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Spike sensed Buffy a split second before the door of his crypt flew open as the slayer made her usual dramatic entrance. He leant back in the chair and smirked; this looked like it’d be worth missing Dawson’s Creek for.

“Hello, love,” he purred. “Come to ole Spike for a bit more rough and tumble?”

“Shut up, Spike,” snapped Buffy, striding towards him.

Spike’s smirk faded. Would the bitch ever sweet talk him? He couldn’t help it – whatever she wanted, he gave her, but what he’d give to see something other than lust in those eyes. He turned his attention back to the TV.

“Just that I’m busy…good episode this.”

Buffy grabbed Spike’s hand. “Come on, we haven’t got much time.”

Sighing, Spike allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, resisting for a moment when he reached out and picked up his leather coat as he was led to the door.

“What now? Niblet gone missing, is it?”

Buffy looked at him sharply. “What part of ‘shut up’ don’t you understand?”

Spike scowled and yanked his hand away from hers with a growl. For weeks now, he’d let Buffy come to him whenever her itch needed scratching. He was a pathetic pillock when it came to her – he knew it – but a little respect wasn’t much to ask, was it?

“Right! That’s it!” he snarled. “Fed up with being your fuck toy. ‘M not going!”

To his horror, Buffy just started to laugh. Not a little snicker either; a full blown – tears streaming, gasping for air – laugh.

“Fuck you,” growled Spike, vamping out for a moment before turning on his heel, and stomping away.

“That’s what I intend to do,” gasped Buffy, hands clutching her aching sides.

Spike’s ears pricked up. What was that? He slowed his steps but carried on walking. If he’d heard right then the Slayer would—

“Spike! Wait.”

Spike stopped, counted to three and then turned around – no need to look too bloody eager was there? He had intended on counting to five, but that seemed way too long. He made up for his lack of willpower with a very slow turn. He tilted his head on one side and feigned nonchalance.

“Something to say, pet?”

“I want you to come with me,” said Buffy, wiping her eyes and still wheezing a little.

“Need ‘bit more than that. You can’t just expect me to jump to it whenever you want,” grumbled Spike. He knew that he was going to do whatever it was that she wanted. He knew that she knew it too.

Buffy stood up to her full height and fixed him with a piercing stare. “Spike. I need you to come with me, now. I can’t tell you anything else.”

“Oh?” said Spike, one eyebrow reaching for his hairline. “That right? Why’s that, then?”

He felt pleased with how well he was doing. All he really wanted to do was…well, it would never happen would it? The Slayer might shag him, screw him, fuck him, but one thing that she’d never do was make love to him.

Buffy smiled sweetly at him and held out her hand. Spike stared at it as if it was covered in toxic waste. What was the bint playing at now?

“I want you to come with me, please. Just trust me, okay? I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

Please? Did she just say please?

“Um…okay,” he said slowly. He took her hand in his and winced when she squeezed it tightly. “Not under a spell are you?” He had to ask.

“What? Me? No. Why would you think that?” asked Buffy with a frown.

“Not the first time is it? Think last time you were this nice to me was when Red told us to get married.”

Buffy giggled. It was a lovely sound. Spike bit his bottom lip as his cock started to get perky.

“God, you look cute when you do that,” said Buffy, still chuckling.

Spike smiled before her words sank in. “Cute? Bloody hell, Slayer; not a thing a bloke wants to hear.”

“Come on,” urged Buffy. “We need to get going.” She pulled on his hand and the pair began to walk briskly out of the cemetery.

“This surprise,” said Spike, “is it of the nice variety or the ‘we live on the Hellmouth’ variety?”

Buffy glanced at him. “Can’t tell you.”

“Hmmph.” That’ll be the not so nice sort then. Why wasn’t he surprised that the surprise would be an unpleasant one?

Buffy clutched his hand as they walked along, striding so quickly that Spike found himself trailing slightly behind her like a child. If his heart could beat, it would be racing – something seemed a bit off with the Slayer tonight.

“We’re going to a hotel?” asked Spike as they turned into the parking lot of the best hotel in Sunnydale.

Buffy grinned at him.

Spike reached up with his right hand and pinched his cheek, hard. Ow! Bloody hell. Not a dream, then.

“I’ve already checked in.”

Spike found himself glancing over his shoulder. Was he being set up for one of those TV shows? Was there a camera crew out there ready to film him when the Slayer finally came to her senses and punched his face? For a second, he hesitated, but Buffy’s grip became painfully tight and she gave him a little tug.

“Come on.”

Spike shrugged. What did he have to lose? Buffy had thrown just about everything at him at some point or another. They walked inside and rode up to the top floor in the elevator. It was lined with mirrors and if Spike needed reminding how stupid his love for the Slayer was, he had it then. She spotted him staring at the reflection of her outstretched hand, appearing to cling to nothing. She smiled and brought their hands up to her lips, kissing the back of Spike’s. The doors opened with a ‘ping’ and the pair stepped out.

Pausing at the door to room 669, Buffy asked, “Do you trust me?”

Spike met her eyes, his expression serious. “With my un-life, pet. You know that.”

Inwardly, he cringed a little. What had happened with being cool and hard to get? The corners of his mouth twitched upwards. Like he could ever be anything other than a lovesick puppy when he was with her.


He gasped when she pulled a length of black cloth from the pocket of her jacket. Spike swallowed hard. Did she realise what she was asking? Losing any of the senses, even temporarily, was for a vampire, a very big deal. A glance at her face told him that she knew exactly how much she was asking of him.

He nodded slightly and shivered as she wrapped the scarf over his eyes, tying it securely at the back of his head. His breathing began to speed up.

“Can you see anything?” asked Buffy, her breath touching his neck.

His cock went from perky to ‘I need some attention down here right now, mate’. Spike nodded mutely. He allowed her to lead him inside. His steps faltered when he picked up Buffy’s scent – she’d been in the room before now. The scents that Spike could pick up were making rational thought a little difficult. He moaned softly. Buffy. It seemed like he was surrounded by Buffy.

“Stand still,” whispered Buffy.

Spike obeyed. He moved only when she told him to as she stripped him of his clothes. When he was naked, she guided him to the bed, where he lay on his back; his erection by this time was throbbing painfully. The fact that he knew she was equalled aroused made him worry about premature ejaculation.

He heard a cap being flicked off, and nearly jumped a foot off the bed when Buffy’s hand gripped his cock tightly. Her small hand felt sticky. It was covered with…he sniffed a couple of times…chocolate.

Spike’s face split into a grin. Nice surprise after all. She worked his cock as she slicked its length with the chocolate sauce. With one hand on his dick, the other began to slide its way up his torso, tweaking each nipple on the way up.

Her hand ripped the blindfold from Spike’s eyes as her mouth engulfed his penis.

“Bloody hell,” groaned Spike, unable to truly believe what Buffy was doing.

She pulled her mouth from his cock with a slurp. “You like?” She looked up at him, smiling broadly.

“Oh, God, yes!”

She was naked, lying between his legs, with chocolate smeared all over her lips and hands. He groaned and thrust upwards, his erection leaving a chocolaty mark on her chin. She giggled.

“Patience,” she murmured, closing her eyes and licking her way up his length.

“Um…not sure that I’m going be able to help myself. You look so sodding hot down there.”

He glanced around the room; the décor was in shades of his favourite colour – red. It seemed so weird to be here and for Buffy to be…um…doing what she was doing. The Slayer always was in charge when they shagged, but she’d never done this. Usually it was a couple of snarky comments, maybe even with a punch or two being thrown, and then she’d ride him until they were both exhausted. The inevitable look of disgust on her face when she’d come down from her climax – another punch and the rapid departure.

Spike pushed the thought away of how did Buffy come to be so good at blow-jobs and just lost himself in the moment. He felt his balls beginning to tingle.

“Uh…pet…I’m gonna—”

He yelped when her hand encircled the base of his penis and gripped tightly.

“Not yet,” commanded Buffy.

Spike groaned loudly. If she hadn’t been holding him, he would have come. He always did like bossy bints.

“Got lots more chocolate to use up before that’s allowed.”

“Am I alive?” muttered Spike softly.

“No – you’re dead.”

“I knew it,” sighed Spike. “What’s this then? One last fantasy before eternal hell and damnation?”

Buffy laughed. “I meant you’re already dead, you dope. You’re no deader than you were this morning.” She smeared more chocolate on his penis. No easy task to do one-handed, but she kept up the firm grip with her right hand.

“Spell, then?” No way was this real – no buggering way.

In reply, Buffy’s mouth resumed its work on Spike’s cock. Soon all coherent thought was impossible as Spike felt like jelly - totally boneless. His head lolled back on the down filled pillow.

“Please, Buffy…I need—”

As he spoke, Buffy stroked his balls with her left hand and released the hold on the base of his penis. He fisted his hands in her hair and thrust upwards with a yell. She swallowed him whole and worked his cock with her tongue as he came in cool spurts down her throat. The saltiness of his seed was offset by the sweetness of the sauce.

Buffy didn’t take her lips from Spike until his cock had softened completely.

“Sodding hell, Buffy, that was…”

Buffy grinned at him. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

He rolled his head to the side, which was all he was capable of at the moment. He squinted up at her. “Huh?”

“Speechless Spike. Damn, I’m good.”

Spike chuckled. “You’re that, alright.”

He turned on to his side, reached out, put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. She tasted delicious. Taking his time, Spike licked the sauce from her face, purring with pleasure as he did.

“So, pet. What’s this about if it’s not a spell?” asked Spike once he’d cleaned her up.

She lightly cuffed his arm. “Stop with the ‘is it a spell’ crap, okay? Can’t a girl just treat her lover to a – it has to be said – fantastic blow-job?”

Spike was glad his heart couldn’t beat. Did she just say…lover? “Um…”

Buffy snuggled in to his side and kissed his neck. Spike shivered. “I did say lover, Spike,” said Buffy, guessing his thoughts. “That’s what you are.”

“Stake me now,” whispered Spike.

“What?” asked Buffy, brows furrowed.

“Things can’t get any better, so just stake me now and I’ll die a happy vamp.”

Buffy nibbled his neck, nipping the skin with her teeth. “They could.”

“Huh?” Spike didn’t think that he was normally this thick but felt like his brains had been sucked out of his dick.

“The chocolate willy was my fantasy. What’s your’s, Spike?” Her breath was hot on his skin.

Without conscious thought, Spike vamped out. He abruptly turned away from Buffy. Shit! Just what the Slayer needed – me getting all fangy. Sliding off the bed, he started picking up his discarded clothes.

“What are you doing?” asked Buffy. She got off the bed and put a hand on his arm.

Spike struggled to shift his features back to human. He paused. What was he doing? He didn’t really know. He didn’t want to leave he knew that, but his fantasy was something that she’d never allow. He took a deep breath. So lie, you daft git!

Turning to face her, he said. “Er…I’ve always wanted you to…um…well…I didn’t think about the chocolate but…the other…that’s what I dreamed of too.”

Buffy reached up and stroked his cheek. “No, it’s not.”

Spike dropped his eyes. Bollocks. Never could lie to her.

“Look at me,” commanded Buffy.

His eyes met hers. She tipped her head to the side and pulled back her wavy hair. Her fingers traced the line of her jugular.

“Isn’t this, what you want?” Buffy’s eyes fell to his groin. “No use denying it.” She looked up and grinned at the expression on his face.

“Oh, shite, Buffy. I can’t bite you.” His voice rasped with raw emotion.

“You can – the chip won’t fire.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I want you to.” She touched his hard cock. “You know you want to.”

“Buffy,” he whispered, as the pair slowly lowered themselves to the floor.

Buffy laid on her back, but Spike shook his head. “My fantasy, remember?”

“But I thought you’d like me to be down here, you on top?”

“Nah. I like the way your hair falls when you’re above me.” He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. “So, get to work!”

He grinned as she rolled her eyes at him. The pair of them held their breath when Spike’s cock breached Buffy’s tight entrance, letting it out again when he was fully seated inside of her. Buffy leaned down and kissed Spike, her chocolate tasting tongue seeking his. Spike gripped her hips so that he set the pace. His fantasy might include biting the Slayer but he would bite her at the moment they both climaxed and not before.

The rhythm he set was slower than Buffy wanted, and he grinned as she mewled in protest. He moved the fingers of his left hand from her hip to stimulate her clit as she rode his cock. He knew her so well. When he felt her orgasm building, he put both hands behind her head and raised his head to meet her.

“Sure about this, love?” he whispered.

“Need it,” groaned Buffy.

Spike thrust up with his hips and licked Buffy’s neck, nibbling at her collarbone before seeking out the jugular vein. Her pulse throbbed beneath his lips. He shifted the angle of his hips a little as he thrust into her, vamped out and slid his fangs into her neck.

“Spike! Oh, my God!” She arched her back and only his strong grip kept her neck within reach.

Buffy’s orgasm and the taste of her sweet blood in his mouth brought him shuddering to climax less than a second behind hers. Spike took four large mouthfuls before he withdrew his teeth and licked the wound closed.

He closed his eyes, blinking back a tear. That had been bloody amazing. He wrapped his arms around Buffy and hugged her close to his chest. His softened cock slipped free. They lay there until they thought that their legs would actually be capable of holding their weight. Spike lifted Buffy up and put her on the bed. She patted the bed, and taking the hint, he flopped down next to her.

“This is…nice, pet. Sure you don’t want to hit me and run off?”

Spike grunted as Buffy nudged him in the ribs. “Don’t spoil it, okay? This is the new us. I’ve decided,” she said firmly.

“Decided what?” He trailed his fingers along her side.

“That – ooh, that tickles.” She squirmed. “That I love you.”

“What?” Spike sat up so quickly that he fell off the bed with a thud.

Buffy peered down at him and laughed. “I love you, Spike, and I’m going to tell my friends.”


“Wow! I’ve achieved ‘Speechless Spike’ twice in one night.”

Spike’s hand snaked out lightning quick, grabbed her wrist and dragged her down on top of him.

“Cheeky bint.” He kissed her until she was gasping for breath. “You sure? About telling the others? ‘Cause I don’t…”

His words trailed off – he couldn’t say that he didn’t mind about them not knowing because it wasn’t true. He hated that she wouldn’t tell them – that she was ashamed of him.

“I’m sure,” said Buffy, kissing the tip of his nose. “That’s if you’re sure that you still want me?” She batted her eyelashes at him.

“I’ll always want you, Buffy.”

“That’s alright, then,” she said glibly.

She climbed off Spike and got on the bed, wriggling across the width of it and reaching down to something on the floor. Spike craned his neck to try to see what she was doing. She sat up holding a box. Spike sniffed the air; his mouth began to water.

“Hungry?” asked Buffy with a grin. “I brought some nibbles.”

Spike shook his head; it was too much to take in. Buffy loved him. He’d drank of her at the point of climax, and now…now he was going to feast on spicy wings!

He sat next to her and took the offered titbit. “Buffy Summers, God, I love you!”

The End