01/13/2008 11:52 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Such a delightful point of view from Agnes observing the going ons in SunnyD - I love the snapshots of events you're giving from her perspective.
thank you so much for your comments. Glad you're enjoying Agnes and her life in Sunnydale. It's about to get even more complicated...

01/09/2008 03:32 am
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Spike might have done better giving her some of Agnes' pastries (sans the blood)...if she knew more about Agnes she might begin to see that vamps have more individuality and wide variety than she ever imagined - maybe including Spike.
Absolutely, because we all know what he ended up doing with the box of chocolates, don't we?! And yes, I've always felt vampires should have been given a lot more individuality rather than just lurking monsters. Dalton and Sunday were great.

Time of Change
01/08/2008 07:01 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
“Sometimes we want you to be what we think you could be if you tried.

Wonderful line!
thank you! Always keen and anxious to know what you think.

01/08/2008 02:56 am
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
your hands were so cold, they were ideal for making pastry! ROFL and at Spike stealing a box of chocolates for Buffy - we all know how well that will work out. Hope Spike doesn't eat them all while he's practicing.
If I remember correctly, he smashed the box to pieces!
Obviously Aggie's lessons weren't enough.

01/07/2008 11:18 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
OH I wonder if it will work
Well, judging by the way Spike smashed the box of chocolates into pieces when he was practising, I think he needed another lesson or two from Agnes!

01/07/2008 08:58 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
This is such a well written story, so original and yet fits events so well! I hope there is a happy ending for Agnes, bravely keeping her standards up in the face of everything.
thank you so much for your kind remarks. Glad you're enjoying the story. I think Agnes's contribution to life in Sunnydale has been badly overlooked!

01/07/2008 06:11 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Just wanted you to know that I have been reading this story from the very beginning and have enjoyed every update. I love Agnes, she's such a proper british matron, she makes me smile.

(Sorry, I'm one of those people who reads but doesn't always comment. Even when I really like a story. I'm also thinking there are proably a lot of others reading this story, because it really is "just to good to miss". )
Dear Anon462, how very kind of you to break silence and let me know that you are enjoying BAU and Agnes. Honestly, it makes such a difference to a writer, even if people don't like the story, you need to know they are reading it. Anyway, thrilled you are enjoying Agnes and her adventures.

01/07/2008 06:11 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Well, I've got a pretty good idea which box of chocolates it is we're talking about, and a poor box it is after Spike gets through with it, what with his tantrums & all...Silly man... Do you think that they actually use either one of their heads for real thinking?
I once had my fiance give me a lovely, huge, handmade Victorian-styled Valentines card that he bought me at an American Civil War Re-enactment event...on the way home in the jeep, he slaps his forehead, and says, "Oh, Damn, I forgot to get Mom something for Valentines...Do you think I can borrow YOUR card?", I just wanted to LOOK at it for a few minutes, not KEEP it or anything for MY OWN old age! Geez, guys just don't get the whole sentiment thing.
Love the story, great update. As usual, am demanding more!
I do hope you hit him over the head with it! Men! That's about the best comment I can make. So pleased you are still enjoying the story.

01/07/2008 04:00 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea this relationship. The so proper Agnes would asuredly have stopped that dreadful choice of who to break the "I love you" to Buffy! He needs to listen to our girl.


So pleased you liked this chp. I am supposed to be updating Forever and a Day, and had written half a page when Agnes demanded that i told the story of her and the chocolates! Sighs. She's a hard taskmistress.
Just wish more people were reading the story.

01/07/2008 02:39 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
'Luckily, one of the pluses of being a vampire cook was that your hands were so cold, they were ideal for making pastry!' Good ol' Aggie, I love how she found something about her vampiric state that is beneficial.
Great Spike/Agnes interaction, I like how Agnes' advice is tying into another Spike scene from the show. I also enjoyed learning a bit more about Agnes' past. I hope she finds a gentleman friend in this story, Aggie truly deserves someone to come calling.
Congrats on the well deserved noms!!!

Thank you for congrats. I am just so pleased that people like Agnes. Just wish a few more were reading! Maybe she is an acquired taste. As for a future boyfriend....hmmm, let me think....

01/07/2008 01:59 pm
Chp 9 A Good Idea         
Very funny -- Spike is such a guy!

01/31/2008 10:19 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
sweet read, thank you. hope agnes stops by with the cakes.

01/04/2008 02:40 am
Chp 7 A New Friend         
An inspired chapter - Joyce and Agnes would be good for one another. Was disappointed to see the same chapter posted twice though - but at least that means I hadn't missed one!
thank you and yes, I am sorry about the double posting but occasionally my machine tells me it hasn't been posted, so I redo it and wham! there it is twice. And I can find no way of deleting the second one.

01/03/2008 02:54 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
What a wonderful scene,my two favorite ladies. I love this story, Thank you for the update.
Thank you for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated.

01/03/2008 01:02 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
What a lovely Joyce/Agnes scene. Agnes' interactions with the people in Buffy's world are just wonderful, should be interesting to see who she runs into next. Fantastic update!
So pleased you enjoyed Agnes' meeting with Joyce. Hmmm, who could possibly be next?

01/02/2008 08:40 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
Oh how perfectly wonderful!!!!

Yes our Agnes would find the hunt and kill far beneath her dignity wouldn't she? I can see her getting her blood this way with no trouble. I ADORE her still and love the idea of a friendship with Joyce. What an inspired choice!

I was waiting impatiently for your comments, Kathleen! yes, she and Joyce would be good friends, but think of the timing.....

01/02/2008 07:54 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
I'm following this story faithfully. Agnes is such a funny and quirky character. She's so out of place in the vampire world, I feel sorry for her discomfort. Her point of view makes wonderful, fun, sweet reading. Looking forward to more.
thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, this is exactly how I see Agnes, too. I just thought there must be lots of people who were turned whose "demon" didn't completely change them. I mean, look at Spike!

01/02/2008 07:39 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
Oh that was good, I wonder if she realized she was talking to the Slayers mother and that they were talking about Spike.
Knowing Agnes as well as I do, I don't think she did. At this moment in time, the Slayer is just some nasty girl whom her friend Spike likes! The concept of Slayer hasn't sunk home yet.

01/25/2013 04:33 am
Chp 7 A New Friend         
    Ahhhh, Joyce. Great conversation there.

01/06/2008 08:16 pm
Chp 7 A New Friend         
That was sweet.
thank you.

01/04/2008 02:24 am
Chp 7 A New Friend         
And Spike. Definitely unreliable but – in an emergency - LOL - that's SPike to a T. Agnes is great as always.
thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Glad you're enjoying the story. More soon.

01/25/2013 04:25 am
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
  Awwww, I always felt sorry/liked Hormony.  I am very much enjoying this so far.

12/02/2007 05:31 am
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
lol that is so Harmony! Poor girl. She's so clueless :::shakes head:::

12/02/2007 01:12 am
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
No fair Lilac - let Agnes bust Spike's chops for being a bad boy. Love the story. Good Harmony piece, too.

12/01/2007 09:58 pm
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
agnes must be on the road to sainthood. empathizing with and actually having a conversation with harmony. very good read, thanks
thank you so much for both reading and reviewing. Don’t know about sainthood. Sometimes trying to do the best for people can land you in a load of trouble!!! Don’t forget there‘s a certain hell goddess around in this time.

12/01/2007 03:16 am
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
What a fabulous character! Can't wait to see what Agnes gets up to next.
thank you so much. It’s so nice to know people are enjoying reading about Agnes and her life in Sunnydale.

11/30/2007 10:23 pm
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
OH I wonder how that talk would go.
I think Spike might listen but not for long!

11/30/2007 07:49 pm
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
Agnes is such a well-rounded character, I just love how you're fleshing her out. These glimpses into her head are simply wonderful. Great Agnes/Harmony scene. Loved the update!
How nice of you to read and review. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying Agnes’ adventures. She does so love to help - which could cause a few problems along the way!

11/30/2007 07:37 pm
Chp 6 The Girlfriend         
Ah Agnes on the scent of Harmony exiledom...excellent!

I so adore her you know. This vampire could easily become my all time favorite (except in the lustful way of course). I'd still fancy a romance between her and Giles. I think they'd be delightful together.

Hmm, have you been reading my notes for a few chps ahead? So pleased you like Agnes. She is definitely becoming one of my favourite characters to write.

12/06/2007 12:49 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Pssst! You've posted chapter four twice, and I presume that it is becuase of this that you have titled chapter five as chapter six. ... And here I was, seeing you had a sixth chapterm thinking that I found new goodies. .Ah, well... I guess I'll have to be patient just like the rest
Hi, yes, sorry but I can’t seem to make the site edit the duplicated chapter out! Hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the latest chapter which is The Girlfriend. Am working on next one and hope to have it up next week but must update a few wips too!

11/17/2007 04:48 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Poor Agnes really is sweetly naive in a lot of ways. She is helping Spike, just not in the way she thinks. I really hope she doesn't get to infatuated with him because he's clearly a goner for the Slayer.
Hmm, I think Agnes has enough sense to know that Spike is not for her. But she still likes him enough to interfere in his life!

11/15/2007 11:45 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
"becoming a vampire had opened her eyes to a world where core values could get neglected if you didn’t concentrate on them.

I ADORE Aggie!!!!!!

Love how you have woven this into canon with Spike finding out about Riley's nasty "habits" this way. Perfect!!!!!

I always felt what Riley did to Sandy was one of those things I never could forgive him for. Sandy had backed off nicely when she had tried to interest him before and wasn't rampaging. He lured her and killed her without any reason I could see. I still fume! That and staking Spike did it for me where Mr. Finn is concerned.

I really love this story so very much. It is unique and wonderful.

I am so thrilled that you are enjoying the story of Agnes Pringle so much. She is a joy to write especially as I have always felt that there had to be other vampires out there who weren’t all horrific and plain stupid. But she is still a vampire and I think that might lead to complications with a certain Slayer.....

11/15/2007 01:45 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Aww.. poor Spike missing out on the donuts, but on the plus side he learned Riley's nasty little secret. Loved the Agnes/Spike interaction. Great chapter!
Yes, Agnes has certainly spoilt Riley’s plan. Glad you are enjoying the story!

11/15/2007 01:01 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Ah - I love Agnes! So sweet in her dotty little way.
thank you so much.

11/15/2007 02:56 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
And all the time he was – well! ROFLMAO - this is just perfect. Agnes is a terrific character. Loved her telling Spike not to blaspheme.

I think you need a sweets glossary for us Americans. Eccles cake? Vienna Twirls? PG Tips?
Thank you for review. Yes, Agnes doesn’t hold with blaspheming! Sorry about the cakes. I must admit I didn’t consider the language problem where pastries are concerned. PG Tips is a type of tea. Eccles cakes are made from puffy pastry and stuffed with currants, Vienna Twirls are two small pieces of very sweet shortbread, sandwiched with jam, dusted with icing sugar with the top piece swirled up into a pointed - well, swirl!

11/15/2007 02:30 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Do so love Agnes! One of the most original original characters. Though we never did see how/if her potion worked. Also, do you list somewhere the quote that inspired the character? I'd like to know what you are referring to, but I'm too lazy to go look for it. Thanks for writing.
Well, the potion part will come into the next chp again! And the quote comes from Spike in The Replacement. When the Scoobies ask Spike what he is doing in the dump, he replies, “There’s a nice lady vampire who set up a charming tea room over the next pile of crap!“
Obviously being sarcastic, but what if he wasn’t......?

11/15/2007 12:50 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
This is such a great story - kind of puts my head on sideways, but I like it. Agnes is a wonderful OC.
Sorry for the sideways head! But pleased you are enjoying the story.

Pam S
11/14/2007 06:40 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
So Agnes is the one that told the tale..on Riley.

BTW.. I believe this is posted twice.

thank you and yes, twice. Agnes told Spike about Riley’s nasty little habit and yes, it is posted twice and I’m not sure how to delete one of them!

11/14/2007 06:31 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
OH so now we get to see what happens to Riley.
Well, Spike had to learn about Riley from someone!

11/14/2007 05:57 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
I continue to love this slant on the goings on in Sunnydale. I will be terribly sad if anything happens to Agnes. What a really delightful original character! Thanks!
thank you so much. glad you are enjoying Agnes’ adventures.

01/25/2013 04:10 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
“Well, as you know, I am not one to gossip".    Heh, such a great line for her.

12/02/2007 05:19 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
She's so sweet and naive. Poor woman. She really wasn't the ideal candidate to be turned, was she? I hope for her own good that she will adapt to her vampire life. Although, maybe it's a good thing for her because, as bitchy as Buffy can be, I seriously can't see her staking this lady. She's completely harmless. Good think she's friend with Spike.
Happy New Year!

12/01/2007 03:08 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Ha! I never questioned how Spike knew about Riley's habit ... go Aggie!

11/17/2007 05:18 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
dear agnes, so very helpful. what a delight.

11/15/2007 06:27 am
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
Oh, I just love Agnes! She has a fine sense of what's right and proper. I had to laugh at how Riley Finn not only disappointed her by not being what he seemed to be, but also managed to offend her sensibilities. Agnes being the one who spills the beans about Riley's little foible to Spike slips into canon so neatly. I never really thought About how Spike came to find out about Riley's little habit before now. This is the perfect explanation. I'm definitely looking forward to more of this fic.
So pleased you like Agnes. I’ve always thought that vampires should be as diverse as humans, even though they are possessed by a demon! Agnes’ demon is obviously just as naive as she is!

11/14/2007 11:48 pm
Chp 4 Faults and Foibles         
More delicious fun. I'm really enjoying this.
So pleased you are enjoying the story.
Note: you can’t put on weight reading about cakes, can you?

01/25/2013 04:02 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
   Oh goodness, the love isn't going anywhere.  She is just so cute.

01/03/2011 02:03 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
OMG, too funny!  Agnes wants Riley & Spike to be friends!
 Agnes gets herself into all sorts of difficulties as her story progresses.  Do hope you will let me know if you enjoy them.

12/02/2007 04:55 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Interesting new character. I like the story so far. Good job.
thank you. Always keen to have your opinion.

11/14/2007 11:42 pm
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Hilarious! I could just see Gentleman Giles. And Fat Rascals!! I take my hat off to you.

10/31/2007 04:42 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
dear well-meaning agnes. at least her meddling can not be as bad as the scoobies. fun read. i'm sure spike and riley will be great pals.
Now, now, trust Agnes’ judgement in men, you know how good that’s been in the past!!!

10/31/2007 03:52 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Oh dear, the tall fair man is Riley isn't he? What on earth is the charm going to do? LOL the mind boggles...
I’m hoping Agnes will have the sense to intervene...but then she’s the sort of girl who will always see good in everyone!

10/29/2007 11:17 pm
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Agnes is cute. Why didn't Giles detect coolness in her extended grip or maybe that's at the back of his mind? And Riley? Oh no!
Oh yes, I’m afraid so! Remember we are in Season 5!

10/29/2007 11:41 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Okay what is she up too, I tend to be a bit confused with this story at times.
Can you tell me what is confusing you? I hate to think readers are unhappy with story. Agnes is just trying to be helpful but as you can see from this episode with Giles and Glory, it doesn’t always help Buffy!

10/29/2007 05:02 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
The delightful Miss Pringle just keeps charming me more and more with each new chapter, I loved learning more about her past... and all her talk of yummy snacks really made me hungry for something sweet... lol! The scene at the Magic box was wonderful, I'm thinking Giles will definitely get the opportunity to meet Agnes again. Can't wait to find out how Agnes' spell plays out. Good update!
thank you so much for reviewing. I am delighted you are still enjoying reading about my dear Agnes. She’s thinking of starting a vegetarian snack line at the dump. Oh come on, vegetarian demons. I have to write that!

10/29/2007 01:17 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. It's sweet, humorous and completely original. Agnes is a real gem of a character. I've loved her interactions with Spike and Giles, and I can't wait for her to meet up with Buffy and the rest of the scoobies. Somehow, I think that she and Joyce would get along very nicely, and she'd probably want to mother Dawn. I love the idea of another vampire who completely contradicts everything the Watcher's Council has ever said about souless vampires. I can't wait to read more of Agnes' adventures.
thank you so much for such a nice review. I’m thrilled that you like Agnes, who is such a joy to write about. Sadly, not too many people are reading the story but those who are seem to love it which is so nice from my point of view.
Yes, I wanted to portray a different sort of vampire, one to whom is was more of an inconvenience than a life changing event! And under all the fluff and naievity, I have the feeling Agnes is quite brave. We will see! Whatever, the Scoobies are going to get a shock.
My only sorrow is that, at the moment, I can see no way of her and Mayor meeting because of exploding big snake!!!

10/29/2007 12:14 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Love Agens and I want some of those Fat Boys.
Fat Rascals - yummy!

10/29/2007 12:01 am
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Very interesting and different type of story. I love the character of Agnes - quite refreshing, oh, and Giles is so blind.
Glad you are enjoying it. After the angsty chap I wrote for Something to Sing About, I felt obliged to rush over and write Agnes. She cheers me up a lot!

10/28/2007 08:47 pm
Chp 3 The Other Customer         
Oh yes, the dear, interfering in a delightful way! LOL

LOVE the interaction between Giles and Agnes especially as he didn't snap that she is a vampire. All that hockum he gave Buffy about sensing them too! *G*. I'd love him to continue to see her in a good, sympathetic, light even after he figures it out.

Love the cameo by Glory.

I am totally in love with Agnes! She is so oblivious to her demon status really that it's charming. She's grandma with fangs, Aunt Aggie with sun issues, she's perfect.

Love this,
delighted you still like Agnes. I’ve always wanted to write a demon who wasn’t enamoured of the state! To Agnes it is just an inconvenience we don’t talk about in polite society - like bad breath!

01/25/2013 03:52 am
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Haha, I kinda love agnes.

08/05/2012 09:34 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
So sweet!  I'm enjoying this story quite a bit!  Wonderful OC!
Welcome to Aggie's world!   So glad you can join us on her journey through Sunnydale!  I love writing about her and glad you are enjoying it so far.

11/14/2007 11:38 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Agnes is a hoot!

tine of change
10/18/2007 03:43 am
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
More Agnes!!! Yay!
so pleased you like Agnes. She is rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

10/16/2007 12:48 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
I am enchanted. More, please. One small complaint: this story is making me crave pastries!
So pleased you like my Agnes Pringle. And apologies for pastries craving! More soon.

Pam S
10/15/2007 02:20 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Love your Agnes. Such a gentile lady. Looking for a "man" a gentleman friend..

Doesn't she know, its usually when you don't want them around you can't get rid of them.

I think she’s going to find out that being Spike’s friend is a full time job!

10/15/2007 01:04 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
What a wonderful Spike/Aggy scene, the two play off with each other beautifully... loved their little talk. Fantastic update!
thank you so much for reviewing. Much appreciated.

10/15/2007 04:01 am
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
agnes is a delight. very good read, thank you.
so pleased you liked Agnes.

10/15/2007 01:52 am
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Oh that was interesting.
thank you.

10/14/2007 11:32 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Okay.....have a DREAM situation of Giles and Agnes meeting and Giles eventually finding out she's a vampire but ONLY after he's seen the sides of her that are totally anti-Council propaganda....oh yes, this is the stuff of dreams.....sigh...

Are you reading my notes?!!!

10/14/2007 11:19 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
I ADORE AGNESS!!! I love this story!!! Really, she's wonderful mom material for our poor lost boy. I understand her being attracted to him but he needs her as a mum.

“Don’t blaspheme,” Agnes said automatically. “Perhaps you irritate her as well. We often see our own faults in people we dislike.” Here is where I went from merely loving her to adoring her. What a wonderful character, what a fabulous vampire character in particular....PERFECT and I do so hope Buffy meets her and has her little world tilted sideways from it (and NO STAKING OF AGGY, I won't stand for it!).

I like the praying vampire...why ever not indeed. I think she has the right of it, God knows she's a vampire and that her food source is human blood. It's not like she's out torturing people or anything like that from the sounds of it. I think it makes perfect sense.

Dearly loving this one.

So pleased you are pleased! I was worried that I wouldn’t tell Agnes’ story properly, but so far so good!

Yes, I think quite early on her vague feelings of attraction to Spike are changing to those of friendly exasperation and, as odd as it might sound where Spike is concerned, protection.

I hope people don’t object to the praying vampire, but whichever demon took over Agnes either seems to share her religious beliefs or isn’t have much effect. Perhaps it’s the age thingy!

10/14/2007 06:45 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
LH, thankyou for such a pleasant diversion from the usual.
It is also good to see other vampires that aren't totally mindless minions (other than the Aurelians, that is).
Agnes is a hoot, with her proper upbringing, her spinster-ish clasping of her house-robe (we call them housecoats (or robes) here in the US), her respectfully kept (for a vamp!) social hours, her tendency--no, her need--to comfort others (yes, I'd love to comfort that certain blond as well!), and even her faithfully retained religious training--her faith ironically still there (Slayer & Council, explain THAT!)
--and her prayers to a God she is sure will understand her plight.
How delightful.
And, LH, you wound me; no worse, you DATE me & my age (era?) with reference to a spinsterly aged woman reading Barbara Cartland romances! I believe I might still have a few packed away in boxes somewhere...oh, the shame.
Your fics are always enjoyed and appreciated.
Have e mailed you with comments but in the meantime, thank you so much for reading and commenting. Glad you like Agnes.

10/14/2007 06:29 pm
Chp 2 Tea and Comfort         
Love Agnes and can't wait for more. Hot chocolate and blood - ew. Cream horns. Yum
so pleased you are enjoying this.

11/14/2012 09:07 pm
Chp 1         
What a treat to find Agnes' story on this site! I have looked her up at LJ from time to time, but I see that I am quite behind on my chapters! Rather than start with the chapters I haven't yet read, I'm starting at the beginning and will re-read the entire saga.  I see, though, that the story is marked as "complete." If that means there will be no more tales of Agnes to be had, then the ending will be bittersweet, indeed. But thank you for posting all the chapters here.

P.S. Agnes has been inspiring, too. I have been intrigued by several of the pastries and biscuits mentioned,  to the point of tracking down recipes and making them myself. So double thanks are due!
Delighted to hear you enjoy reading Agnes' adventures.  I am now eagerly awaiting your verdict on the end few chapters. Fingers crossed!   And even more delighted that some of her recipes are being used.  Did you ever do devils on horseback!!!?

12/01/2007 02:58 am
Chp 1         
This is so cute - just quirky and interesting. I can't quite remember that line, though. Now I need to go rewatch the episode!

11/14/2007 11:33 pm
Chp 1         
You certainly know your cakes, girl!

10/14/2007 06:55 pm
Chp 1         
This was cute!

09/27/2007 06:52 am
Chp 1         
awww, that's truly adorable such a whimsical sweet little how she's a vamp, so she's not all that concerned with the morality of feeding, but she *is* concerned about the legality of it...ever the proper lady! lol..great piece, love
Thank you so much. I felt that Agnes would worry about laws more than ethics! Been pushed into continuing - not that it needed much of a push! Spike’s coming for tea in next chp! Interested?

09/27/2007 06:02 am
Chp 1         
Cute little story. I enjoyed it. Your descriptions are very good. You made me crave tea lol There's this little tea room in Long Beach, California, where a friend of mine always takes me when I visit... your description made me want to be there lol.
A good English tea-shop is a joy, especially when the cakes are home-made.

Glad you liked the story. Spike arrives for tea in next chapter!

09/27/2007 05:35 am
Chp 1         
Simply wonderful! You really have a knack for creating new characters, they're always so rich, and interesting. If you continue this I'd definitely read it! Great story!
thank you so much. I love Agnes and will definitely continue. It isn’t going to be a serious story, quite light-hearted, but enjoyable, I hope.

09/27/2007 12:11 am
Chp 1         
A nice picture.

09/26/2007 09:13 pm
Chp 1         
Love this character! She has pluck- adapting to a new life [or unlife]. Hope that Spike will become a steady customer for her tearoom and maybe help her meet someone.
Re-reading this little story was a pleasure.
thank you! Yes, Spike and Agnes are certainly going to have some sort of relationship, even if it isn’t what she wants it to be!

09/26/2007 06:40 pm
Chp 1         
Bwahahahaha I've let the bunny loose! Delighted that's what I am. Yes you must help our Agnes achieve her joy, romantic hearts insist upon it (I think our Spike would agree).


09/26/2007 06:04 pm
Chp 1         
Ahhhh the dump tearoom! This is completely unique LOL. Love the start. Poor Agnes, we all know one of her. I look forward to seeing how this goes. Perhaps a nice unspoken for vampire or demon (hello Clem) to finally rock her world. Poor dear deserves it.

Oh no! I was fighting that bunny for months because i had so many ideas for Agnes but I thought, no, you’ve got too many wips already, - just leave it as a one-off. But now you’ve stirred up the whole warren again and I’m going to have to write it! Hope you’re happy now!!!